Vlogging from the balcony-Ep01

Welcome to my first public Vlog and my second video published on the site, the first being my tennis warm-up video.
I sincerely hope you are in good holistic health; mind, body, spirit and soul.
If not, I pray that you find the right resources/tools and exercise the necessary principles and routines in order to be so.

Thank you for watching.

It’s obvious to most, that we all have to do more to look after the planet, which Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach gave us.
We all contribute to the pollution but there is enough information out there for us to correct past errors and make improvements.
Click here, for the links to ‘the science’ I mentioned concerning the planet.

Click here, to find out why I was banned from commenting on YouTube and completely suspended from Twitter.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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