Spiritual beliefs and science…God and the big bang

God, The big bang, Creation or Evolution (the ‘evil solution’).
There are many ‘enlightened true believers’, who know that science has a place alongside their Judaic-Christian beliefs and that being a believer doesn’t automatically mean that we discount science.
There are also many religious folk, who have a confusion about our existence believing in the possibility of us being here by accident and evolving.
And there are those who refuse to have a spiritual belief and faith, choosing only to believe in science along with its constantly changing theories.

Whether you believe we are here for a purpose or by accident, it’s always good to do some studying and research.
Carbon dating, the half-life of gasses, the earth being thousands of years old, as opposed to millions or billions of years old and more…
Get your study head on, science and history reference books and your Bibles out and take a look at these informative, information packed websites.

Creation Ministries International

Creation Research

Creation World View Ministries


IARNR_Mother Earth

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G Man

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