Times and Seasons, Life and Death 4

I’m grateful for the teachings given to me by Yeshua(Jesus) through my various life experiences.
One of which was moving out (prematurely) against my mums ‘gentle warning’, to live with her mum just after I turned 20.
The move was based on the agreement that I would look after my grans place in Finsbury Park, North London, while she spent months back in her native Jamaica, handling her affairs.
To cut a long chapter short, my gran was not pleased with my lifestyle choices, especially with me having a girlfriend and knowing I was probably having sex (before marriage) didn’t sit well with her.
She quite rightly had her own house rules and when she saw that I wouldn’t wait until I was married, coupled with the fact that council grants were being offered for those leaving their properties empty for new tenants.
It was enough to give my gran causes and reasons to tell me that I had to go.
I was going to become homeless, as my 6 siblings back at my mums place, occupied all the available rooms and there was no way I could share a small room with my brother.
Fortunately enough, my mums council at the time, refurbished and changed my mums block, creating a box (storage) room without any windows, enabling me to move back and stay in there for a few years.
I didn’t listen to my mums, ‘Are you sure? I don’t think it’s a good idea’ question and words of advice and went ahead with the move, only to return within just over a year.

My grandmother was a force of will and nature, a Trinitarian Pentecostal Conservative religious woman, who I butt heads with a fair bit, before I finally humbled myself.
I moved from acknowledgement to belief then was filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit and Baptised in His name at the age of 22.
Thereafter my Gran and I had a great relationship but in going through the scriptures with her on a number of occasions, the two things we didn’t agree on was the false trinity doctrine and the fact that she would never accept that she needed to Baptised in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name, as the original believers did in the Book of Acts.

When she eventually left England to go back to Jamaica, she and I would share the occasional communication, via letter.

Roll forward 30 plus years and my maternal grandmother (the last of my grandparents and our children’s great grand parents) died last week, at 95+ years old.

Although I’ve shared the recent family deaths on this site, which began back in 2016, with my paternal gran and best man.
This site was never about focusing on death, quite the opposite, it’s a celebration of life and the possibility of abundant life and all which it entails.
However, ironically, the post with the most comments on this site has been a post on death.

I understand that most can both empathise and sympathise with losing a loved one, especially those of previous generations.
Although my mum and I have our documented recent differences, I’m still grateful to have one parent alive and I hope that will be the case for many years to come.

So yet again, the family has another funeral to attend, I pray that my mum receives the strength and grace to sort out the planning, the day of the funeral and all the legalities.
I also pray for all those who loved gran, who are mourning her death.
Some families have more than others i.e. ‘drama’…I’m hoping that the probable pending drama which may ensue among some of the relatives, for various reasons, is kept to a minimum.
I’m sad that I have to miss the funeral but glad I will not be around to witness any drama.

I pray for peace and comfort to fill the hearts of all those who have recently suffered the passing of their loved ones and for those who still miss and grieve the passing of loved ones, some time ago.

Yeshua’s Blessings.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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