There are so many needs in the world, the human condition (both good and bad) is down to the choices we make and the actions we undertake, based on those choices.
Our choices are generated from ‘self’ but they are also influenced by an individual adhering to the guidance and leadership of Yeshua Adonai (aka Jesus Christ) or…sadly, under the deceptions of the enemies of the human race.

My post (The calling and the chosen) mentioned one of the most well-known quotes and is based on the ‘choice’ of the individual and a relationship with Yeshua…based on Yeshua’s words in the (Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 20 verse 16).
I still stand by that but I also realise that the Word from the well known scriptures to the Apocrypha.(The teachings of God given to Adam, Seth, Jared, Enoch & Noah) also quite clearly points to Yeshua ‘choosing us’… E.g. (The Gospel according to John Chapter 13 verse 18, John Chapter 15 verses 16-19).

There is a great deal of current debate concerning whether or not God’s plan of Salvation is based on choice and free-will or the pre-destined choosing by Yeshua himself…This obviously brings up some very serious questions.

I do believe that it’s not Yeshua’s will that any of us perish (2nd Epistle of Peter Chapter 3 verse 9) , however, I also believe that he knows who he has chosen.
I interpret those truths this way…He knows who will love him and keep his commandments, be obedient and trusting of him, those who will follow him all the way to the end.
I also believe he will have mercy on whom he chooses (Paul’s Epistle to the Church in Rome Chapter 9 verses 14-16) , according to his perfect and ultimate judgements.
Also…knowing we are the chosen, doesn’t give us a right to ‘take liberties’ with the Grace which has been given to us, using it as a cloak, for wanting to sin and foolishly think we’ll get away (in doing so) without any repercussions…incorrectly citing ‘Grace’ as an excuse.

I don’t think that the enemies of the human race send us to the lake or that Yeshua shoves those of us who are unloving, rebellious, disobedient, reprobate continual sinners, to our doom in the lake.
I believe the lake was originally created for the enemies of the human race (the disobedient spirits, the fallen angels) who rebelled against the sovereignty and authority of Yeshua Adonai.
Unfortunately, I believe those (human beings) who choose not to be loving, obedient followers of their creator, those who want to be influenced by the enemies of the human race, send themselves to the Lake…They exercise their choice not to be chosen based on their continual un-repentant sins against their fellow human-beings and Yeshua himself.

Under religious organisational directives, many are taught to go out and make converts of the world.
This should be the objective of the true Church but the true Church (i.e. the people of Yeshua…the Ecclesia, not the organisations or buildings).
With the numerous amounts of needs (which the human race has) as the true Church, we all need to go to Abba Yeshua and ask him…Who are we here to serve? (i.e. to minister to).
Who does he specifically want us to reach?…and we should not be condemnatory of others who do not share the same passions or have the same mission as ourselves.
Unlike the misguided religious folk (of whom I was once one of) we have to understand that the true Church has varying passion areas and we all need to follow the leading of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, to serve (minister) in our designated assigned areas.

After years of trials, errors, successes, humbling, teaching and obedience, I know who I’m here for.
I’m not here to debate on how much of Yeshua’s word I know more than anyone else.
I’m not here to debate with those stuck in religion.
I’m not here to prove the existence of God to those who don’t believe in their creator.
I’m not here to debate or argue with those who have other religious or political beliefs.
I know who
(Yeshua is).

We are ‘initially’ all sinners, no better than each other, walking down broad-way, sinning in our own various ways.
However, Yeshua calls ‘all’ of us (Revelation Chapter 3 verse 20) and if we hear the call and are obedient, we become ‘the chosen few’.

News Flash!…The chosen few are in and from all walks of life, they ‘initially’ have varying beliefs, are in business, religious organisations, other religions, covens, cults, secret societies, educational and political organisations.
They are single, married, parents, children, in education, employed and unemployed.
They are healthy, unhealthy, have mental and emotional illness, drug free and drug addicts.
They are lovers of science and human based facts, pragmatists, realists, pessimists, optimists and agnostics.
They commit varying sins, coming from every nation, culture & ethnicity…be they Black, Brown, Cream or White.

The one key thing about ‘the chosen few’ is that deep down, they wisely identify, that there is more to their life than what they can naturally see.
They will probably not ‘initially’ understand that their seeking of “things & experiences” are just the unknown inner cry of their souls need, to be intimately connected to the Alpha & Omega (aka. Yeshua Adonai).
What separates the chosen few from the called, is this truth…When they receive their independence day (Revelation chapter 3 verse 20), they ‘listen’…they open the door of their heart and let Yeshua in.

I’m here for my fellow ‘Chosen few’, you may not be where you want to be (or should be)…or maybe you are.
However, if you’re reading this post and it resonates with you, you are on your way to (not where I want you, or an organisation or group wants you…you are on your way to where your creator wants you to be) a relationship with him, the Alpha & Omega…‘Yeshua Adonai’.

So I’m here for you, to share, encourage and pray with you (e.g. minister to you).
I’m not a judge…yet…(see Paul’s 1st letter to the Church in Corinth Chapter 6 verses 2 & 3).
I’m not over anyone, other than my own family.
I’m under the leadership of the most high, the one and only God, Yeshua Adonai.
I’m here to share my gifts and serve our God…with those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to feel what the Spirit of Yeshua Adonai has to say to his elect.
I’m not alone, you’re here and there are others like us, those who realise it’s about relationship not religion.
I know who I’m here for, I hope you receive your God-given revelation soon.
If you know already, I hope you are ministering to others (serving) in whatever way you can.

Much Love. xx

“The truth remains the truth, whether it’s believed or not”.

Update:-  9th March 2022

I still stand by the majority of what I’ve said in this post.
However, I’m never too proud to admit when I’m wrong.
After recently being led to do some more Bible studies and research, I was on a site I once visited regularly.
Ray died some years back but thankfully his loved ones still maintains his site.
On it, he covers the very controversial topic of pre-destination vs free will.
After looking deeply into that teaching and the Word, obviously while praying and exercising discernment, I was wrong (in some part) in how I thought about this important subject.

I’m not going to attempt to re-invent the wheel, by going into the subject, Ray already did a comprehensive job on it. The link to the teaching/study is above, I would encourage you to read it yourself.

What I’m about to say will only make sense to those who look into that Bible study.
Only a small percentage (who come across this post ) will do so and will understand the following…

As I said, my sentiments and main foundation of this post remains the same.
As much as I would like this website, my counselling, my Twitter account and pending books to be for everyone over the age of 18; for those willing to slow down, exercise some humility and share some of their precious time with me.
In reality, my service (ministry), God willing, my books and any future projects, will only be for those who have been chosen.
As strange as the change of view initially felt, I’m at peace in knowing, that those God has led to this site and this post in particular, have been brought here for one of two reasons.
To see, receive and accept what I’m doing or to reject and despise what I’m doing.

If I’m to truly accept the sovereign will, purpose and power of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, I have to accept that not everyone will make it, due to the purpose He made them for.
We (and most definitely the enemies of the human race) can’t override the will, plans and purpose of Yeshua.
As frightening or amazing as this may sound, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach both directly orders and indirectly allows, all things to occur, exactly the way in which they are supposed to, in order for his (greater bigger picture) plan and purpose to be fulfilled.

You may already be in relationship with our creator, I’m here for you.
You may not be in relationship with Yeshua ‘yet’, however, if (as I did before accepting salvation) you have that deep down feeling that there is more to life and for your life.
You are, ‘when’ you follow Yeshua’s instructions, chosen also and I’m here for you too, no matter how you currently live at this present moment of time.

It’s sad to think of those on the outside but also liberating to exercise faith and trust to know once Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach has chosen you, by his grace, you are heading for life’s ultimate prize.
Over on that side, those of us there (who deserve to know) will be able to ask Him why He did things, the way He did.
Until then, I’m here for you.

Yeshua’s Blessings to you all.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man.

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