Last night Lois was reading an article to me about Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Elaine Johnson) and the outrage caused (in some quarters) by her comments, concerning the Holocaust and the reasons behind it.
Before I go any further, I have to inform those who do not know me that I’m not into celebrity worship or being star-struck and I most definitely don’t have any idols.
People in the public eye (rich, famous or notorious) still have to eat, use the bathroom, breathe and sleep, therefore I see and treat them like everyone else, with respect but never worship or fan-ship.
I would also like to say that I have watched and heard things Ms Goldberg has said on other subjects that I don’t agree with, however, on this particular occasion, I fully understand her initial statement.
I would go as far as saying I’m actually surprised that I agree with her, just as I am surprisingly firmly in agreement with some of J.K. Rowling’s recent publicly made views but that’s another article/post for another time.

On my previous Twitter account, I tweeted about so-called celebrities apologising for saying something (they initially believed to be true) and asked is it really an apology if they meant what they said?
Or are they only apologising because of public outrage?
Also, once they apologise, has the damage already been done?
Will the apology be accepted?
This particular situation fits exactly into that criteria.

To this day, some actually think that the disgusting atrocities committed by Nazi Germany & Nazi Austria, were exaggerated, claiming there was an event but there was no actual holocaust.
They are probably the same people who would claim that the 400+ years of European enslavement of the previously free Africans, where millions of people lost their lives.
Africans, taken and treated as livestock to build finances for their Euro empires and to build America, wasn’t that bad, or worse…needed.
You may say their opinion doesn’t matter and you would be right but I like to acknowledge that I can see both sides to an argument, that’s why I mentioned them.

I ask my question about her apology based on our origins and what we believe, knowing that if you believe certain things, the question is valid and justified.
This is a more complex topic than people realise, as it also brings into view, how we see each other, ethnicity, the existence of God, the hierarchy and rank of angels (both Holy and obedient & evil enemies of the human race) and our beliefs concerning it all.

Yeshua (the Alpha & Omega) initially made Adam from the earth of the ground and Eve from Adam’s rib.
Archaeological records and findings of the oldest human remains, would place the location somewhere in the East of the motherland, aka Africa.
True believers in God, believe there is one race, ‘the human race’ descended from Adam and Eve.
However, those who study the known Word (the Bible) as well as the Apocrypha (additional books) know and understand there was a third race of beings.
1st God and the heavenly host (angels) , 2nd the Human race and 3rd the hybrid offspring of the disobedient ‘watcher’ angels/human children (giants etc.) also known as Nephilim.
Sounds like something out of a fictitious sci-fi movie doesn’t it?
Well, newsflash, many of those scripts translated into movies are blatant distortions of the historical truths of the additional books (Apocrypha)…but that too is another issue to be covered in another post.

Seth’s tribe lived up on the mount but Cain’s tribe lived at the foot of the mountain and it was the women of Cain’s tribe who had sex with the 200 watchers which brought about the hybrids.
Enoch and Noah came from Seth’s tribe and it was the atrocities committed by the (now spiritually imprisoned) 200 watchers and Cain’s tribe, which caused God to have to wipe out all of Cain’s tribe, the disobedient within Seth’s tribe (with the exception of Noah his wife and their 3 sons and daughters-in-law) and obviously the hybrid Nephilim offspring, using the great flood.
That’s the flood which led to the now ‘political/religiously appropriated’ rainbow, which was God’s promise to Noah and mankind that he will never destroy the entire world again with water.
Based on the mention in the Bible and the Apocrypha, the 200 watchers (separate from Satan and his troops) are in a spiritual prison until the day of judgement and do not have the ability to interfere with the Human race, as Satan and his minions have been allowed to.

So after briefly covering the history of mankind, according to the Word, knowing that the original (pre-flood) hybrids were killed off, evidence of which, throughout history, have been found in fossilised bones (and in-tact skeletons) all over the world.
Knowing that we the human race (descendants of Noah’s sons and their wives) now reside on this planet, where are the other races?
From the reboot, after the flood, we had Abraham who is the descendant of Noah’s son Shem.
Much has been said about the human race (Black, Brown, Cream & White) and how our current modern ‘ethnicity’ not race, has come about; for example, each son/couple being of differing genetics and colours.
However, in trying to keep things to the ‘Whoopi statement’, research suggests that Shem was the Black child and that would mean father Abraham (previously Abram) was also Black.
Abraham was called away by God from his father (who took up the old religious practices of idol worship) as God wanted to make a covenant and guidelines for the human race to relate to each other and Him.
That’s where the ‘Hebrew nation’ (later called Israelites) were born…from Abraham and Sarah’s child, Isaac and his wife.
Abraham also had an elder son (Ishmael) with the Egyptian woman Hagar and that son and his mother had to leave the family setup, later having other religious beliefs.

The Hebrews (12 Tribes of Israel) were split into two sections, 10 tribes to the North in Israel and 2 tribes in the South in Judea.
It’s reported that they were later collectively called the collective term (Jews) around 600 BC by the Babylonians.
It’s important to note that the Term ‘Jew’ was not referenced in the early part of the Old Testament.
It was however, a term used in the later part and especially in the New Testament, specifically by the Romans.
When it comes to (what we now call) Judaism, it is well documented (read the Old Testament) that other tribes and people can become (to use a more later term) Jew-’ish’ (irrespective of ethnicity, colour or nationality) if they adopt and adhere to the Monotheistic beliefs teachings and guidelines of the Laws (Torah) given to Moses by God.
It’s about what you believe, not where you come from or the colour of your skin.
There are also many warnings for the original Hebrew(Israelites) as to what would happen to them if they turn away from God and adopt the religious practices of others (Black, Brown, Cream or White) resulting in enslavement, captivity and being dispersed.
Moving forward in time, Judaism is still being practised by both the original Hebrew descendants but also now by a large proportion of Jew’ish’ adopters, descending from Cream and White European backgrounds, who follow the Talmud.
Remember, originally, being Jewish is dependant on belief (not colour or ethnicity) being an original Hebrew (Israelite) is different.
The Nazis hated the Talmud beliefs and they obviously hated the European Jewish people who followed them.
However, unlike the 400+ years of European enslavement of Africans.
The holocaust was White European (specifically German & Austrian) Nazi crimes and atrocities on White European Jewish people, who followed the Talmud.
As we all are part of the human race, how can anyone say those crimes are “racial”?
Therefore based on those truths, Whoopi’s original statement should stand, it had, nothing to do with race but an example of the evil mankind can perpetuate on others based on their beliefs. Prejudice? Maybe, but in this case, not racist or race-based.
She shouldn’t have to apologise (no matter how offended the hyper-sensitive are) for stating her initial truth.

What is xenophobic (racist, if you like that word) is the categorising of those from other ethnic groups, Black, Brown, Cream or White, as another ‘race’.
That is how the White Europeans initially categorised others,
When they initially visited Africa, seeing our physique, looking at the size of our genitalia they claimed, we must be of a “different race”… utter crap.
That enabled many of them to be desensitised and disconnected from the atrocities they committed against the Black members of the human race.
Enabling them (among other things) to justify slavery and enforced labour, as if dealing with animals, who (in their minds) were simply being put to work.
Also having the audacity to claim to having Christian beliefs and justifying their evil as being acceptable to God.

Although I shared a condensed version of extracts taken from two of the three books, I’m currently working on.
I had to slightly modify them (to support my question) yet be extensive enough, in order to explain the question and title of this post.
In saying all of the above, there is “real racism” taking place and has been since Adam and Eve were in the garden.
The real racism has been the constant attacks (both blatant and with subtle deception) from Satan and his minions, against mankind.
The purpose, to inflict pain on us and deter us from being able to inherit the heavenly places.
They, the evil race of angels, want us to disobey and not believe in the one true God, ours and his/their Heavenly Father. They have influenced much of mankind to do so.
They want us to hurt each other (without any forgiveness) in every negative way possible, by going against everything God told us to do, so that we are not forgiven of our sins and in-turn unable to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

So yeah, there is racism at play but not as the woke or those asleep, know it, only those truly enlightened and ‘Awake’ see it.
Unless you believe in the xenophobic notion that we are differing races depending on colour or ethnicity.
However you want to interpret the so-called explanation by the Nazis, for what they did.
I ask again…
Why does Whoopi Goldberg need to apologise?

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man.

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