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Truth sayer or sooth sayer

FSAC_Phil Gayle

There was a time when people would say, “just tell me the truth, I can handle it”.As time goes by, those people appear to be at a premium, or they’ve decided to hit the mute button.Contemporary interactions tend to be…

Why it takes a village – helping young adults to build good long-term relationships & marriage (Pt 1 of 2)


Before the obvious educational establishments, before the rise of the Internet Search Engines, books and libraries were used to increase humankind’s knowledge.Before that, it was word of mouth from family members and community elders, along with cave and wall paintings.Books…

You know you’re ready


So you’re single and secure, you don’t have any baggage, you refuse to settle, you utilise your time constructively, you’re holistically developing yourself, you’ve acknowledged that you are in the 2nd state of being single, you have an understanding of…

Don’t Settle


We go through life with differing attitudes, our expectations can be positive, negative or a combination of both, depending on our past experiences, emotional/spiritual state and how we choose to deal with others.The saying “misery loves company”, is true, therefore…

For Singles and Couples – An extended introduction


For Singles and Couples originally started as a ‘Blog category’ concerning relationships, on my previous BLOG, ‘Phil’s Lounge’.A fellow Blogger wrote a post concerning passion, which I identified with…there are a few things in life I feel apathetic about, however,…

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