The word ‘Selah’ has been referenced in modern poetry and music but it’s earliest origins can be found in the book of Psalms.
Psalms is a book of Prose, Poetry & Songs and the use of the word ‘Selah’ has often been interpreted as a verbal declaration to be repeated, when it is in fact a verb, a prompt which requires the readers, singers, or musicians to take a moment to ‘pause’ breathe and think.

The problem with SMPs in general, are that they offer you very little Selah time, you are constantly ‘on the scroll’ and depending on the platform and device, if you take too long to pause and think about something, it is easily replaced on the timeline by yet another post.
Yes, there are obviously the options to select a particular post (to keep it on your screen) but you know what I mean.
I’ve watched people with their head down on their phones, scrolling, clicking, adding the occasional message & returning to the scroll and click routine.
It really does feel like the contemporary living generations, especially those born from the early 1980s onwards, have been programmed to consume information without proper digestion.

When we consume food without careful preparation, chewing and digestion, we rob ourselves of the nutritional value the food is supposed to provide.
The same can be said concerning how we view and take in information, in order to broaden our understanding and develop our wisdom and knowledge.
We need to take moments to think and discuss.

To break the seemingly systematic global environment of quick consume and move on, it’s good to take some time to stop and think.
Meditation in itself is often thought of as some new age, hippy-dippy practice; in reality it’s been around a long time and yes, also referenced in the Bible.
Meditation is a system of slowing down the mind and body from it’s constant hectic pace, using relaxation and deep breathing and (in this context) is usually aided by the thoughts being focused on our Saviour (with prayer) or something positive.

Read a book
Books are also a great way to engage and focus, moving away from a screen, slowing down and enabling us to think deeply and have clearer thoughts.
In this time of imposed restrictions, social distancing etc. reading a book is a constructive use of our time.

FSAC_Devices - Better than a phone.

Better than a phone
Technology is not going away, there has been an obvious drive by most Govs to promote the ownership of a phone.
However, I still believe, online information, including the use of SMPs are best viewed on larger screens.
Most SMPs are designed to keep you distracted, busy and scrolling.
The layout of the For Singles And Couples Blog has been designed to do the opposite.
To deliberately slow the visitor down and assist in helping them to focus on one subject at a time, with the option to truly engage and share their thoughts, without text limit restrictions.
Although I receive good visitor stats, they’re pointless knowing, if those visitors do not leave comments.
Art is subjective, therefore its also pointless providing voting options for visitors, as one persons 4 out of 5, is another persons 2 out of 5, so I’ve removed that option.
Blogs are always best viewed on Pads, Laptops and PC monitors, if you have one, switch it on and see the difference.

To comment or not to comment
A close friend once mentioned that they wouldn’t leave comments, due to the nature of their work.
You may have reservations for similar or other reasons, however, if you really feel passionate about a particular subject, there is nothing stopping you from creating an email address specifically for anonymous comments.

FSAC_Blog Comments

Comments can also be added to a Blog post using:-
Your email address.
A WordPress account.
A Google account.
A Twitter account.
Or a Facebook account.

Secure communication

FSAC_Signal Messenger

Our Calls and Texts should be just that, ours.
If you value your privacy and like your calls and text messages etc. to remain secure, forget the other message/call apps and use Signal, on all phones and Pads.

FSAC_Content warning

I’m not going to bore readers again, with my apologies and disclaimers but I will reiterate.
I don’t intentionally set out to upset or offend, however, due to the nature of the topics, my perspectives and straightforward approach, I’m sure I will offend some at some point.
If you are of a hyper-sensitive nature, I pray you develop thicker skin to enable you to maturely debate certain subjects.
If that’s not possible, I understand, simply comment on something that doesn’t upset you or step away from your device and read a good book.
I will not be changing my approach or subject matters, I’ll continue to stay true to myself and regular readers.

Life outside of SMPs and MMS

Did you know, all your required information can be found outside of of your regular SMPs or MM bubble?
You don’t have to be confined to the selected, controlled and biased newsfeeds of the Mainstream Media Sites or Social Media Platforms.
If you don’t want the regular companies keeping a log of all your search activities.
If you don’t want the devices you use identified and logged.
If you don’t want your locations monitored and stored.
When doing your independent (outside the bubble) research and reading, you can use one of the following search engines to find the sites, Blogs and other sources of news and information.

VPNs and flexible Web Browsers
It is also an idea to invest in Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and use a Web Browser which allows you to use privacy and security plug-ins.
Use the above search engines to find out more and once implemented, you will also find information sites which some ISPs & Govs have decided to restrict.

Thanks for taking the time to have a Selah moment with me and reading this post.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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  1. So very true & well written, unfortunately they also tend not to retain important info very well either… It makes for a microwave mindset and a lack of depth.
    Not Good, we can only ‘HOPE’ they change and realise life is to precious to ‘speed read’ through.

    • True.
      All we can hope is that people take the time to slow down, process and learn.
      I’ll continue to share offline until individuals show that they just don’t want to know.
      The pearls are precious and time is short, the pearls need to be shared with those on a quest for knowledge, wisdom and self-improvement.

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