Search engines took over from the library (a place I would frequent often when I was younger) a long time ago.
Thankfully, libraries will always have their place but rightly or wrongly, most people get their news and information via search engines on their e-devices and like it or not, their phones being the most frequently used electronic device.
This is obviously great for the Vlogger but not so much for the Blogger, where the pad or laptop are the more favourable devices, for those who like to express themselves, with written words.
There are always exceptions to the rules but usually, the phone suits those who would prefer to watch a video, or do a quick scroll and click on one of the SMPs.

Having an I.T. background and ‘roughly’ knowing in advance, which direction ‘the tech’ was likely to head, doesn’t make it any less surreal (at times) when theory becomes reality.
The contradiction in I.T. concerning website visibility is both equally humorous and frustrating.
On one hand, you are told you have to build sites in certain ways and use both submission tools and SEO services in order for the site to rank high on Search Engines; to be found and seen.
On the other, you’re told that nothing online is hidden and the SE Bots and crawlers constantly scan and store everything which is on the net.
Both theories are true but with a little ‘research’, patience and time, results can be gained on a very tight (or no) budget.

So how do you receive that unbiased, impartial and independent information you need to get the facts or truths on anything?
Especially when some governments, monarchies and big businesses pay for or freely control parts of the net.
For example, you could be in certain geographical regions, looking for information or wanting to purchase certain natural organic health solutions, which your government may not want you to read, know about or obtain and if you go the regular route, using Bing or Google, your results would be biased and restricted according to who runs the show in that country.

It’s very easy to test out the theory on restrictions by searching for unbiased news or information considered controversial by MM or Govs, for example, “the ineffectiveness of face masks”.
Going the regular route would usually give you the ‘controlled’ sites, sites which follow the dictated “guidelines” and “rules”.

I’m a promoter and supporter of obtaining information freely, in order to consider both sides of an argument or for my research on Bible truths, history, real science or relationships etc.
It’s surprising when you use a VPN along with one of the top two ‘remaining’ independent Search Engines, how much more can be available to you.

If you haven’t already done so and you believe in receiving the independent information you need, get yourself a good VPN.

There were a few independent Search Engines which rivalled the two I mentioned earlier but they have succumbed to the pressure and no longer provide truly independent results.
The last two standing (for now) are.

The importance of utilising your web browser Bookmarks or Favourites and subscribing

The world system (specifically the I.T. sector) has successfully psychologically performed their ‘craft’ on the minds of the majority.
Age is a contributing factor, as most (not all) individuals born before 1970 tend to stay off of SMPs (Social Media Platforms) and they take great pride in admitting it.
Most (usually but not always) of those who are born after 1985 appear to have a cult-like obedience and need to depend on and want to utilise, at least one SMP, usually refusing to go on independent websites to cross-research certain forms of information and improve their knowledge.
Sadly many (irrespective of age) are stuck under the cult of SMP usage, not wishing to venture out onto the rest of the internet unless its for suspect site visits, the use of their academic institutions site, work related or other religious reasons.

The increasing rise of phones being the preferred e-device for many, along with the blind adoption of ‘app usage’ is also a concern.
There are a few good channels and websites like Robs, who have a passion to teach and show people how best to securely use their e-devices and apps.
For example, many don’t know (or care) that in most instances, it’s best to use a good web browser, with selective security plug-ins to access web services, rather than using a designated app, which ‘can’ leave your e-device (phone, pad or laptop) open to certain vulnerabilities.

Also, with the rapid changes in I.T. concerning, which companies are remaining private, not sharing or storing their users data and are not leaky, exposing their users data to third-parties.
It is wise and prudent, when you find informative sites (which are usually blocked by algorithms used by the tech giants) to subscribe to those sites to receive email updates when those site are updated.
Or and in addition, it would also be wise to create logical folders with meaningful names in your browsers Bookmarks or Favorites (depending on your browser of choice) and add your sites of information and interest, to those browsers, using the menu bar options or the [CTRL] and [D] key combination.

Sites which maybe listed on a search engine today (even the best ones) may not be there a few days later, depending on what algorithms, listing methods, or industry standard changes a SE chooses to incorporate.
Therefore, it’s best to rely on your own sensible method of cataloguing sites (like FSAC) for your own future use.

If like me, you like your research as unrestricted as possible, without feeling big brother is watching and collecting.
The only way to do so, is by using a combination of a decent VPN, an independent SE (Search Engine) and a well configured web browser with certain security plug-ins.
Or, you could continue to do what the majority do and use the regular two SEs for biased, information.
Usually the actions of those who listen to and believing everything they hear via their Govs, monarchies and MM.

Thanks for reading.
Happy, safe and private internet usage.

Phil Gayle
G Man
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua

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Post updated; 25th October 2022

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