Many have heard about IQ and over recent years there has been a greater emphasis placed on EQ.
However, as human beings, we have more to us, we have a full quotient-quadrant which also comprises of the SQ and PQ.
In order to be “balanced”, we have to place equal importance and emphasis on the rest of the quadrant as the once, singularly emphasised IQ.

FSAC_Quotient Quadrant

* Our Intelligent Quotient is built by acquiring, retaining and applying learned natural knowledge.
* Our Emotional Quotient is built by developing empathy and love for ourselves and others.
* Our Physical Quotient is built by learning about health, fitness and sleep with the emphasis placed on exercise to keep the body fit and healthy.
* Our Spiritual Quotient is built by identifying the part of us which craves a relationship with our Creator and developing that part of us through, prayer, fasting, meditation and the reading of His Word. It’s that part which (when ignored) drives negative addictions in destructive activities.
It’s also the part of us which, causes us to put passion and belief (support) into following other things, as compensation for what we really crave.

Whether we are single or half of a couple, it’s important to build all areas of our lives (the quadrant), that holistic development, will enable us to find true peace and happiness.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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