Greetings dear readers.
This post was originally intended to be the last part of part 3.
Due to the length of the post (and series) I emotionally wrestled with continuing to lengthen part 3, or create an additional post.
Obviously, after trusting and believing that the readers of part 1, part 2 and part 3 would ‘finish’ what they started, the latter thought won out, resulting in this ‘the comparisons’ 4th and final post.
It’s another ‘Good Read’ category post, it will take a little bit of your much appreciated, quality time to read.

Note:- This will be my first and one of only a few ‘ongoing’ dynamic posts on this Blog.
I have additional comparisons, I will add them as and when I’m inspired to, which will enable me to get on with other pieces and my WIPs.

Conclusion & summation
This series has been a labour of love for me, one that has been in the making since 2004/5.
As this is my first of a possible few, ongoing posts, I have to place my conclusion/summation here at the beginning of this last chapter in the series.
I really hope you have read, digested and understood the first 3 parts of this ‘Relationship vs Religion’ series.
In part 3, I mentioned information contained on websites and the Apocrypha books I have, which I read in addition to the KJV and NKJV Bibles.
A reader posed a good question under part 1 and in my response, I state that It’s important to note that (while they highlight and correct the polytheistic dabbling of the Nicean council, in the authorised versions) the Apocrypha books do not contradict the authorised versions, they ‘compliment’ working in parallel and filling in missing gaps.
As I’ve said, there are other books out there (mostly stemming from the Talmud) which oppose the Torah (Old Testament) and the New Testament, seemingly with missions to both confuse or turn people away, from the Truth of who Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach is.
I encourage all believers to selectively read additional books in addition to the Authorised Version of the Bible only ‘after’ they are filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit.
Prayer is also needed, asking Adonai to not only bring understanding but also to increase our discernment (via His Spirit) to know what is true and of Him and what are man-made lies which should be rejected.
Over time, as a truth seeker, when it comes to other ‘teachings’, you will learn what to study, what to accept and what to reject, whether in books or online.

Yeshua has obviously allowed His people to find truth, what’s in darkness comes to light.
If we live by faith and obediently follow the Word, there is more than enough in the authorised versions alone, for individuals to be saved.
However, if like me, you desire more of Yeshua, deeper understanding and relationship, He has made the hidden things available.
There is obviously a reason why He allowed translators and past world leaders, to omit and hide scriptures.
I’m sure those reasons will be revealed at some point to those who deserve to receive them.

Over the years I have witnessed the awakening of other believers, hearing about or seeing them align with Yeshua’s original purpose; relationship.
However, I’ve noticed many with large platforms, assemblies, organisations etc. preach a ‘form’ of relationship with Yeshua, while still being advocates for Religious Christianity and all it’s unnecessary man-made routines, rituals and ceremonies.
The two can only co-exist for a while, once enlightened, eventually every individual has to make a choice.
On SMPs like Twitter, Many claim to be all about relationship and yet, when you look closely at their profile, what they Tweet directly, their re-tweets of others and their responses, you can clearly see they are religious Christians.
For those who have read these 4 parts and have an understanding of the shared truths, they will easily be able to see who is in relationship with Yeshua and who is indirectly following Him via Religious Christianity.

FSAC_Don't miss it

If you have a grasp and understanding of the Word (Bible), you will understand one truth concerning Yeshua.
Concerning His servants and messengers, He always uses those who He sees, has a heart for Him (irrespective of our faults) which is usually counter to the ideas of the Religious.
We come from all walks of life but are not usually in the large religious Organisations, from famous backgrounds or financially rich, we are not from the favourable ends of worldly religious society.

As a watchman/prophet being gifted by Yeshua to lead and teach, I had to mature in order to write this series, both with physical/spiritual experience and emotionally.
I was given insights into ‘the now’, concerning the state of Religious Christianity years ago but it was not time for me to share, to the extent He has now allowed me to.
If I were to share these truths, even up to 5 years ago, I would be emotionally crushed by the tidal wave of resistance and rejection of what Yeshua is saying to His Church and those in Religion.
Now, I have the spiritual understanding and maturity to be sad about the lost, maybe even shed tears in my intercessory prayer times, without being devastated by the many, who will not accept these truths. Yeshua knows who He has chosen, I’m just grateful to be one of them.

I spoke about Religion being a vehicle which will be used right up until the end and I’ll share what Yeshua showed me.
In my younger years, in my discipleship, after receiving the vision I mentioned in the other part of this series.
It was my initial belief that religion would be completely dismantled with all Yeshua’s people choosing relationship and the perfect fear (respect/adoration) of Yeshua, as opposed to the imperfect fear of man, from religious leadership and peer pressure of the religious masses.
Over time, I have been shown my lack of initial understanding, later understanding the truth with more clarity, is even more sobering.
Many are actually adamant that they are right, while following religion, many (who refuse to seek the truth of Yeshua’s Word) have a veil of deception placed over them.
They prefer to listen to what their religious leaders are telling them and that’s all forms of religion, not just religious Christianity (see graphic below).
Many refuse to account for the possibility of error in their religious leaders and organisations doctrines(teachings), while only seeing error in those who have chosen discipleship and true relationship with Yeshua.
There are words that those in relationship never want to hear and will not hear, if they maintain their relationship with Yeshua, those words which the religious will hear, come the reckoning and judgement day.
Also, religion will be the platform used to bring the rejectors of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach together, by the Antichrist world leader and his false prophet.
It will be an Ecumenical and eclectic mixed religion, bringing all the religions which they have given mankind over the millennia, together.
A world religion which will sound good to the natural ears and appease the logic of the human race, who prefer to embrace religion over relationship.
Sadly, many under the religions (see graphic below) in the Red circle and those in the Religious Conservative & Liberal circles, will make a natural transition to the one world universal religion, due to their rejection of the truth of who Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach really is.
Those who reject His name and the truth that He is the YHVH, the EL Shaddai, Father of all spirits and the true Only Wise God.
I know those who are in relationship who read this series and others like it, from my other brethren around the world, will embrace it, be encouraged by it and continue in relationship with Yeshua.
While others, those who are not chosen, will reject it and not do what’s best for them, in this instance by ‘not’ reading everything before making a decision.
The obedient disciples will continue to be obedient, while the disobedient religious will continue to be disobedient.

Not everyone claiming ‘relationship’ are in a relationship with Yeshua or fully understand what that means.
It’s about our faith, love, trust and obedience in action, which lead to the fulfilment of the perfect will of Yeshua.
If you have been blessed with intelligence, understanding and discernment.
In reading and understanding all 4 parts of the ‘Relationship vs Religion’ series, you now clearly know the difference, have the ability to identify where you stand, as well as seeing the fruits (actions and character) of others, highlighting where they stand.
Although Yeshua obviously knows the eventual outcome, initially, by our observations, the distinctions are not always set in stone.
There are always those who are waking up, transitioning from religion (in all it’s forms) and moving to the centre to be in relationship.

IARNR_Awake not woke

In these last days, the true disciple believer in Yeshua, needs to be prepared.
We all have loved ones we believe we need to be there for, who we believe it would be too soon to leave behind.
Lois and I have 2 younger children, who, at the initial date of this post, are both teenagers.
I would be sad to leave now, as (unlike their elder siblings) I would not be able to assist with the rest of their teaching, training and development.
However, every true believer and every true Assembly of Yeshua, should be prepared/preparing their congregations to meet Yeshua at any given time.
Trusting that Yeshua EL Shaddai will look after our loved ones we leave here on earth.
I had my near death test (re: Exodus post) which began at the ending of January 2021 up until late February 2021, I was prepared to go but I was told that I had more to do, so here I am.

The plandemic, MM, government and monarchy led propaganda, resulting in mass population fear, lockdowns, mask wearing and coercion to take dangerous experimental gene altering vaccines etc.
Are a result of the enemies of mankind, moving pieces into place, via their puppet leaders.
Moves they have planned for nearly 100 years but have been waiting to do for millennia.
They want to kill off the majority of the world population without them receiving the Salvation of Yeshua or having the ability to walk in relationship with Him.
Religious Christians (while ignoring the tribulation/persecution) which has already begun against our brethren in certain parts of the world, incorrectly believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.
They will soon find out that pre-tribulation rapture occurs on an individual basis, when the saved are called home, when believers die in this time period.
The rest of us will see the events of Yeshua’s words in Matthew chapter 24 backed by Paul’s words in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2.
These truths are very clear and evident to those in true relationship with Yeshua.
We know what times we live in and understand that there is no salvation in the religion of politics.
We realise the OWACL (one world Antichrist leader) and NWO (new world order) are just around the corner, with the pending mark to enslave (give worldly benefits to) the rejectors of Yeshua, is almost ready to be implemented world-wide.

Remember, no false teacher or prophet, will encourage you to take steps to open your eyes of discernment and develop a true relationship with Yeshua.
False prophets have a tendency to share messages and teachings which are more widely accepted by the majority, especially those who consider themselves the authorised or orthodox church/denominations.
A false profit will, if you listen carefully and watch closely, share false hope, build unrealistic expectations, share incorrect interpretations of the events of the day, have messages which usually contradict the Word of Yeshua and are usually more readily accepted by the rest of the world.
All true messengers of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach face opposition and come under the most scrutiny, attacked by the enemies of the human race, via their religious leader puppets and the blind followers of those puppet leaders, who refuse to seek Yeshua for themselves.

Watch, pray, fast, read the Word, study, discern, obediently develop and maintain your relationship with Yeshua.
Now is the time for Yeshua’s people to get out of religion and into Him.
As real worshippers, in these lasts days, now more than ever, it’s time to keep things real, live in love and honesty with others and worship Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, in Spirit and in Truth.
It is and will always be about relationship with Yeshua, not religion. #iarnr

Yeshua’s Blessings.
Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship
Image created by Phil Gayle (G Man) 29th March 2022

Some specific comparisons
I introduced the above graphic, in part 3.
In reference to Christianity, how can we make sense of this image?
How can one tell the difference between the religious liberal or conservative Christian and those who are truly in ‘Relationship’ with Yeshua EL Shaddai?

Direct comparisons, In no particular order…

Going vs Becoming…‘The Church’
It’s a common belief that people ‘go to’ Church and initially they are right.
When they go to a service, on whatever day of the week, all religious people (seeking Yeshua or not) initially ‘goes to Church’ or more specifically ‘visits an assembly’.
However, the Church are not the buildings, old, new or rented halls etc.
Those are ‘Church buildings’ or designated places to fellowship/worship.
The Church (Ekklesia) is a collective term for the called out/chosen “people” of Yeshua, who make up an “assembly” of people, in various locations.
Please read this carefully, as this is the first thing which is easily misunderstood and one of the easy identifiable indications of a religious Christian, who uses incorrect terminology.
The moment you become a born again believer in Yeshua, you are no longer ‘going’, you have ‘become’ the “general Church”.
You are the church who fellowships with others within an assembly, attending a Church ‘service’.
As you are somewhere in those Green or Blue circles in the image above.
The general Church is still in transition and going through Yeshua’s ‘clean-up’ process.
They are those who get tagged by the general religious (in the red outer circle) for their one-off or repetitive sinful acts, as being hypocrites or just the same as everyone else.
Those in the inner section, the Blue/Green overlap are the mature, seasoned, disciples of Yeshua, the chosen, in relationship with Yeshua.
Still maturing, still have the odd faults but not continually repeating old sins and habits which should be a thing of the past.
Besides, when Yeshua returns, He will not be calling buildings, He will be calling His ‘people’ in relationship with Him, to be with Him.

Liberal Religious Christian
* Will say they go to Church or belong to a Church or organisation.
* Will ask you, What Church do you ‘go to’?
Or Which organisation do you belong to?
* Will encourage you to visit their Church, if you want.
* Will sometimes have a dig at the Religious Conservative about their rigid views on attendance within a building.
* Will sometimes be correct in saying, it’s not about the building.
*Depending on denomination, believes individuals should pledge non-biblical membership allegiances to their organisation or assembly.
* Will usually leave praying and Bible reading with non-Christians to their assembly or organisation leadership.
A true disciple of Yeshua in ‘Relationship’ with Him.
* Will correctly refer to themselves as being ‘The Church’ who attends a particular ‘service’ or fellowships at a particular ‘assembly’.
* Will correctly refer to themselves as belonging to Yeshua and His Kingdom, not a particular assembly or organisation.
* Will ask you if you know Yeshua.
* Will ask if you are saved.
* If you’re not saved, will invite you to be in relationship with Yeshua, offering to pray with you and or read the Bible with you.
* Will ask about your walk with Yeshua, your experiences and be interested in your testimonies.
* Will ask, Where do you ‘fellowship’?
* Correctly understands that house/home fellowships are valid.
* Will place emphasis on the believing individual “being” the Church.
*Understands what God said to Peter about building His New Testament Church with him. Matthew 16:15-19.
* Understands that what Yeshua said, is fulfilled by Peter giving the first call of repentance and to baptism in the first official Church fellowship, after receiving Yeshua’s Holy Spirit.
Acts 2, especially Acts 2:37-39
* The believer is the Church, first we go, then we become.
1 Corinthians 3:9 and
1 Corinthians 12:12-27
Conservative Religious Christian
* Depending on the organisation, will ask if you are saved.
* Will say they go to Church or belong to a Church or organisation.
* Will ask you, What Church do you ‘go to’ ?
Or which organisation do you ‘belong’ to?
* Will firmly encourage you to visit their Church, if “you’re serious”.
Inviting you to their organisations assembly.
* Will place a strong emphasis on being ‘in’ Church, especially on a Saturday or Sunday.
* Will also talk about the various programs & activities.
* Will sometimes speak more about their assembly elders or organisation leaders, more than they speak about Yeshua.
* Will emphasise a need to be in ‘Church’ to be saved or to get a blessing.
* Will promote their Church organisations and leaders.
* Have a habit of trying to guilt others, who do not religiously ‘belong’ to an organisation or assembly.
With a condemnatory implication that others are not real or proper Christians, if they don’t religiously attend a building or belong to an organisation
*Believes individuals should pledge non-biblical membership allegiances to their organisation or assembly.
* Depending on denomination, will usually leave praying and Bible reading with non-Christians to their assembly or organisation leadership.

I’ve covered the importance of Baptism in the ‘Resting in peace’ post.
While we are saved by Yeshua’s Grace, through faith, that ‘faith’ part includes baptism as well as an understanding of the pre-requisite of repentance (turning away, a change of heart) from our past life of sin and a verbal declaration that Yeshua is Lord of our lives.
The word Baptism is derived from a Greek word, it means to fully submerse, not to sprinkle water.
Remember, as God said He would build His Church starting with Peter as a servant leader, it was Peter the Apostle, who first gave the instructions to those in attendance at the Church service in the upper room, concerning what they must do to start their ‘new covenant life’ and be saved. Acts 2:37-39.

Liberal Religious Christian
* Incorrectly thinks babies can be baptised and that baby baptism guarantees salvation.
* Can’t see a difference in baptism being done by the sprinkling of water.
Or correctly, by full immersion.
* Does not see it as any big deal, whether Yeshua’s name or His roles,titles or offices are used.
* Thinks that baptism can be done by anyone in the organisations leadership hierarchy.
* Depending on denomination, attend & participate in non-biblical religious ‘confirmation’ ceremonies.
A true disciple of Yeshua in ‘Relationship’ with Him.
* Knows that babies can & should be blessed, not baptised.
* Knows that baptism is only for mature teens and adults who understand the difference between sin and righteousness.
* Knows that true and correct baptism is done by full immersion.
* Knows that baptism should be done in the name of Yeshua(Jesus).
Not His roles, offices or titles.
* Follows Acts 2:37-39.
* Understands that the following scriptures, refers to Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name.
Isaiah 7:14
Isaiah 9:6-7
Matthew 1:21-23
John 5:43
John 10:30
John 14:26
* While understanding that Yeshua’s name contains unmatched power and that ‘whatever we do’ includes baptism.
Acts 4:11-13
Colossians 3:17
* Knows that any Holy Spirit filled, baptised in Jesus’ name believer, is able to baptise a new believer.
* Knows that baptism certificates are not a biblical requirement.
Conservative Religious Christian
* Also incorrectly think babies can be baptised, depending on so-called denomination.
Thinks baby baptisms guarantee salvation.
* Thinks the sprinkling of water can be used for adults, depending on so-called denominations.
* Understands that baptism should be done by fully immersing the sinner.
* Also knows that baptism is only for mature teens and adults.
* Understands the importance of baptising in the name of Yeshua.
* Depending on so-called ‘denomination’ also thinks baptism should be done in the roles, titles or offices of God.
* Believes baptism should only be done by the organisations leadership.
* Knows Baptism certificates are optional.
* Depending on denomination, attend & participate in non-biblical religious ‘confirmation’ ceremonies.

Additional notes:
There was a time, right up to the early/mid 90s, where those baptised under Catholic (Trinitarian) status (doctrine) using roles/titles/office.
Once the truth of Yeshua being God, was shared with them, they would (as in the Book of Acts) choose to be baptised again, in the powerful and matchless name of Yeshua(Jesus).
Over the years, some, who once correctly preached , that it was the correct way to be baptised, have changed and not placed an emphasis on it’s importance.
While the humility of those who have been shown the truths (scriptures above) has also diminished. With individuals, feeling it’s OK to remain incorrectly baptised in the roles, offices or titles of God.

Some, shockingly and dangerously incorrectly think that ‘believing’ is enough and Baptism is no longer a requirement.

Still don’t understand the importance of the name?
While cheques(checks) have quickly become a thing of the past, imagine me me giving you one to cash for £1000 and signing it as husband; do you think you would be able to cash that cheque?
If your answer is no, you are correct.

I’m a father, I’m a son and I’m a husband…but what’s my name?
The bank knows, a cheque cannot be cashed based on my role/title or office; it has to correctly be signed with my ‘name’.
How about a house contract, if you were signing to obtain deeds do you think you could sign it daughter or son? Do you think it would be valid?
Whether you fully understand this principle or not, names carry spiritual authority with them, hence the importance of choosing good names for our children.

Name’s matter and when those under the influence of Trinitarian Catholicism try to tell you otherwise, you have Bible based references which point to that ‘singular’ name Adonai “Yeshua” Hamashiach (Hebrew), our Lord and Saviour “Jesus” Christ (Greek) being the “name” which spiritually and officially authorises a Baptism as being valid and has the power to remove sin from an individuals life.
If you were baptised under the titles/roles/offices, you need to find a Holy Spirit filled, born-again believer who has been baptised in the name of Yeshua(Jesus) or a Church assembly who baptises ‘correctly’ in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) by full-immersion water baptism, to baptise you again in that wonderful and powerful name.

Faith, relationship and having been baptised correctly in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name, validates that believer to baptise you, not religious membership to an organisation or having a religious title.
Remember the veil of the Temple has been torn and we now have direct access.

Watch out and listen
There’s a group of religious people, those who are not in relationship with Yeshua(Jesus), who always have a hard time naturally using His name, which is the name above all names.
They will call him, The Almighty, Jah, Yah, The father, Elohim, referring to His existence as the one true God but seemingly are uncomfortable to refer to His name, Yeshua, Yesu (Jesus).
That is usually the case for those who have religious confusion, reading many different books and have a resistance to the teachings of the New Testament, especially the Epistles to the true believers in relationship.

Download The Truth About Water Baptism PDF Document.

Click to download The Truth About Water Baptism

Location and frequency of fellowship
If you’ve read my ‘Identifying cults’ post you would know I had a problem with following continual religious programs, just because you’re told to.
When you tell people you are no longer into religion or do not belong to a religious organisation, they sometimes initially view you as someone who no longer attends an assembly/Church services and that’s not true for everyone.
Also, some incorrectly believe that Yeshua was eradicating the need for group fellowship and that’s not true either.

Liberal Religious Christian
* Depending on the organisation, believe you should always attend Saturday or Sunday services.
* Believe it’s OK to miss Church services for other important family, work or social events.
A true disciple of Yeshua in ‘Relationship’ with Him.
Understands that Yeshua was NOT saying fellowship at a place of worship (building) is no longer needed.
He was talking about the shift of the Temple being moved from a building to the believing individuals body.
John 2:19-22
* Understands what David said, that the Spirit of Yeshua is everywhere and cannot be contained in one location, building or organisation.
Psalms 139:7-12
Psalms 145:18
* Understands that all that is needed for fellowship is a minimum of 2 people and can take place anywhere.
(As the modern day persecuted Church in many countries know).
We are not bound to organisations buildings.
Matthew 18:20
* Understands that Yeshua (above all) recognises and accepts those who fellowship and minister in His name, with or without religious organisation membership.
Mark 9:38-40
* Understands that while there should be order in Church Assemblies, the veil being torn in the temple, was Yeshua confirming that we now no longer need a priest to approach Him. We have have direct access (relationship) to the most high God Yeshua.
Matthew 27:51
* Confirmed by Peter, who calls ALL believers ‘a royal priesthood’.
1 Peter 2:9
* Understands that Paul’s encouragement, is usually taken out of context by religious Christians, especially conservative Christians. It actually refers to those who visit a congregation once or twice, possibly get baptised then do not return to fellowship.
Hebrews 10:25
* Understands that our confessions and accountability should be to each other not a religious priest as in some religious organisations, as James said.
James 5:16
* Understands that fellowship can be done on any day of the week and that everyday is the Lord’s day.
Romans 14:5-6
* Understands that while fellowship should be regular, as often as possible.
There is no biblical command for weekly Saturday or Sunday fellowship.
Conservative Religious Christian
* Depending on the organisation, believe you should always attend Saturday or Sunday services.
* Believe you should always attend mid-week services.
* Believe if you’re serious, you should never miss Church services for other events.

When a ‘chosen believer in relationship’ speaks of being in relationship and not following religion, while they may be reluctant to commit to joining a “religious organisation” or committing to a particular “assembly”, it does not mean that they are anti-fellowship or anti-church service/assembly attendance.
Being in relationship with Yeshua, encourages the relationship believer to find others to fellowship with and that can be as simple as gathering with your family at home, or making use of available rooms or spaces to congregate and get together with friends, family and new seekers of truth.
As well as visiting the assemblies of those they know, who are committed to a religious organisation and a specific building for services.

As we’ve seen with the current ‘plandemic’, Yeshua has also permitted the temporary allowed powers that be, working behind the governments and monarchies of this world, to test the religious church organisations, imposing lockdowns and the wearing of face masks.
While we are instructed to obey the rules of the land, the ‘relationship believing disciples of Yeshua’ understands that we should only obey the laws of the land which do not contradict (subtly or blatantly) the Word and commandments of Yeshua.
If you are a religious liberal or conservative Christian, how did your congregation or organisation deal with the first test?
Were they preaching faith, boldness and obedience to the Word?
Did they encourage your particular assembly to walk by faith?
Did they remind your congregation to remember we have not been given a spirit of fear?
Did they remind your assembly that nothing happens without Yeshua allowing it?
Did they encourage your assembly members to reduce stress in their lives, go outside, get some air and exercise as much as possible?
Did they encourage the brethren to eat and drink cleaner with more vegetables, fruit and water; where eating meat is concerned, to follow the Leviticus chapter 11 food health plan, which God gave his people?
Did they encourage your assembly members to try to eat organic foods as much as possible and add supplements such as Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D?
Did they encourage your organisation members to get their affairs in order and to be prepared to be called home as and when Yeshua chooses?
Did they keep their building doors open and fellowship, without bowing to the lockdowns?
Did they and do they still congregate without ‘masking’, so that members of the assembly and visitors can freely (without restrictions) pray and give Yeshua the praise and worship He so rightly deserves?
Did they find an alternative to ‘fellowship’ without masking, by employing home group fellowships?

IARNR_Real believers

What I do know is, many religious organisations showed (with this ‘initial’ little test) that they will probably bow down to the bigger tests to come.
When they have to sign up to certain mandates which impose on the organisations and members of assemblies.
Having to receive more experimental poisons (vaccines) into their bodies in order to utilise the land or buildings, or the acceptance of man-made laws which will directly go against the Word of God, as to what is acceptable or not.
Laws and mandates, which call for religious organisations to accept certain sinful practices as “human rights” and prevents them from preaching/teaching true repentance and the turning away from sin, especially in the name of Jesus Christ.

Back in 2005 when I heard time after time, the disapproval of those who frowned on me and others like me, for choosing different ways to fellowship, especially home fellowship.
I knew there would come a time when all those who criticised would be tested and I hoped they would open their eyes and see what I/we saw years ago.
The plandemic from the ending of 2019 rolled through to the start of 2020 when lockdowns began to be imposed.
I wonder how many now see that fellowship is legitimate in most places, as long as 2 or more are gathered.
I wonder how many actually repented of their previous religious Pharisee-type condemnation of those who knew these truths.
My question is simple, if those religious organisations cannot deal with the adversary foot soldiers, how will they deal with the adversary horsemen?
Today it’s man-made virus’, the coercion to take more experimental (gene altering) vaccines, social distancing and wearing masks.
Tomorrow it will be the signing of UN-Godly agreements, mandates and the taking of ‘the mark’ to keep buildings open.
It is good to see, albeit a little ironic, that many Christian religious organisations chose to have home fellowships, with online video feeds from either their buildings or the Assembly Elders homes/offices.
If I would have suggested that back in 2005 (the tech was there to do it) it would have been frowned upon.
However, funny how the followers of religious leadership, who one day listen to their leaders say it’s wrong not to be in their buildings, come to accept that it’s right to do remote fellowship, when their leaders say so, prompted by their governments dictate.
I thank Yeshua, that the true believers in relationship with Him, already knew and did as we were led to do, by His Holy Spirit.

Sadly the time is coming for the alignment of the Religious Christian organisations towards Ecumenical and eclectic religion (one world religion) where any buildings or services still running would have bowed to the plans of the enemies of the human race.
Those who congregate in those assemblies, need to listen for key phrases like:-
We need to move with the times.
God is calling us to love everyone.
We need to be more accepting of the differences of others.
God wouldn’t want us to be discriminating against others.
God is doing a new work today.

If the compromise is not based on human preference but based on Yeshua’s foundational doctrine, then the ‘god’ they mention is the chief enemy of the human race, not Yeshua.
He will be the one hosted by the OWACL (one world Antichrist leader), the deceiver of the world.
Look closely at the mission statements and info of these organisations, you may see that the groundwork for the move to incorrect anti-Christ teaching and preaching, has already begun.


Bible reading should be as often as possible but prayer is something which every believer should do daily.
However, it’s something which is often confused, misunderstood and viewed/used incorrectly.
If not taught correctly to believers, it can cause unrealistic expectations and disappointments.
This sadly can result in many giving up hope and walking away from the faith.
I will cover this in a separate post, in which I’ll share a conversation I had with a Religious Christian on Twitter.

This is another subject, which does nothing but cause unnecessary arguments and division.
It may or may not surprise you, there is no mention of the word ‘denomination’ in the Bible and it was NEVER Yeshua’s intention for there to be any such thing.
It’s yet another man-made (inspired by the enemies of the human race) religious concept, constructed to segregate those who are the true believers in Yeshua from those who would follow traditions, routines and rituals of men…sound familiar?
Historically, mankind has always separated themselves, not only by tribe or nation but also based on beliefs and Yeshua has also separated a group of people (His chosen) for Himself, from the other surrounding pagan idolatrous religious tribes.
Even the original Hebrew nation as well as those who follow the Islamic religion had/have differences in how they view their religious beliefs/religions.
Within the Hebrew nation there was not just the beliefs in the Torah (given to Moses by Yeshua) and the other books of the Old Testament,.
Men took it upon themselves to develop the ‘Mishnah’ (later called the Talmud) and it is this, not the Torah (Old Testament) that the majority of modern Jew-ish people follow, especially those in Israel.
Depending on your knowledge, you may or may not know that Yeshua was referring to their man-made ‘Mishnah’ laws (not the following of the Torah) in Mark Chapter 7 verses 1 – 13.

When the Romans couldn’t prevent the spread of this monotheistic way of life in discipleship and relationship, following Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.
After their barbaric intimidation, torture and murder of the early Church, Pagan Rome, chose another approach to control, with the infiltration of their various Roman councils.
The aim was to affect the ‘pure’ monotheistic teachings of Yeshua and His disciples the Apostles, by the leading of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit.
They added and changed certain parts of the early scripts, to suit their pagan religious preferences, refusing to accept who Yeshua was/is, creating debates and divisions throughout history and because of that, today, we have have so-called denominations.
As with the reference to ‘going’ or ‘being’ the Church, it’s easy to spot the Religious Christian, as many have a sense of (misguided and incorrect) pride concerning the “denomination” they ‘belong’ to.
All those religious organisations have an UN-holy cult-like grip on their members, with Roman Catholicism being the biggest of them all.
Sadly, people prefer to refer to themselves as ‘Catholic’ or whatever other religious denomination they identify with, rather than a disciple of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).
I could specifically list the rest but I would not want to miss any of them out, however, I will highlight another organisation who I’ve had direct contact/interaction with.
Out of my mothers 7 children, I baptised 2 of my 3 sisters who are Christians, however 2 of them are religious Christians and 1 (the one I have the best relationship with) walks and grows in relationship with Yeshua.
The other two fellowship at Religious assemblies, which lean more towards ‘selective’ liberal Christianity.
One of them, fellowships at the Hillsong organisation, but knew enough to humble herself and allow me to baptise her in the name of Jesus.
Before Hillsong started to baptise in the double-minded, both titles/roles/offices and Jesus’ name method, they were only baptising in the roles/offices/titles of God.
After speaking to my sister who is a Relationship disciple of Yeshua, who I previously baptised, my other sister saw the truth and in that she chose correctly.
I mentioned ‘selective’ liberalism because that very same sister has declared, to paraphrase, “If people don’t want to hear about ‘Hillsong’ they shouldn’t talk to her”.
Which is more of a Conservative religious stance, she also refuses to use the correct terms of attending service or going to fellowship, being adamant that she ‘goes to church’ another religious Conservative attitude.
I could say more on this but needless to say, she (for now) has limited her movement towards the centre being in relationship, preferring to stay in Religion.
Yes, also, despite me having nothing but love for her, especially after she allowed me to baptise her correctly, she and I do not talk, remember what I said, the cult-like grip these organisations have over people, along with the recent revelations of the senior leadership of Hillsong, is not great.
I pray for her mental and emotional healing, as I’m led and I’m concerned for them both (as I am for my other 3 unsaved siblings) as time is quickly wrapping up and both her and my other sister (in religious Christianity) are still (to date) not making moves to free themselves from Religious Christianity.

Any assembly allowing you to come and fellowship, as and when you can, without pressure to “join” or commit to signing up to that particular assembly or organisation.
Any assembly who have home/house/cell groups, which are led by the spiritually mature, married brethren, or mature single brethren, people who are not having sex outside of marriage or not practising homosexuality or any other sins.
Any assembly following the Bible teachings of Yeshua and the apostles, baptising in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name.
Are the assemblies who value relationship over the religion, assemblies which you should fellowship at, as often as you can, without any pressure.
Those assemblies insisting on you joining or become members, who’s leadership structure is filled with conservative or liberal religious Christians should be avoided.

There are some so-called denominations which (quite rightly) attempt to dissociate themselves from Catholicism.
However, the truth is, if you’re organisations adhere to any of the following, they are under the Catholic dictate/umbrella.
* The belief in a Trinity.
* Adherence to ceremonies, events and celebrations which are not specifically stated in the Bible.
* Baptising babies, as a means to secure salvation.
* Confirmation to a building or organisation.
* Sprinkling of water on the head as a means of baptism.
* Giving communion to those who are not born-again believers in Yeshua (aka the Lords supper).
Do some research and you will see the truth, that the tentacles of the Catholic church cult, reaches far and wide and has surprising, soon to emerge, behind the scenes associations with those who follow the Talmud and Quran.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship

The irony is, mankind (inspired by Satan and his troops) created the divisive denominations, as well as all religions, knowing that it would create pride, arrogance, arguments and division.
Keeping the people in disharmony will always weaken us, for they (the enemies of the human race) know we are stronger if unified.
However, Satan (Beelzebub, Baal or whatever he goes by) is a mimic and imitator of Yeshua EL Shaddai.
He also has a people and just as Yeshua wanted people united in one faith to worship Him and have a relationship with Him.
Satan will subdue and amalgamate ALL religions (including denominations) bringing them under one banner, the universal one world religion, that includes everyone represented in the Red circle above, with the exception of those in the centre, in true relationship with Yeshua.
Think about it, it will be easy to do so, as they were his concepts in the first place and many reject Yeshua, not wanting to be in relationship with Him, so they will fall for the deception.
As Yeshua will allow him. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Liberal Religious Christian
* Like to state the denomination they belong to.
* Encourage others to join the organisation and participate in non-biblical religious traditions, routines, rituals and ceremonies pertaining to their denomination.
* Feel more comfortable acknowledging your “Christian credentials” if you also claim membership of any denomination.
* Have a more lax viewpoint concerning their denomination rules, usually bending them to suit personal views.
A true disciple of Yeshua in ‘Relationship’ with Him.
* Prefer to state the truth, that they belong to Yeshua and His Kingdom, not a denomination or organisation.
1 Corinthians 6:19-21
* Understand that Yeshua is God and being one, wanted His bride (the Church) to be unified as one body.
John 10:30
John 8:58
John 17:20-22
* Understands that Yeshua corrected the disciples when they tried to create a them & us division.
Mark 9:38-40
* Realises and understands that the notion of denominations is both Biblically and spiritually incorrect.
Know, It’s not of Yeshua but is man-made and inspired by the enemies of the human race, to create division and arguments.
* Know that the best way to have a relationship with Yeshua, is to fulfil His perfect will (following the scriptures above) and to disassociate themselves from denomination ownership/allegiance.
Conservative Religious Christian
* Like to state the denomination they belong to.
* Encourage others to join the organisation and participate in non-biblical religious traditions, routines, rituals and ceremonies pertaining to their denomination.
* Are more rigid concerning belonging to a denomination.
Usually looking more favourably and accepting the “Christian credentials” of others if they ‘belong’ to the same denomination as them.
* Have more of a, ‘you’re doing Christianity properly’ attitude, if you declare you belong to the same denomination as them.

Additional note:- It is shocking to know that many Religious Christians (especially the conservatives) have ‘blind’ support for modern day Israel, while thinking it’s what God has commanded from the Bible.
It is actually a support for those who disregard them, disregard Yeshua and this way of living completely, according to Jew-ish Talmud teachings.
I have acquired a complete copy of the Babylonian Talmud, I heard it was shocking but in reading more of it, I agree, it’s xenophobic and very disturbing in general.
Concerning war and specifically the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I believe I have kept Yeshua’s perspective on it.
My support has and will always be for the innocence on both sides, especially the children, as well as my fellow adult believers in Yeshua (both sides) who want the war to stop and peaceful resolution to be found.
I’ve made errors in my walk of faith and my learning of how to be obedient in relationship with Yeshua.
However, I’m glad my error didn’t lead me to blindly support those who believe in and follow the Talmud, I would have to seriously repent of that.
Only Yeshua knows who He considers to be the real Israel Hebrews (Jews) and He will righteously judge them and offer them salvation accordingly.
Yeshua will also severely judge and punish those who say they are Israel/Hebrews/Jews and are not.
As a believer in relationship with Yeshua, I refuse to be pulled into blindly supporting Israel or the who are the real Israelites/Hebrews?…arguments.
I focus more on being ‘spiritual Israel’ under Yeshua’s new covenant and pray for people of all nations and tribes, irrespective of the hue/colour of their skin, to accept Yeshua’s salvation and become the same.
There is a religious deception at work in some religious organisations and their leadership, which I pray, in Yeshua’s name, will be broken when the reader/searcher looks into the above link on the Talmud and it’s teachings.
If you were under that blind (support Israel and Jewish people no matter what) doctrine, may your liberation from that particular deception start today, in Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen!

Being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit and speaking in Tongues

IARNR_Deep dive in prayer

When I posted this Tweet on being deep in prayer (image above) and speaking in tongues.
My motives were to encourage others, to create a small dialogue on diving deep (hence the use of the meme) in prayer.
I know, I’m a controversial and challenging character at times, but I was surprised at the lack of feedback from those who saw the tweet, especially the “believers” in my network.
Being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is an essential part of a believers walk in developing a relationship with Him, helping them to bear/produce the fruit of His Spirit, something I also mentioned in my “Resting in peace in heavenly places” post.
We obviously don’t all see the essential nature of being filled, the same way.

Liberal Religious Christian
* Usually believe that the in-filling of the Holy Spirit was only for the original early church, in the book of Acts.
* Are usually not comfortable with discussing the subject of Christians being filled with Yeshua’s Holy spirit and praying/speaking in tongues.
* Usually feel it’s not a requirement to belong to their organisations/so-called denominations.
* Depending on so-called denomination, believe the in-filling of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, is a gift, only for some.
* Usually don’t believe being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is necessary to fully understand the Bible.
* Don’t believe it’s necessary for Christians to be filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit to remove demonic possession from the lost possessed non-believer, as they don’t believe in demonic possession.
* Some believe those who are filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit are making the prayer languages up.
* Depending on so-called denomination, believe being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is necessary to fully understand the Bible.
A true disciple of Yeshua in ‘Relationship’ with Him.
* Understands that being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, is a promise and gift for ‘all’ the disciples of Yeshua, in relationship with Him.
Acts 2:38
* Knows that the in-filling of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit can happen before or after being baptised (whether correctly in Yeshua’s name , in his titles/roles/offices or using any other method) because receiving the gift, is about exercising faith, trusting Yeshua and being open to being intimate with Him.
Acts 8:14-17
Acts 19:1-6
* Knows that there is nowhere in the Bible which says that being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is only for the 1st disciples (Church) of Yeshua.
* Knows that what Paul mentioned about ‘tongues ceasing’ refers to the near future period, recorded in Revelation Chapter 11 ‘after’ Enoch & Elijah are resurrected and called back up to heaven.
Near the end of this time period.
* Knows that it’s men who have declared it unnecessary to be filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit. Through their religious doctrines and traditions, within their various denominations.
* Knows that blaspheming (lying, mocking, cursing & doubting) against the Holy Spirit is a serious offence.
Mark 3:28-30
* Knows speaking in tongues, as Yeshua’s Holy Spirit gives utterance (usually while praying or in praise or worship) is not gibberish but a mixture of other human languages and languages of angels.
Acts 2:4-20
1 Corinthians 13:1
* Knows it’s a ‘sealing‘ of the disciple of Yeshua, in which Yeshua claims the obedient disciple as ‘His’.
Romans 8:6-11
* Knows that receiving Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, ‘unifies’ the disciples (Church) of Yeshua.
From all tribes & nations, Black, Brown, Cream & White.
No Denominations.
1 Corinthians 12:13
1 Corinthians 14:10-20
* Knows that being filled with the Holy Spirit is the only way to truly understand and receive the full revelation of the Word (Bible) both Old & New Testament. The spiritual things.
1 Corinthians 2:13-15
* Knows it is a ‘priceless power’. Not to be purchased or to wield to impress, manipulate, or make yourself appear to be more Holy than anyone else.
Acts 8:17-25
Conservative Religious Christian
* Depending on so-called denomination, believe that the in-filling of the Holy Spirit was only for the original early church in the book of Acts.
* Depending on so-called denomination, correctly believe being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is still a requirement for Christians today.
* Depending on so-called denomination, believe the in-filling of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, is a gift, only for some.
* Depending on so-called denomination, are usually not comfortable with discussing the subject of Christians being filled with Yeshua’s Holy spirit and praying/speaking in tongues.
* Depending on so-called denomination, don’t believe being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is necessary to fully understand the Bible.
* Depending on so-called denomination, believe being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit is necessary to fully understand the Bible.
* Depending on so-called denomination, believe it’s necessary for Christians to be filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit to remove demonic possession from the lost possessed non-believer.
*Depending on so-called denomination, believe those who are filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit are making the prayer languages up.

I’ve documented my thoughts concerning members of both of my grandmothers assemblies, I (initially) found how they moved in the Holy Spirit funny and really had to hold in my laughter, when I attended their services.
Thankfully my jesting wasn’t directed at the Holy Spirit, just the actions of the believers and thankfully, my humour was in ignorance, as a late teen/young adult.
The irony is, being a willing servant of Yeshua and an obedient chosen son, I find that Yeshua’s Holy Spirit moves powerfully through me, which has caused others (who don’t know Yeshua) to find the manifestation both intimidating and humorous. What goes around comes around.

The way I see it, people (within that red circle) allow themselves to be filled with all manner of spirits, drug related, alcoholic spirits and spirits of the enemies of the human race, due to their occultic practices. All of which cause them to behave in a negative manner, albeit to varying degrees.

Why the stigma, awkwardness or fear of being filled with your creator, the lover of your soul?

IARNR_True Peace

If you already discern, without being filled with Yeshua’s Spirit, being filled, will bring even deeper depths.
If you honestly acknowledge that your discernment has always been ‘off’, being filled with the Spirit of Yeshua will remedy that problem.
If you’re hypertensive and easily upset by direct people or situations, or if you lack sensitivity to the needs of others, the Holy Spirit of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, will remedy that.
If you lack understanding of spiritual matters and want true clarity, or if you are hungry for true peace, the Spirit of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, will remedy that.
If you have been troubled by other spirits and want them to cease, being filled with the Holy Spirit of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach will remedy that.
If you suffer from depression, understand that we all have lows and serious bouts of sadness, at times in our life but the Holy Spirit of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, is a remedy for depression.
Healing where pharmaceutical drugs cannot, He will lead you to the environment, diet, vitamins and minerals and people you should be around, to assist you.

If you are not filled with that Love and Power, I would sincerely urge you to find either a disciple and born again true believer in Yeshua, to talk to and pray with or a quiet place with Yeshua and open the door to Him.

IARNR_Praying without limits

Either way, Yeshua will meet you where you are most comfortable, remember, His Holy Spirit is everywhere.
You first have to decide in yourself that you have sincerely had enough of your life, as it is.
Then you have to exercise faith that He has accepted your repentant apologies, as you know, He hears everything, even the things you think and don’t say to Him.
Then, in your prayer, ask Him to come in.

I only had to say, ‘I’m here Lord Jesus, please reveal yourself to me’ and instantly He filled me.
However, we are all different.

Here’s a template example to help you to speak to Him and request His intimate, internal presence.

Dear God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I have repented of my past sinful life.
Please forgive me for those sins and my past doubts.
Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I can’t live a full life without you.
I accept you Jesus, as the Lord and Saviour of my life.
Please come into my life, my heart, my body and mind.
Please fill me with your Holy Spirit.
In your name Lord Jesus Christ, I pray.

Dear EL Shaddai, heavenly Abba, our Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, I have repented of my past sinful life.
Please forgive me for those sins and my past doubts Adonai.
Adonai Yeshua, I acknowledge that I can’t live a full life without you.
I accept you Yeshua, as Adonai and Hamashiach of my life.
Please come into my life, my heart, my body and mind.
Adonai, please fill me with your Holy Spirit.
In your name Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, I pray.

No special mystical things to do, not rituals or secret tasks, no crazy initiation ceremonies, just honesty, sincerity and the exercising of faith, as you pray (speak to) the One who causes you to exist.

With a firm belief that Yeshua EL Shaddai, is as real as you are.
Once you have sincerely, repented, exercised a belief that He has heard and accepted your apologies, understand and believe that He has forgiven you, due to your sincere confession.
Once you drown out & ignore the negative voices that tell you to stop, that it’s not real, that you’re not worthy or making things up.
Once you believe that faith makes all things possible and without any fear, you’re ready to welcome Him in, you will receive the gift of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) Holy Spirit.

The Sabbath and specific days of fellowship

Please share your thoughts.

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