Update on my dad’s death

It turns out that my dad’s neighbour has a flair for the dramatic.
After my daughters spoke to the police and got more information from his (still grieving friend).
Wesley Anthony Gayle (Tony to his friends) was not murdered; what his neighbour probably heard was dad’s friend breaking in to get to him and the noise he made was from the shock of finding his friend dead on the floor.
Dad was 70, he was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the cause of death (like my father in-law) was put down to a heart related condition.
My father-in-law didn’t take that experimental vaccine but we are uncertain as to whether or not my dad did.
My dad did have a habit of ignoring what he should listen to and listening to what he shouldn’t; like a few other people I know.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he fell for the government scaremongering and succumbed to taking the vaccine…but hey, that’s just speculation on my part.
What we do know is, his friend was concerned about dad’s excessive drinking and lack of eating.
He checked in on dad regularly, the last time he saw him alive was the 7th of October 2021.
Dad’s friend felt bad because he didn’t do a regular routine visit; he got round to visiting him on the 12th and that’s when he found dad dead.
Dad was cremated sometime in December 2021, I’m sure his granddaughters will find out more facts.
I’m just glad dad wasn’t murdered, as I wouldn’t want that on anyone’s conscience.

So that’s the end of Tony’s chapter on this side of life, 70 years on the planet, 3 children, 6 grandchildren.
Siblings he wasn’t really close to, daughters who ‘understandably’ couldn’t be bothered with him, especially as he didn’t seem bothered with them.
A son who tried and also tried to encourage him to get himself saved.
A man who died on his own, without any assistance to get him to the nearest hospital, which ironically is literally about a 5 minute walk from his flat.
In my mind, dad didn’t accomplish what he could have and wasted many opportunities to accept my hand of friendship to bring us close, which would have enabled him to really get to know his grandchildren.
I honestly see his life as one filled with missed opportunities and wasted.
Unlike others, who are ‘gods in their own minds’, I will not be lying to myself or anyone else, by telling them he is resting in peace.
No Yeshua, no salvation = no resting in heavenly places.

I hope you’re saved and if not, I hope you accept the calling and obediently follow through.
If you are saved and you know those who are not, if you have already exercised your love and patience with them, I FULLY UNDERSTAND.
However, if you have left those you know up to their own devices, please exercise love and encourage them to get themselves saved.
Go through the passages of scriptures from start to finish in my ‘Resting in peace’ post and it will give your loved ones a clear understanding as to how they can start their walk of salvation, with Yeshua.

In this day and age, we really don’t know what’s around the corner or when Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, will allow the angel of death to come and visit.

Yeshua’s Blessings.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man


  1. Not for nothing, I hope he is resting in eternal peace. 70 was young. Seems like he had his fair share lf troubles while here. I hope he gets a well deserved break on the other side.

    • Hi Brook.
      Thanks for making a little time to read and comment and thanks for your words.
      If you read the previous post ‘Times and seasons life and death 2’ you will see, although my dad made some time for religious church building attendance.
      Sadly, it wasn’t in him to accept the love of the truth, salvation and a relationship with Yeshua.
      As hard as it is, the truth remains the truth, as per my post ‘Resting in peace, in heavenly places’ it would be wrong of me to say he is resting in peace.
      Have a Blessed resurrection Sunday and week.

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