Sex is one of my ‘passion’ topics.
I feel strongly about the gift of sex, how it’s been portrayed, distorted, bastardised, perverted and incorrectly fed to the human race and it’s subsequent generations, especially since the invention of TV, Cinema, then later the video recorder, digital media players and the Internet.

The distortion, incorrect influence and use of sex, has been deceptively encouraged and enjoyed, directly and indirectly by the real racists, the enemies of the human race, for millennia.
You would have to go back to Genesis (the beginning) to identify when it all began but the ‘details’ are found in the Apocrypha books, of Enoch and especially the Book of Adam and Eve.

Firstly, contrary to incorrect religious and popular belief, the one who is a ‘tool’, along with his troops and obviously the Holy Angels.
Were created (by Yeshua) to serve a purpose in the grand scheme of life, living, death, choices, temptations and judgement.
Leading to people travelling in two specific directions, onto eternal life or the 2nd death in the lake of fire.
Everyone (physical and spiritual) whether we believe or not, are subject to the will and sovereignty of Yeshua EL Shaddai(God Almighty).

Shared with Samuel the prophet.
1 Samuel 2: 6-10

Satan (or whatever name his followers call him) and his troops, were originally made that way by Adonai Yeshua.

Shared again with Isaiah the prophet.
Isaiah 45:4-9

Later rubber stamped by Yeshua again, in the Gospel according to John.
John 8:44

As with all scriptures, pray and ask Adonai Yeshua for understanding, before and after you read them.
When you understand the 3 listed above, you will understand the origin of those racists, begin to know the enemy and understand their ‘temporarily permitted’ attacks, using the divide and conquer methods of rule, over parts of the human race.

To the unbelieving, those lacking understanding, who are spiritually dead, none of the above would make any sense but a spiritual individual, will begin to see it, or has seen it.
It’s important to try to get to grips with understanding the sovereignty and supreme will of Yeshua as that will help you to begin to grasp the magnitude of His Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Holy Spirit.
The above Bible study will also help you to gain the spiritual understanding of how nothing happens, without Adonai Yeshua agreeing or allowing it, for His plans and purpose.
The understanding has not been given to everyone, it’s not in everyone’s heart to receive that truth.
Some may eventually but the rest never will, believing they are too rational, logical and intelligent to believe such things.

IARNR_Perfect and permissible will

So what has all the above ‘spiritual truths’ got to do with sex?
Well, everything.
The first time the human race (Adam & Eve) were deceived was when Satan(the devil) was allowed to enter the large serpent, which could originally speak and stood upright on legs with arms/hands, looking something like a giant lizard…sound familiar?
It is written that seduction was involved for Satan (within the giant reptile) to coerce Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and for Eve to encourage Adam into doing the same.
That is where the initial envy and hatred started, by the chief racists.
The Apocrypha scriptures expound on the fact that Satan was jealous and hated the relationship mankind had with Yeshua EL Shaddai, the Creator and the relationship man & woman had.
The attacks, taunts and plans to get rid of Adam and Eve were relentless.
With wisdom, knowledge and understanding, we now learn that he was and still is relentless, as he (and his troops) were created that way, for Yeshua’s big-picture plan and purpose.
The racists (enemies of the human race) favourite tools/methods being the provocation and instigation of doubt, disobedience, lies, violence and sexual immorality.

Reading the Apocrypha book of Adam and Eve, you receive revelation and insight into the regret, turmoil, anguish and despair Adam and Eve went through (after being banished from the garden) and the consistent pursuit of Satan to destroy them.
They were shown the ‘cave of treasures’ as their new home but the attempts (of Satan) to draw them out to attack and kill them continued.

IARNR_1st Resurrection Prophecy 1
IARNR_1st Resurrection Prophecy 3
IARNR_1st Resurrection Prophecy 2
IARNR_1st Resurrection Prophecy 4

Yeshua turns things around for His people.
Before Adam and Eve were married, the racist shape shifting enemies gave them a horror show of a sexual nature, in the form of an orgy.
I will not share that in this post, do your research and always remember to be prayerful.
Ask Yeshua to lead you by His Holy Spirit and read additional material in conjunction with the authorised version of the Bible (KJV/NKJV).
Within that horror show they were permitted to show Adam and Eve what their bodies were capable of sexually, which severely troubled their innocent minds and sewed a seed of burning lust(desire) in their hearts.
That was the second earliest recording (after desiring the forbidden fruit) of the lust of the flesh and eyes.

I’ve shared the scripture in ‘The marriage series – What is marriage’ post, which showed how Adam and Eve prayed and fasted before Adonai Yeshua gave them the institution of marriage.
Although they were both enlightened, sex was not permitted until ‘after’ they married.
The institution of marriage was also to legalise and purify the physical intimacy, love-making (sex) they would both be able to have, without committing sin.

There are many who call themselves sexperts but only scratch the surface, when referencing the spiritual and physical act of sex.
Others refuse that label, while having a vast amount of knowledge which includes both the physical and spiritual understanding on the subject matter.

FSAC_Righteous sex Tweet

I refuse to tag or to self-title but I was ‘initially’ ignorant to the vast amounts of actual knowledge, wisdom and understanding which I was permitted to gain, along with my actual experiences.
That initial ignorance as to why, didn’t become apparent until I was led to set up FSAC.
It would be a sin, not to help and share with others, especially if I say I love people and want them to be ‘safe’, I have to practice and show that love.
That being said, I have been given a check and instructed not to share the depths of the knowledge and (where applicable and appropriate) my experience, here online.
That information and helps are purely for the book(s) For Singles and Couples and the follow-up book.
For a few reasons:-
1) The information will be real, raw and honest and therefore not be suitable for everyone.
2) It would need to be read in the context of the book(s) to give the reader full understanding.
3) While people can and will do whatever is laid on their heart to do, with information they acquire, I don’t want to be accused of purposely titillating or carnally arousing, readers with limited understanding or those who would visit a free-to-read website with the wrong motives.

I have no problems in sharing and with the assistance of Lois (giving a woman’s perspective) where applicable, she will do the same.
I’m neither shy or embarrassed in speaking about sex but I have to be wise in what I do, to avoid unnecessary clashes with the argumentative religious folk.
It will probably still happen but at least it will not be as much of a distraction from what I have been led to do, as it would be, If I share large sections of the subject online.

FSAC_Question about sex

Occasionally I come across a tweet like the above, which reminds me why I have been gifted to do what I’m doing and not to allow a lack of comment involvement or shares, to give me a WTP (what’s the point) attitude, concerning the whole project and books.
The pre-occupation with sex, whether the religious Christians want to admit it or not, is common and is not gender or age specific, just look at the numbers below the tweet.
I know many do it for the shock factor, to draw the readership and clicks.
However, it’s hard to scroll on by and ignore some which really need to be answered.
I attempt to answer the ones I’m led to, as I have above, in the hope that, if I can’t get through to individual who posted the Tweet, I can at least cause those who see the dialogue (who may listen) to think about things more broadly and deeply.

FSAC_No test driving

It isn’t just the young who need the help and assistance.
You only have to watch certain so-called reality TV shows to see that everyone needs help.
Those old enough to know better are sadly not doing better, setting poor examples of maturity and dating for the younger generations.
I’ve recently been told that it’s tough out there to date these days and I can believe it, but that is due to the games people are playing, especially sexual games.
People dating should have a mind to ‘prevent’ try-before-they-leave, by refusing to participate in the try-before-you-buy philosophy which is all of dating in the world.
I’ve said it before, outside of dabbling in the occult and physical violence, sexual immorality in all it’s various shapes and forms is probably the easiest way for large sections of the human race (enemy assisted) to spiritually destroy itself.

FSAC_Another question about sex

Apart from the minority of natural celibates, sex is something the rest of us think about, occasionally, daily or at certain times of the month, depending on a persons specific physiology and drive.
There appears to be no age limit as to who does the most talking about sex, however, there are certain demographics of people who (rightly) exercise their rights not to share.

Sexual frustration affects all those who are not natural celibates, and can even occur within a marriage.
The biggest problem in tackling the issue of sex, looking at it from the correct perspective, are the religious.
The enemies of the human race work with agents inside and outside of religious organisations.
The liberal agents are telling people that anything goes, with anyone you want, as long as you’re happy.
While the conservative agents go around guilt-tripping everyone into thinking they are not able to do certain things, even if both parties are married and in agreement, they also imply that couples wanting to be ‘holy’, most definitely shouldn’t be enjoying sex.

As I said, I have so much to share with a genuine desire to utilise right judgement, not condemnation, to assist those who are honest and looking for assistance.
Assistance to remain single and temporary celibate until married or assistance to improve a marital sex life.

FSAC_After sex

It’s a lie, sex is NOT from the devil.
It’s a lie, sex is very enjoyable.
It’s a lie, it’s NOT a sin to enjoy sex.
It’s a lie, it’s NOT OK to have sexual fantasies about someone else other than your spouse.
It’s a lie, don’t believe the enemy agents, sex belongs in marriage.
It’s a lie, sex is not something you have to do, with the right spouse it’s something you want to do.
It’s a lie, sex enjoyment is not only for the young or single.
It’s a lie, sex does not ‘dry up’ beyond a certain age.
It’s a lie, sex does NOT have to become stale and boring in marriage.
It’s a lie, sex IS enjoyed frequently by loving married couples.
It’s a lie, sex is NOT only for having children.
It’s a lie, women do have regular orgasms from penetrative sex.
It’s a lie, it’s NOT OK (in most cases) to use masturbation as a replacement for sex with your spouse but can be used to prevent adultery in some cases.
It’s a lie, size does matter in certain situations.
It’s a lie, a wife can enjoy sex with her husband, irrespective of penis size.
It’s a lie, sex does NOT start with physical foreplay, it starts in the heart and mind.
It’s a lie, sex is more than a physical activity, it’s emotional and spiritual.
It’s a lie, sex can last as long as a couple wants it to.
It’s a lie, there are husbands who know how to fully please their wives.
It’s a lie, just because married women are not advertising it, it doesn’t mean they are not having great sex in their marriage.
It’s a lie, sex toys are NOT needed to keep a couples sex life interesting.
It’s a lie, just because sex is spiritually legal (undefiled) between a married couple, there are still a few illegal, sinful acts that should be avoided.
It’s a lie, porn does NOT help anyone’s sex life, it damages it.
It’s a lie, you CAN pray and ask Yeshua to help you and your spouse to improve your sex life.
It’s a lie, sex is NOT naturally more fun with someone outside of your marriage.
It’s a lie, to believe that there are not spiritual, as well as physical biological issues affecting the body and soul, when people have multiple sexual partners.
It’s a lie, sexual infidelity is NOT the sole fault of one spouse.
It’s a lie, don’t believe the enemy agents, sex-soul ties are real, messy and can affect all current and future relationships, if not broken and dealt with.

Taking serious long-term injuries or sickness and medical problems which can affect libido, sexual drive and the ability to have sex, out of the equation.
Marriages without sex are still marriages but are more like friendships.
Good close friendships or friendships where at least one half of the couple is frustrated.
Most of us non-natural celibates have a need for loving tactile, close contact, intimacy, sexual gratification and the spiritual and the physical intensity of simultaneous orgasms with our spouses.
If a couple is happy without it and can still find that loving balance, fine, who am I or anyone else to say that can’t be done.
However, if one party is feeling frustrated, they need to find a way to communicate and listen to their spouse, in order to sort out the ‘lack of sex’ issue.
Whether people like it or not, marriage is mostly about the sex and that sex should be good and enjoyable for both spouses.
If that is not believed or needed, people should examine themselves.
If the findings are, that they are a natural celibate, they should accept it and leave those who are not, to enjoy a spiritually legal and righteous sex life in a marriage with someone sexually compatible.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

© Copyright 2012-2023 For Singles and Couples, All rights reserved.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m widowed now but prior, not having read the Apocrypha my wife and I perceived from Genesis KJV that any friction in our marriage would probably be the work of the devil, which allowed us to immediately shun arguments. We never had any sex problems.

    • Hi Lester.
      Thanks for sharing your insights and experience bro, especially on a topic in which many are afraid to be open and honest about.
      Even without reading the Apocrypha, Yeshua’s Holy Spirit obviously gave you both the revelation of the main cause of marital discord.
      Those being, the enemies of the human race, who hate the union of ‘real marriage’ between man and woman.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.
      Stay Blessed! 🙂

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