The right safari still contains bumps and obstacles

Salamu na karibu.
Greetings and welcome.
I hope you are well and looking after your immune system and general health.

The background for this post can be found in my posts Exodus to the motherland and Geographical locations.
It’s seven months to the day, when the rest of us (barring one) joined up with the three members of our family who previously took the safari to the East of the Motherland, our home before home.
By genes, historical ancestry, ethnicity and colour (despite the involvement of the Euro slave trade, nearly 500 years ago) we have made it back to the Genesis point, a country we have a right to be in.
We have a more expansive view of Africa, than most, it was calved up by the Euro masters and given enforced, specific country names.
However, we see it as one massive country with differing boroughs, counties or states.

The word ‘safari’ is a Swahili word, meaning ‘journey’ and we have most definitely been on one.
Due to how we were inspired and shown to move, we could see the divine hands of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, all over our plans.
Does that mean there were no hiccups or bumps along the way?
Of course not, it’s life, there will probably be more before the eminent return of His excellency, His Royal Highness, His Majesty, The King of kings and Lord of lords, The one and only Father or all spirits, The Alpha and Omega…Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.

After seven months, some still haven’t got over themselves and are still upset with how and what we did.
Whether it was because…
They didn’t see us as achievers.
They didn’t think we were capable.
They wanted to stay in close proximity to us.
They want us to stay in Babylon (see my above mentioned posts for an explanation).
They thought we were just talkers.
They now realise how serious we are about not going to any destination, which requires jabbing.

Whatever their reasons, their annoyance and anger towards us, remains.
We can only pray that they find forgiveness and let things go, as we have had to do, many times over with others.
We are grateful for those who are ‘awake’ as they fully understand the reasons why we did what we did and (whether they were initially offended or not) the reasons why we did it.

We relaxed our self-imposed rule of disclosure and began to share more of what we were doing as and when we are led to, to family, friends and the odd frienemy.
As we are spiritual (not superstitious) we realise and have come to terms with the fact that dealing with people, will involve challenges; whether we report our activity or not.
With regards to forgiveness, I know others have to endure the same, however, I’m one who recognises that I’m constantly meeting those who test my abilities in this area.
As hard as they make it, I have no other choice but to rise to the challenge and exercise the ‘fruit’ of Yeshua’s Spirit.
Something I have had to do a couple of times already, since being here.

We have been living out of our suitcases for the past 7 months but this will change very soon.
The language is coming along polepole but once settled into a proper rental, we will most definitely be working on it.
Speaking of rentals, no matter where you are in the world, if you want to make ‘boss moves’ and own properties, please make sure you can cope with the demands and fully understand what that involves.
There are so many who see ‘the money’ in it, ‘love the money’ but forget that, being a landlord or landlady, affects other peoples lives.
Thank Yeshua for the owners who realise this and have a care for their fellow human beings.
That’s all I’m saying on that for now on that matter, as we are in transition.

So, what can I conclude from the safari so far?
Well, I’ll share what I have said to a few key individuals, since we have been here.

I have not come to the Motherland to live like a king and be financially wealthy while looking down on the locals; I’m wise enough to know that there are many forms of riches and by the Grace & Mercies of Yeshua, faith and hard work, whilst being financially challenged, I’ve experienced many of them.

I have not come to the Motherland, to bring worldly (other country philosophies) to teach the so-called ignorant.

I have not come to the Motherland to hide from what is to come, there is no hiding, it will spread world-wide.

I have come to the motherland to learn from others but also to bring my skills, my experience and to share the universal God given (non-religious) principles, with those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts which feel.

I have come to the motherland, to buy myself (and my family) a bit more time, to get things done before the NWO, TGR & BBB kicks in.
Let’s face it, other countries (mention no names) want to be up front and centre in the line, for those 3 letter acronyms, to be established.
Yes, ‘the awake’ realise and understand that it will be a universal occurrence over the next few years but we also know that it will happen slower in certain countries.

Above all, I have come to the motherland to live my last days on this planet, doing what I have been born and called to do…so help me Yeshua, I will do it.

The Safari is not over by any means, the good experiences will always be met by some bad, but I’m more at peace here and for now, I breathe easy, in knowing that I am where I’m supposed to be.

Pets and animals…the beginning.
Being a die-hard dog and animal lover, I always intended to get a couple of dogs (as well as a few other animals) when we had a place big enough.
Our current (now temporary) property, had 2 cats and a mature kitten.
Whether the previous tenants abandoned them, or they were placed here by other means.
They were here for a period of just over a week without being fed and when we moved here, as much as I wasn’t ready to undertake a pet just yet, we had to help them.
In saying that, the older cats are resourceful, they leave the property and return, obviously finding a place to eat.
On the next stage of our safari, the little guy, will be coming with us…God has a sense of humour.
The dogs will come but our first pet is a cat, he is too small to leave here, besides that, he has grown on 80% of us and can hunt, so he comes with us.

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Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
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