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Religion: – A Belief in, or the worship of, a God or gods. (Chambers dictionary definition)
Religious: – Following the rules or forms of worship of a particular religion very closely. (Chambers dictionary definition)

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I am not going into the Spiritual or Scientific explanations or arguments as to how the world was created, where we originated and how the world became populated.
Those arguments and answers can be found on the following sites:-




Obviously, there are many different religions and beliefs; the world is full of diverse people.
I write on what I know and my experience is with ‘Religious Christianity’ and its differences to being a true believer in Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ).
I was 22 when I became serious about the Christian teachings (I received when I was young) and decided to ‘give my life’ to Yeshua, prove my faith and become a born again believer, saved by Yeshua’s grace.
Back then, I wasn’t too concerned about being called religious as I took the term in the purest, basic form (i.e. the dictionary definition).
It wasn’t until I became more involved, lived life, made my bad choices and mistakes, learned from them, experienced the attitudes of a large number of people and decided to do my own studies/research that my eyes became opened…helping me to clearly understand and define what the term ‘Religion’ really means.

A true definition
In reality ‘Religion’ has a two-fold (double) meaning: –
The man-made rules, traditions and regulations surrounding the true teachings of God and the man-made rules, pomp, celebrations and ceremony made to look like the teachings and requirements of God.
As well as the man-made events, groups, organisations and activities, created to replace or be a substitute for a true belief in and relationship with Yeshua EL Shaddai.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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