It’s a commonly held ‘correct’ belief that the souls of all babies and young children (who don’t have the maturity and knowledge, to understand the difference between right and wrong) go to Heaven and Rest In Peace (RIP), when they die.
(Deuteronomy chapter 1 : verse 39)

(Matthew chapter 18 : verse 3)

(Matthew chapter 19 : verse 14)

For those who live in countries where there is access to the Word of God, aka The Bible.
When mature teens and adults die, many of their loved ones (develop great god-like authority and power) automatically assigning them a place in Heaven, resting in peace, RIP.


Some (like me) may have been incorrectly “baptised” as a baby or young child (usually by the sprinkling of some water on their head) by a religious individual in a religious organisation.
Usually also having the roles,offices,titles or persona’s incorrectly called over the baby and not the name of Yeshua(Jesus).
Later in life, being fooled into incorrectly thinking that’s enough to be ‘safe’.
(No Word for that)

Human babies/children can and should be ‘blessed’ by any Holy Spirit-filled born again believer in Yeshua(Jesus), including the believer parents themselves, in the name of Yeshua(Jesus).
(Mark chapter 10 : verses 13-16)

Many of the deceased individuals, didn’t acknowledge (or believe) these foundational truths.
(Hebrews chapter 11 : verse 6)

(Mark chapter 16 : verse 16)

(Acts chapter 4 : verses 10-12)

Many of them overlooked the need for obedience and humility.
(Matthew chapter 18 : verse 3)

Many of them (as elder teens or adults) did not believe and obey this truth.
(John chapter 3 : verses 3-7)

Many of them did not understand (or refused to accept) that all roads DO NOT lead to Heaven.
(John chapter 14 : verses 4-9)

(Matthew chapter 7 : verses 13-14)

IARNR_The Way The Truth The Life

Many of them did not follow this ‘Truth’, as an elder teen or adult.
Acknowledging they needed to have a change of heart (repent) and get baptised (fully immersed in water) correctly. Being baptised IN THE NAME OF JESUS (YESHUA).
Which can also be done by any Holy Spirit-filled born-again believer in Yeshua.
(Joel chapter 2 : verse 13)

(Acts chapter 2 : verses 37-39)

(Book of Acts)

Many did not understand.
You can’t just say you believe, you have to act on that belief.
(James chapter 2 : verses 14-26)

Many did not understand that ‘mercy’ comes first but the ‘grace’ they hear/read about, comes after correct and proper baptism.
(Ephesians chapter 2 : verses 8 & 9)

Also, that the ‘works’ Paul refers to here are not the same as the ‘spiritual acts which show faith’, that James refers to above.
Paul is warning everyone, that those with money/resources can’t buy their way into Heaven by doing lots of charitable work alone, it’s not enough.
(Ephesians chapter 2 : verses 8 & 9)

Many have both dismissed and overlooked the importance of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, being filled up with the Holy Spirit of Yeshua and how to be led by Yeshua, to speak in tongues.
(Acts chapter 2 : verses 4-20)

(Romans chapter 8 : verses 6-11)

(1 Corinthians chapter 12 : verse 13)

(1 Corinthians chapter 14 : verses 10-20)

Many of them refused to walk in true love and exercise forgiveness, choosing the humanist ‘selective’ versions of both.
(Matthew chapter 5 : verses 40-48)

(Matthew chapter 18 : verses 21&22)

(1 Corinthians chapter 13 : verses 1-8)

They had no idea of what it meant to accept and display the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
(Galatians chapter 5: verses 22-25)

Many of them enjoyed the very actions, speech and thoughts which excludes individuals from Heaven.
(1 Corinthians chapter 6 : verses 8-11)

(Galatians chapter 5 : verses 17- 21)

Many of them incorrectly believe that only God can judge them.
However God has given instructions to the believer on how to make righteous judgements, to help themselves, then others.
(Matthew chapter 7: verses 3-5)

They continue to overlook the truth of the matter, true believers are and will be judges.
(1 Corinthians chapter 6 : verses 2-3)

Sadly, some, due to the pressures of life, abuse by others, unforgiving view of their own sins and their inability to cope, ended things themselves and obviously didn’t understand or believe.
(Psalms 118 : verse 17)

(Isaiah chapter 41 : verse 10)

(Jeremiah chapter 29 : verse 11)

(1 Corinthians chapter 3 : verses 16&17)

(1 Corinthians chapter 6 : verses 19&20)

For those who die in remote areas of this planet, who have not heard the Gospel of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Or those with mental disabilities, which prevent them from fully understanding the differences between righteousness and sin.
(Romans chapter 2 : verses 6-8)

(Romans chapter 9 : verses 15&16)

(Romans chapter 9 : verse 18)

What is also clear, is once you are gone, it’s too late.
Praying for the dead is another, incorrect religious concept, performed by some religious groups.
The time for salvation and change, is while we are still alive.
(Luke chapter 16 : verses 19-31)

According to the Truth of the Word of God, the criteria with Biblical references listed above, are they really resting in peace?

If they are not, where do you think they are and do you think peace is what they are feeling??

Also, in this day and age, isn’t it time we called a spade a spade and share truths?

Life and death experiences.
I gave an exhortation at one of my uncles funerals and told the congregation straight.
As much as he was liked and (like the majority) ‘selectively’ a good guy, he didn’t meet the above criteria and live his life accordingly.
Sharing with them that it may be too late for him but it was not too late (to get right with Yeshua) for all those who were in attendance and were not yet saved.
I have been to my fare share of funerals and have been surprised, by many calling themselves Christians, who did not share the above truths and the Biblical references, to bring enlightenment to the attendees.

Salvation is a public thing worked out by having a personal ‘relationship’ not religion with Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) and displayed in how we treat others and react to life’s ups and downs.
We are commanded to share our real-life conversion accounts (testimonies) with others, to encourage others to accept salvation for themselves.
It is a very rare and strange occurrence that someone can get ‘saved’ and keep that ‘major life event’ to themselves.
Even if an individual didn’t tell people directly, it will be seen by their change of language, behaviour, emotional responses to life situations/others, how they dress, carry themselves and if they freely exercise forgiveness.
Most people know, when a born again believer dies, It would be said of them that they were born-again believers, by others, no ambiguity involved.
Sadly, there’s always room for people to live secret double lives of sin.
Just as there’s a slight possibility that someone could have moved country, accepted Yeshua’s salvation and die, with their salvation a secret to those who knew them previously.

To cover myself, from making an incorrect judgement call, If I know I will be honest and say so, if I don’t, I will listen to others and say, “as far as I know…” they were or were not saved.
Yeshua (Jesus) is ultimately Sovereign and judge of all, He is God, however, in saying so, those who lived closest to the diseased (unless they have mental disabilities themselves) will be able to say whether or not their loved ones fulfilled the criteria, listed in this post.

Human beings can be strange and hypocritical.
Many claim not to have any particular religious beliefs and yet religiously assign (who they like) to RIP in heavenly places, whether the individual was a Saint or a Satanist.
Or whether they actually believe in a Heaven or Hell or not.
The outpouring of human grief and Heavenly rest, for people they know is one thing and causes an eyebrow to be raised, if you know them personally, not to be a believer.
However, what raises both eyebrows, for me, is the way in which the public can jump on the RIP bandwagon for people they don’t even know.
In order to prevent the self-imposed humanist god-like authority, I mentioned earlier.
There has to be a non-biased benchmark to measure against…that’s the Word of God, the Bible.

Yes, there’s a call for being sensitive and caring to those who are mourning and grieving.
People are feeling raw, hurt, pain and disbelief that their loved ones are no longer with us on this side of life.
It would be highly insensitive to be speaking truths (especially if we are not asked) about the destination of that persons soul on the other side.
However, when we hear (there’s always at least one) self-imposed ‘god person’, telling everyone that the person (who didn’t fulfil the above criteria according to the word of Jesus) is resting in peace.
While we have to obviously be loving and respectful, we will be in trouble with Yeshua, for not telling those (who still have a chance to change) that change is most definitely needed, especially if we want them and us, to truly RIP, when our time comes.
We need to remember.
(Galatians chapter 1 : verses 6-9)

IARNR_Yeshua The One And Only God

The great thing about this ‘way of life’ aka Christianity, is that it’s about choice and it cannot be forced onto anyone.
Black, Brown, Cream or White, male or female, young or old, no matter where you were born what religion you or others once believed, you can choose Yeshua.
You may have been born into a ‘Believers’ family but you still have to follow the teaching/training you received when young, or (as is the current case of our eldest son) not to.

Obviously, this post may not matter to those who have their own differing beliefs, or those claiming not to have any beliefs.
However, if you claim to believe in the existence of God, seek for yourself and do a study into what He said.
He put on flesh (being born as a human son to a virgin woman) to become the perfect example and sacrifice for our sins.
Take some time to look into His word, pray and meditate on your research.
If you have not accepted His salvation, now is as good a time as any.
Find believers, friends, family members, neighbours, those who fellowship in house groups, old church buildings or newer rented places for worship.
Those who correctly believe the Word of Yeshua and get yourself baptised (as the early original Church did) in the book of Acts.
Then begin your relationship with Abba Yeshua(Father Jesus) and your faith-walk, to full and complete salvation.

When it’s your time to go, people will be able to say with confidence and certainty.
May you Rest in Peace.

Remember, No Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach = No Peace.

IARNR_True Peace


Download The Truth About Water Baptism PDF Document.

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Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man


    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Yeah, that’s different.
      Yeshua EL Shaddai obviously welcomes babies and infants into Heaven.
      However, senior teens (with understanding) and adults gain entry based on what they believed, their obedience to His word, their words and their actions, while they were here.
      Much Love.

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