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Thank you for watching and listening to this Vlog.
I apologise for the repetition in places.
The noise you can hear in the background is our puppy Mlezi, chewing the meat off his raw beef bone.
I generally dislike repeating myself, however, due to how strongly I feel about certain topics and issues, I use repetition, in order to ‘emphasize’ those issues.

My mum was a strong character who (no matter how she could be at times) loved her children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.
Some would like me to leave it there, but I like to share the ‘full picture’.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship

Over the last few years, I thought about my mum and how she could no longer hide what she really believed, showing how religiously liberal (left of the Green circle) she was, concerning a lot of issues, all while claiming she was not religious.
However, she did have the important and ‘necessary’ foundation of being baptised, in the great name (not titles, roles, or personas) of Yeshua (Jesus), which gives me hope.

She didn’t call me or Lois to apologise for certain things she did or said, but after a couple of weeks of us highlighting certain situations, we didn’t expect it, we just forgave her.
Mum also recently had an eye ‘cataract’ operation at a private practice, near the ending of July 2023, and was attempting to hide the truth (from my sister) concerning how bad her health was.
We have yet to hear what the autopsy report states as the cause of death.
Questions still remain…
Did she end up (after initially saying she would not) taking that experimental jab?
Did she forgive my family and I for telling her some home-truths?
Did she forgive my sister for doing the same?
Did she repent of going against the Word of Jesus (no matter how temporary) to live with someone (without being married) when she was warned about that individual?
Did she forgive herself for not being more single-minded in her faith-walk?
Did she repent of the ‘selective’ partial information she told individuals, concerning the events (involving others) which affected her?
That ‘selectivity’, which causes the stupid (those who don’t seek out the other side of the story) to have a biased view of others, including my family and I.

Whether she did do the above or not, I don’t show ‘family/relative bias’.
As I’ve said to a few individuals, I can only say, I ‘hope’ she made it right with Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) before she passed, and is resting in heavenly places.
I’ll find out eventually.


There is a right and a wrong way to build your foundation for your relationship with Yeshua EL Shaddai, which specifically concerns starting your salvation walk (discipleship) on the right foot.
Do you know what it is?
Get your Bible out.
Pray (to Father Jesus) for revelation and understanding.
Have your heart ready to embrace His (Yeshua’s) truth.
Forget and reject the ‘catholic based’ lying ‘trinity’ doctrine.
Click the image or link below and go through this Bible study alongside your Bible.

Download The truth about water baptism document

The 'truth' about baptism, Click to download.

As I mentioned in the video, we don’t know how long we have with people, on this side of life.
Yeshua EL Shaddai, calls time on individuals as He chooses, both the chosen in relationship with Him and the called, in their various religions.


I would, at the very least, like to get to middle-age, and achieve my purpose and vision from Daddy Jesus.
My maternal gran lived into her mid-nineties, but my mum didn’t make it to 70.
My paternal gran lived into her mid-seventies, but my dad died in his early 70s, as did my maternal grandad, as for my paternal grandad…only Jesus knows.
However, the way how the world system is going, I don’t think we have long before the Book of Revelation is complete.

As for me, I will not willingly travel (for Book tours, holidays or funerals) anywhere where I’m required to provide ‘digital ID’, proof of receiving those experimental vaccinations, or the mandatory and ‘useless’ wearing of a mask… I know where that is heading…
I will not be coerced into ‘getting use’ to procedures, which will eventually lead to taking the pending ‘Mark’.
Furthermore, I will go where I’m led and sent by Abba Yeshua.
Anywhere I don’t have to lie to produce a fake vaccine passport, where I’m not forced into having a digital ID, and I’m not forced into wearing a useless mask.
Above all, any tests I would be asked to do, to prove my “non-virus status”, will have to involve me, spitting or urinating on something, I will not be swabbed, prodded, poked or having any needle jabs.
I’m not squirm-ish, I gave blood right up until the start of 2019, I’m just refuse to be a guinea pig, to be experimented on.
If the above criteria will not be acceptable, I don’t need to go or be in any country which refuses them.

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Never Alone

For Some

Blessed are my fellow mourners, Yeshua EL Shaddai, ‘will’ comfort you and give you true peace and strength.
I repeat what I’ve said in a post listed above…
The presence and peace you feel surrounding you, IS NOT the spirit of your departed loved one.
IT IS, the presence of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s, Holy Spirit.
Hold that truth…and be blessed.

Please remember to leave your comments below.
Have a blessed and safe week, people.

Phil G
G Man

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