Hi, I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
I’ve been thinking a lot about people, as I do, about what motivates someone to visit a website, slow down to read the information and (if able to) leave a comment.
The word which comes to mind is ‘interest’, where people are interested, they will invest the time to read.
Obviously, the content needs to be engaging and above all, of interest to the reader.

I’ve shared in various posts and on my Bio page, who my content is primarily aimed at and I’m aware of Yeshua’s divine principle concerning human nature, especially, the prophet being without honour in his own country.
The modern way of saying it is, familiarity breeds contempt, in this case, it simply means, the more someone believes they know you, the least likely it is for them to read and contribute.
There are always exceptions to the rule, I try my best to treat others as I would want to be treated, so I behave differently.
I have learned to deal with those particular realities, it did take a while, however, I’m still curious.
If you write and have a website, do you have a group of people who don’t really contribute in writing but they are quick to point out the works of others, asking you to check them out?
Maybe you don’t and that’s great for you, maybe it’s just me.
Or, do you have people who you believe read your work but refuse to let you know that they do?

Due to writing about both Spiritual relationship matters as well as male/female relationships, I’m finding that my readership is divided, obviously based on interest but also based on their relationship status and whether or not they are happy in their current state.
This can bring out the positive, where the reader, happy in their current state is happy to share the reasons why.
Or adversely, they can respond to your posts, from a completely different angle, showing their disapproval of your content.

Due to the type of people I’ve come across offline but also online, where male/female relationships are concerned, I initially had the thought that there was a correlation between age and the willingness to share with and listen to others.
I will stand by this, I have noticed that as the generations get younger, from the 1960s onwards, our general abilities to keep and maintain long lasting relationships and marriages have been reduced.
Coming into my decade, the 1970s, those of us born within this decade, who began to have relationships in the mid to late 1980s, we are a bunch who most definitely have more relationship issues and in general, the decades thereafter are no better.
You would obviously have to check the registry offices for confirmation and specifics but those of us still together with the person we started a relationship with at the ending of the 80s or start of the 90s, are most definitely not the majority in our demographic.
Due to finding a few anomalies in my theories, I’ve decided to throw out my target age demographic and audience and I’ve settled with saying that my pending WIPs are for anyone over the age of 16, willing to listen to someone like me, with my experience and perspective.

Before we become a part of a couple, we obviously start off single, I’m just sharing my findings, helping those who are single to be flexible with their views on living a single life, as I am wanting to help couples improve their relationships and (if they are not married) move onto married life with some additional tools to make life easier.
Those who are happy being single or married ‘may’ feel that I have nothing to offer them and that’s fine.
I will add that you don’t need to be unhappy to read and look at different perspectives, it’s all about perpetual learning, which can only help all of us to improve as human beings.
I will also add, if you are that happy with your life as is, it doesn’t stop you from sharing your nuggets of wisdom and experience in the comment section at the ending of every Blog post you read.
You could be a great help to someone needing a different perspective, to make a tough decision or the right decision for their life.
Please don’t be fooled by the lack of comments at the ending of each post, people do read the posts but not everyone is open enough to add their thoughts; hopefully in time that will change.

The focus on the #IARNR posts address the human condition in relation to their spiritual views on life and as a disciple of Yeshua, I’m obviously looking at things from a Bible perspective.
This may annoy:-
Those who believe we can make decisions without references to the Bible.
Those who believe leadership, advice and teaching should only come from within religious organisation leadership.
Those who have other religious beliefs contrary to the Bible.
Also, those who would prefer to hear my personal opinions on matters of life.

I obviously do have personal opinions and share them in regards to my preferences, not as a replacement to Bible truths.
As I didn’t make any planets, didn’t create any heavenly hosts and didn’t start off the human race from the soil of planet Earth.
My opinions based on Bible doctrines are of no importance, also, being human, I’m fallible, I’ve been corrected in my past.
It’s an easier walk for a disciple of Jesus, to learn the difference between an allowed preference and foundational Bible truths.
I’ll hold my hands up and readily admit that when it comes to Bible truths, which are the basis of my faith, I allow those truths to shape my opinion and adopt them as mine.
As you grow in your search for truth and relationship with God, you will understand my last statement.

FSAC_We are unique individuals_Phil Gayle Quote

I openly refer to my life, for reasons I repeatedly mention.
I have annoyed some who know me offline, with my openness, especially if I have referenced their interaction with me and mine.
I have asked Lois, if I’ve written anything which has annoyed her and she has honestly mentioned she has only ever been annoyed with a small truth I shared in one of my Blog posts.
I’m not apologetic for being honest, those who can’t (or refuse to) be honest, like to group everyone with them, stating that no one is ever really honest all the time, or words to that affect.
As my writing is going to get even more personal, I have made a decision, not to refer to individuals by association both here on the Blog as well as in my more intimate and explicit books.
Whether I know people directly or not, have spoken to them in a while or not, I have been blessed with a memory for important previous accounts, conversations and events.
Whether married or single, I will be using terms, ‘a case’, ‘this case’ ‘a case of’ to refer to people.
The thing about life is, our experiences are not always 100% unique, therefore, you could be reading something, thinking it refers to you only, while 5 other people could be thinking the same thing.
Is it really necessary to become upset, if you know you are anonymously assisting others?
That one is a rhetorical question, no need to answer.

So, I push on with writing about the relationship “cases” and spiritual truths, in the hope that past contributors continue to, some are braver, others get over themselves and everyone shares, in order to assist others, if not themselves.
Maybe it’s because I have allowed Yeshua to change my heart, maybe I was naturally made this way.
All I know is, I share because I care and I can’t, neither do I want to, attempt to force people into doing things, which are just not within them to do.

FSAC_Handling differences maturely

I do however, always look forward to comments, whether I agree with them or not.
My comment replies are shorter, when I feel the reader grasps what I’ve shared.
As much as I try to condense them, my comment responses are usually longer, if I believe the reader didn’t actually grasp my post, seems upset by some of what I shared or asks a question which needs a thorough answer.
They are longer, in order to ‘hopefully’ give a better understanding to the reader.
I will always apologise if my opinion has offended but I’m never apologetic about sharing Bible truths or reporting honestly on a real situation, a reader will have to find a way to get through those emotions.

FSAC_Positive people negative situations

Thanks for reading.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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