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VPN’s are a great service, especially when the companies offering that service, respect their customers’ privacy, keeping usage logs etc. to a minimum, or better still, non-existent.
However, what happens when that VPN service indirectly prevents you from viewing certain websites?

We use VPNs to access certain legitimate sites which have country (biz and gov) restrictions, and sites which are not correctly listed by the big SE’s(Search Engines).
We not only use them for research purposes, but also to prevent/reduce being monitored.
As mentioned in the video, many VPN service providers, offer affordable services by sharing ranges of IP addresses (per country server) among a certain number of users.
If any of the users, using that range of addresses, behave inappropriately, decent and good business web hosting providers, like ours (Orangewebsite) will block those IP addresses, to protect their customers.
This sadly has a downside, as it also blocks legitimate users of shared VPN addresses, from seeing certain websites on the internet.


The workaround…
If you run into problems and can’t access a website.
Try changing your VPN country server, to see if you can see that site using your current VPN.
In our case, as we stick to our privacy policy, and declare that our sites are safe, you could visit our site(s) with your VPN temporarily disabled.

Dedicated IPs
If you prefer to keep your VPN on, ask your VPN provider if they provide a dedicated VPN IP address service, which only you will use.
If your VPN service does not provide this solution, change your service, using VPNs which cater for individuals, who prefer not to share a range of IP addresses with others.

Is the site really down?
Use one of the following services to check if websites are really down.

Compressed videos
As we are not paying for a service which offers more resources to host full-sized videos, we compress a copy of those which are copied to the VHPs, hosting the smaller versions on our server.
This ensures that one copy is always available to view.

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