There was a time when people would say, “just tell me the truth, I can handle it”.
As time goes by, those people appear to be at a premium, or they’ve decided to hit the mute button.
Contemporary interactions tend to be filled with people willing to hit the mute or delete button when they don’t want to hear the truth especially using social media.
If you’re sending them a text, email or inbox direct message, they avoid answering or dealing with life by blanking/ghosting/airing the individual looking for a response.
When you speak to said individuals face to face, they attempt to change the subject, use the passive aggressive method of silence, or they go as far as walking out of the room.
People are getting harder, preparing to be wrong and strong, by refusing to admit to error and this coincides with a rising number of people who would rather be lied to, than face truth.
Please don’t misunderstand me, sometimes being quiet or muting/deleting is necessary, especially when people are taking things out of context, deliberately looking for a fight or simply being cantankerous.

Those of us who are compelled to tell the truth, know it’s always for the best, truth literally does set individuals free.
In the area of teaching, counselling, future predicting or any form of public speaking, you have ‘Truth sayers’ and ‘Sooth sayers’.
The former seeks to do the right thing in honesty telling people what they ‘need’ to hear, the latter seeks to be popular, telling people what they think they ‘want’ to hear, even if they have to lie.
The former pleases God, the latter seeks the approval of people.

Those taking the journey with me know what I’m all about, those attempting to ignore me do too.
This Truth teller will continue to do just that, those who matter, will accept that.

A good way to ‘keep it real’ and avoid hypocrisy with others, is to adopt a not so obvious (to some) rule.
If you are not prepared to say something to an individual, don’t say it to others, when that individual isn’t around.

“Truth”, the ‘highlighter’ both a ‘unity creator’ and a ‘divider’.
In an non-related relationship, being honest will sort: –

An acquaintance from a friend.
A friend from a prospective partner.
A prospective partner from a marital spouse.

Do we only get on with people, if we withhold our truths, e.g. what we really believe and how we really are?
What would showing the ‘real us’, mean to our current relationships, online and off-line?

Can we still get along, despite our differences, if we are really honest with each other?

Have a good evening.
Much Love.

Phil Gayle.
G Man
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man


  1. The Word says, hear a lie and believe it. As I sit here and ponder just that this morning. There are millions doing this while the remaining of us are praying. Truth is found within. I was told one time by a very good friend, “Mandy, follow your heart.” The heart knows, yes indeed the heart knows all.

    • Hi Mandy,
      As always, thanks for taking the time to comment here.
      I always appreciate comments and never take them for granted. 🙂
      Yes, sadly many believe ‘a lie’, as they are usually more appealing and ‘ego-stroking’.
      There are many ‘truths’ but only one ultimate truth (John chapter 14 verse 6) and again, sadly, many rebel against Him.
      We can listen to our heart/conscience but we have to be aware of the warning given to us about the heart and desires (Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9).
      I sigh, again, as many solely want to “follow their heart” without taking head to the warning given to Jeremiah or seeking guidance from the ultimate Truth and His word.
      Which is the reason why so many of us do things in error, solely believing if our hearts want something or we ‘think’ it’s right, that it’s good enough.
      As always sis, #GoodTalk 😉

  2. Hey, G-Man!

    I agree with you here, people are becoming more unwilling to hear or even consider what other’s have to say. I’ve been reading political debates (if you could call them that) on Twitter, though I’m not on there, and it’s just people residing in echo chambers. You can read them saying “I got blocked, it’s a badge of honour! lol” These people then block others who comment on their tweets when they say something they don’t like.

    Even when people with opposing views do interact they just insult and name call. I remember being on MySpace years ago, I used to go into the American blog section there and it was so infantile. And I thought to myself “I’m glad we’re not like that.” And in the past 8 years we’ve descended into that same American-style infantile way of political discussion. Even our politicians have, it’s the best ‘zinger’ or ‘sound bite’ that sways a voter, not a political argument, backed up with facts and figures. It’s style over substance.

    Outside of the political realm and going into the personal, many people are the same. They want to exist in an echo chamber, they only hear what they want to. I’ve upset a few people in the past because I’ve said something they didn’t like, some even stopped talking to me. Sometimes it was my language, others it was my “attitude” and opinions or truth. Though over the past few years I’ve not been as social and I don’t feel the same anymore, not because I’ve ‘calmed down’ (although I have a bit) or become more ‘accommodating’, I just find it somewhat sad and difficult being around people, partially because of what you say here.

    Honesty is the best policy… most of the time!

    I’m going to stop yammering now, I hope you and the family are good, mate!

    Much love to all!

    Mr. E

    • Good evening Mr E.
      Just like old times my friend.
      I agree with you totally.
      I’m sure you’re aware that where America leads, Britain follows. It is what it is.
      The sensitivity levels of many are at an all time high, so much so, I’ve resided in myself to expect to be a participator of one-way monologues.

      PS: You don’t yammer, I appreciate you keeping it real.
      As always, thanks for taking the time to share.
      Take care of yourself buddy.
      Much Love.

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