Some are blessed to have a great ‘genesis point’ having a stable foundation, a loving family home.
They have both dad and mum playing a vital role, not only with the conception, but also with the up-bringing (care, guidance, discipline, teaching, training and love) needed to help them become a balanced and well-rounded young adult.
Some of us are (initially) not that fortunate, we have to seek out positive examples, learning from the available books and media or from the surrounding live examples (of extended family or friends) to compensate.

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“Learn to love yourself without being conceited.
Learn to be comfortable with yourself, without being a recluse.
Learn to value who you are, without narcissism.
Learn to have high self-esteem, without arrogance.
For if you do not have a positive and loving opinion of yourself…
How do you expect anyone else to?”

Before we can become a possible life-long partner to another individual, we have to learn to be comfortable with ourselves.
We have to learn to love ourselves enough to understand that we are an individual of ‘value’ and we deserve to not only be treated as such but to treat others in the same way…

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