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Believe it or not, there have been a few regular attempts to take down this website.
No matter how I disagree with the information on certain websites, I would never go out of my way to wreak havoc, in an attempt to take those sites down; unfortunately, not everyone sees life that way,
Thankfully our hosts, Orange Website cares about their customers info and data and have pretty secure services.
I have also done my part, ensuring I install additional security plug-ins and made the necessary changes to ensure that the site stays online.
Obviously nothing is 100% fool-proof and the additional security can take it’s toll on your web resources and page load times.

A reminder to for all visitors, I really don’t mind you making time to check in on the site regularly.
However, to save time (especially if you are a busy person) please remember to use the site subscribe and ‘notify me’ options to receive email notifications when a new post has been published.
The email notification contains most of the published posts content but to view the post in it’s entirety, please use the read ‘more’ (visit the site) option, within the email.
As per our privacy policy, your email address will be stored safely and will not be shared with any third-parties or used to Spam subscribers with UN-solicited content.

FSAC_Keep calm and please subscribe

Lastly, I love the freedom of the Blogosphere, the ability to have unrestricted content, posted and shared and (with this particular web host) the ability to share my thoughts without restrictions or sanctions.
I also love the fact that it’s open, unlike some social media platforms, who operate with cult-like restrictions, preventing users from linking to external sources.
WordPress allows it’s users to link with others freely.
I use links for a number of reasons, one of which is to provide additional information to the reader.
I would like to place my disclaimer, as I did sometime back on twitter.
Linking to other websites is not an automatic acceptance and agreement of all the content on that particular site.
I link to particular articles or pages because I agree with them or I’m using them to make counter points.

Thanks for reading.

Phil Gayle
G Man
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua

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