Why it’s all about relationships

A few years back I was catching-up with one of my uncles, we began to talk on many of life’s issues (as we do) and he asked me what I was up to.
He knew about our cake business, but not much about FSAC, so I proceeded to share my passion about using my experiences and the care I have, to help others.
He made a comment concerning life and the dependency on relationships and the truth is…life is a complex intertwined mesh of relational interaction.
Our acknowledgement and belief in the spiritual aspects of life (whether we believe or not) in God and how we relate to Him or the enemies of the human race.
Our relationship with others, the first being our relationship as a child to our Parents.
Our relationship with other relatives (siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles etc.)
Our relationship with others (as a friend or work colleague).
Our relationship with others (in finding a marital spouse/life partner).
Our relationship as a parent with our child/children.
Our relationship to food and health.
Our relationship to exercise and fitness.
Our relationship to sex and pro-creation.
Our relationship to work.
Our relationship to rest.
The list goes on…
So the slogan has been changed, to encompass what the Website, Blog, Vlog, eventual books, seminars, training courses and counselling is all about.
“It’s all about relationships…”

Phil Gayle
G Man

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