I’ve been reading the numerous Tweets of those who (rightly or wrongly) feel they are being marginalised in society.
Human nature
has a natural tendency to be selfishly insular and if balance isn’t sought, with a determination to step back and take a panoramic view on life, it can lead to fear and a victim mentality.
Fortunately for me, the fear aspect in my life has been eradicated, as I live my life on the principles of (The Second Letter of Paul to Timothy, Chapter 1 verse 7 and The First Letter of John, Chapter 4 verses 16 to 18).
So fear aside, I am still able to see life, as it is, and make evaluations based on my experiences.

Too Black, for the xenophobes.
Too diversely ethnically accepting, for the separatist.
Too straight, for the hetero-haters.
Too spiritually in relationship with Yeshua, for the religious.
Too sensual, for the religious Christian.
Too masculine, for the men-haters.
Too woman-loving, for the misogynists.
Too poor, for the financially rich.
Too direct, for the hypersensitive.
Too balanced, for the one-sided.
Too forgiving, for the grudge-keepers.
Too healthy, for the unhealthy.
Too fit, for the unfit.
Too outspoken, for the secretive.
Too honest, for the liars.
Too humble, for the arrogant.
Too idealistic, for the pessimist.
Too hard-working, for the lazy.
Too patient, for the impatient.
Too understanding, for the judgemental.
Too deep, for the shallow.
Too serious, for the jokers.
Too humorous, for the serious.
Too strong, for the cowards.
Too gentle, for the aggressive.
Too down-to-earth, for the snobbish.
Too caring, for the selfish.
Too liberated, for the constrained.
Too uncontrollable, for the controlling.
Too loving, for the hateful.

I suppose I’m just ‘Too much’…however, acknowledging my errors, intentional bad choices, mistakes and faults have both humbled and helped me to be the man I am.

I’m here to help and assist you and others, in any way I can..

Much Love.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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