The Bachelor franchise, is my theory correct?

Another post which requires a little background reading to keep the subject matter in context and fully understood.
If you haven’t already done so please read ‘I couldn’t’, ‘love and colour’ ‘I’m sorry if’ and ‘Homosexuality…’.

Since writing that section in ‘Love and colour’ concerning the Bachelor.
The Bachelor USA have had an additional 2 bachelors, one of which was Brown, Matt James, who is mixed-ethnicity.
The last, no. 26, being Clayton Echard, the typical White Bachelor candidate.
26 Bachelors in (one now in a Gay relationship) and still no back-to-back Black Bachelors, but that’s just a coincidence right?
Recently, the Bachelor Nation producers did inject some additional difference (colour) into their proceedings in the Bachelorette, choosing Michelle Young, who was rejected by Matt on his season.
Generally, the Bachelorette has been a little bit more diverse, having 3 women of colour.
Rachel Lindsay (Black), Tayshia Adams (Mixed-ethnicity) and Michelle Young (mixed-ethnicity), out of 19 seasons…not really a lot is it?

We don’t have to be experts in colour and ethnic relations, to understand or admit that the probable Euro-centric Talmud believing producers and directors, see the Bachelor USA franchise as being predominantly by European Americans for European Americans…but others can watch if they so choose to.

In the UK, over the last few years, straight White British males have complained that TV(program planning) has become infiltrated by the ‘luvvies’ from the Alphabet mafia, eliminating them from shows, adverts etc.
I understand, it can be a shock to the system, especially when you’ve had things going a certain way for the longest time.
Along comes a group of people who ‘claim’ they want to show some diversity.
However, that diversity reduces the exposure of White males, while the White females are placed in mixed-ethnic relationships with Black, Brown and Cream men.
However, they have addressed the issue by pairing White men in shows (and films/movies) with Black, Brown and Cream women; maybe that is still not good enough.
Some would say that White men are being hypersensitive.
However, White men are finally realising what it’s like to be a straight Black man in Britain.
What it’s like to not have enough positive representation on TV, especially as part of a Black couple.
I’m not saying that White men don’t have a point.
However, they only have to deal with the ‘loony left’ end of the snowflake spectrum.
Us straight Black men, especially in the UK but also in the USA, have a two-pronged attack against us.
From the snowflakes from the ‘far wrong’, who don’t want to see us on TV or in movies, having any form of relationships with any women, especially non-Black women and they don’t want to see Black love between men & women represented .
As well as the snowflakes from the ‘loony left’, who only want to see our black faces on TV, if we are alternative, i.e. Gay, Bi or a confused transexual.

The logical (sensible) thing to do is to switch off and do something more interesting, which is what most people do.

FSAC_Why I watch

It’s no wonder why, in the USA especially, there has been a push to produce equivalent relationship shows which have more progressive Black/Brown representation.
For example, BlackLove, Couples Retreat, Ready to Love, Put a Ring on it, Indian Matchmaking, To Rome for Love and Marry me now.
Some of the above listed shows still have their ‘moments’ but in the main, they focus on showing straight Black & Brown men & women.
Some have stated that it’s reverse xenophobia but think about it, if the umpteen amount of reality relationship shows and other TV shows and movies, had a fair and balanced representation of straight Black and Brown people, including Black love, would there be a need to produce shows which are more directed at Black and Brown folk?

Admittedly there are a whole range of reality TV relationship shows which are doing better at addressing ‘the balance’ but may of them still push an alternative agenda.

Lois and I have only watched a few seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise and there always seems to be a regular pattern, in which variety ‘appears’ to be the spice of life. until it gets down to the important crunch time, the final 3.
For example, from what we’ve seen, concerning the Bachelorette, the only time Black or Brown men have reached the final 3 have been in the seasons when the aforementioned Rachel, Tayshia & Michelle have been the focus of attention, the Bachelorette.
To the best of our knowledge, with the exception of Clare Crawley (White Bachelorette) who left the show early with her pick Dale Moss (Brown guy) and Michelle, who chose Nayte Olukoya.
No other male Black or Brown, chasers of the Bachelorette, in 18 previous seasons have been chosen.
As for those wanting to be picked by the Bachelor, only Michelle made it to the the last 3.
Also, no Black or Brown women have been chosen by the Bachelor, I may be wrong, please correct me if I am.

FSAC_Bachelor Nation Fanbase

The only reason why Lois and I tuned in (this time) was to see if my above theories about the final 3 were right and also because they did a ‘first’ by choosing to have 2 Bachelorettes.
The question is, will Aven (a mixed-ethnicity guy) make it to the final 3 or will he go the way of 99% of the Black and Brown men who have chased the Bachelorette…without a rose and out of the door?
I will be pleasantly surprised and stand corrected if he does make it to the final 3 but I have a feeling he will not be one of the last 3 standing, singing Roses are Red.

Yeah I know, it has become a sport to many, a dating ‘game’ where, if all else fails at least the contestants can say they have been on TV and have an easier time to promote their business and brand, social media presence.
‘Connections’ seem superficial (as on most of these reality dating shows) they don’t really explain what that really means to them.
Neither do they appear to have any meaningful deep conversations (not on camera anyway) and, especially where the Bachelor franchise is concerned, if conversation is drying up, they just make out, with a kissing session to fill air time.

FSAC_Bachelor nation connections

It would it seem the Bachelor franchise is only really for the White European Americans, to show the rest of the nation how deserving of love they are.
The only way for a Black or Brown participant to really succeed on the show is by being the Bachelor/Bachelorette, ‘if’ they are given decent hopeful candidates.
Everyone is entitled to their preferences (re:- ‘Love and Colour’) but I think honesty about contestant selection, should be first and foremost.
If European American contestants will never be going to or bringing home Native first people, African, Latina or Asian Americans, they should say so in their applications for these shows.
That way, the producers can then prevent the POC from becoming contestants, vying for the attention and love of someone, who may make out with them but is ultimately never going to choose them.
It sounds xenophobic but at least it’s honest, the current format is even more xenophobic and an insult to the intelligence of the viewers.
Black and Brown people have a choice, we can continue to watch or stop watching and stop the support.
However, there will always be those who don’t mind being ‘humoured’, who don’t mind other Black and Brown people looking desperate to fit in where they are not really wanted, those who will continue to fantasise about the European ideal.
While that is the case, the producers and directors will see no reason to change their ‘gravy train’ winning formula…why should they?

FSAC_Bachelor nation fantasy suites

You will probably find (within this particular franchise) that alternative Black and Brown folk will get better consistent exposure before they give it to straight Black and Brown folk.
Which will result in them receiving the patronising support from the snowflakes and other viewers who like to laugh with at them.

If contestants really want to play games and be on TV for business or self promotion, there are better reality game shows like The Apprentice, Survivor or The Challenge.

Black people in particular have always watched and supported shows where we have minimal to no positive participation, however, the same courtesy and interest doesn’t appear to be afforded to us.
As I said, we have a choice, to continue to be a fan boy/girl or decide to spend our time (and money) elsewhere.

FSAC_Dating is not a game

One of the reasons why I do get annoyed with the more pro straight Black shows I listed earlier, is that they often also choose to opt for sensationalist drama, to draw and keep ratings.
It would be nice for at least a couple of these show to keep it real, to produce shows for the intelligent mature viewers, especially in the serious area of looking for an eventual marital partner.

In looking over the info on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise the marriage rates (via the show) are not very good.
However, in saying that, the women (ex-Bachelorettes) do pick more successfully and have more marriages (4 from 18 seasons) than the ex-Bachelors have (1 from 26 seasons).
Hopefully the rest find what they need, outside of the franchise, as the current host Jessie has.

So, back to the Bachelorette, let’s see if Aven makes it to the final 3, if he does, that would be first, with a White Bachelorette and only the 2nd time in 19 seasons, if he is picked overall.

Still hoping that these shows will put the ‘real’ into the reality.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man


  1. Good morning brother. This is why I’m glad you do the research that you do however this is one from the get go I couldn’t stomach.

    When the show first aired I knew I wasn’t going to like it simply because I don’t believe in lining up love. My first and only thought was and still is, why line these people up and choose when our Father has done all the work. Seek Him that has created the one.

    As I’m reading through the post I’m even more sickenhow entertainment uses pons for their own profit. This is back to wealth and idols etc…talk about root of evil.

    Shall I go on…

    Your loving non watching TV gal from the Valley


    • Hi Mandy from the valley.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂
      I hear and agree with you.
      While I have a sense of humour and like to laugh, it isn’t funny how the show organisers play games with people, candidates and viewers alike.
      Sad how some just don’t see the game and how manipulative and deceiving it can be due to being caught up in the glitz and glam of it all.
      It’s most definitely a calling to teach and show how young singles especially, can exercise faith to find who Yeshua has for them.
      As much as we are all individuals, the blueprint can be followed with success, to obtain and remain in a good lasting relationship/marriage.

      We haven’t watch last nights episode yet but it will be interesting to see if my theory is still correct and verified after ALL these years of this show being aired.
      If I’m wrong, Ill go on Twitter, put my hands up and say I was wrong this time. 🙂

      Have a good evening.
      Much Love.xx

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