Relationship vs Religion – The Church (Part 1 of 3)

At first glance, some of the subject matters on this Blog would appear to be only applicable to those who have faith or are spiritual minded…however, that is most definitely not the case.
I’m always aware of the Apostle Paul’s quote regarding the natural minds inability to accept and understand things concerning God, usually regarding those things as nonsense, (1st Letter to the Church in Corinth, Chapter 2 verse 14).
However, it does not stop the natural mind from being curious and looking at life from a different perspective.
Therefore, as always, I welcome readers from all walks-of-life, especially those who like to read and do their own research…

Definition: –
The Church: – The Ecclesia (Ekklesia), the ‘called out ones’ (i.e. the called out “people”).

It’s no surprise, that the version of Christianity (the majority of us initially learn) is one taken from a religious perspective, mainly from the allowed religious organisations, the education sector and the media.
That is usually down to the laziness (in part) of our parents and eventually, we continue to adopt that lazy approach until we hear “the calling” to go on a journey of discovery ourselves.
It’s understandable that those who claim that they do not believe in anything, or those who have other religious beliefs, would be mistaken in thinking that the Church is solely made up of the established religious cults/organisations.
Many also incorrectly believe that the “Church” are the buildings they see (traditional or modern), with steeples, stained-glass windows, large crosses, or so-called images of Jesus and Mary on them.
That is not the Church but “The Church” ‘is’ among those organisations and I will explain what I mean later.
In a previous post, I spoke about the ‘cult mind-set’ and having encountered it first hand and it’s unsuccessful attempt to infiltrate my mind and make me assimilate to unnecessary rules, ways of behaving, speaking and thinking.
I’m sadly aware that there are many who consider that they ‘go to Church’ and due to their religious programming, may be reluctant to read on, for fear of what they may read and how it may challenge them.
There is nothing to fear…my encouragement to you, would be to get your Word, open it up, continue to read this post alongside the Bible and see the truth for yourself.
If you believe you are spiritual, that you don’t have a cult mind-set and you believe you are into finding out truths, you will obviously have no objection (or fear) in doing some studies and research.


Relationship with humankind was the original objective of God. Creating Adam (and Eve), giving him authority, walking and talking with him until the disobedience (of Adam & Eve) and the expulsion from that state of close relationship (i.e. fellowship).
Which was recorded in first book of the Bible (Genesis), as well as the Apocrypha (Adam & Eve).

After the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, The sons/grandsons of Adam, Seth and his son Enosh were named among those who prayed (i.e. called on the name of the Lord and spoke to him) (Genesis Chapter 4 verse 26)…
There was no mention of going to any buildings, temples/tabernacles/synagogues.
Noah had a relationship with God, It is written that Noah ‘walked with God’… again, no mention of temples/tabernacles/synagogues. (Genesis Chapter 6 verse 9).
When God first spoke to Abraham, Abraham was not in a Temple/Tabernacle or Synagogue, God spoke to Abraham while he was still living in a pagan community giving him specific instructions to separate himself from that community. (Genesis Chapter 12 verses 1-3).

Abraham was called, ‘the father of faith’, realising the existence of the one ‘True’ God, in a time when humankind had lost their way “again” and worshipped anything and everything else.
Since leaving his parental home and going on a journey of discovery (which we later found would be the start of a nation who would be set apart for God).
Abraham would be considered one of a few men (in a long while), who heard, listened and obeyed what God had to say to him.

The knowledgeable reader, at this point, would have already begun to get the message, if you have done your research and read the Bible, you would have already gathered that, initially, all God requires, is our attention.
Although it can be helpful at times, providing the individual is prepared to ‘listen’, there is no need for a ‘special person/religious leader’ or a specific location, building or day of the week, to speak to or hear from God and for us to begin a two-way relationship.
That being said, please bear with me, as I have only just begun to lay the foundation for this topic.

UPDATE:- After many life events, important and otherwise, I still have to conclude this post.
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Part 2

Phil Gayle
G Man


  1. What are your thoughts concerning the correlation verses Gen.1:27, Gen.2:1-2, Gen.2:5-8, Gen.2:20-23 and Gen.5:1-3

    • Thanks for your comment Lester.
      Whether we believe in the theory of an angry ex-believer who created the theory of evolution (evil – solution) in order to provide an alternative to the majority and commonly held belief of intelligent design by God.
      Or we believe that the Holy Bible is the authorised ordained Word of God and that God himself(Yeshua) intelligently created the universe, the earth and everything on and within.
      Faith, needs to be exercised for both the false alternative theories and the truth.
      Without faith, in Yeshua, His word and Holy spirit, nothing that we read concerning Genesis and the origins of mankind, makes any sense.
      I also believe it’s even more difficult to fully grasp and understand the truth of the Word without the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.
      Every believer in Yeshua, needs Yeshua’s Holy Spirit to guide them into understanding all truth concerning, not only His word (the Bible) but also the emerging books/scripts/texts which I mentioned in Part 3 of Relationship vs Religion.
      There are also ‘other books’ some of which stem from the Talmud, which are of an Antichrist nature and can easily confuse those without Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, therefore lacking the spiritual understanding and discernment to understand and know what to accept and what to reject, concerning those additional books.

      Some authors, give their readers an additional pre-summation of what a particular chapter contains then proceed to give the details concerning the pre-summation.
      That’s exactly what Gen 1:27 is, a pre-summation of what Yeshua did concerning the creation of Adam and eve.
      Gen chapter 2 takes the readers back before that pre-summation to explain the ‘details’ of what leads up to that summation in chapter 1 verse 27.
      Gen 2:1-2 explains the completion of Yeshua’s work & His rest.
      Gen 2:5-8 shares more explanation as to what, how and why Yeshua, not only created Adam but also his mate Eve.
      Verse 7 for certain reasons, incorrectly uses the word ‘dust’ but correct translations (there are a few) use the word ‘earth’ or ‘soil’ which places emphasis on it’s dark richness and fertility.
      ‘Dust’ is an incorrect use of word as it’s the dried out, sun scorched, wind swept, dying/decaying residue of earth/soil.
      Gen 2:20-23 Explains the creation of Eve, as I said, in more detail.
      Gen 5:1-3 These verses are a sticking point for many, who use it as an argument to resist the Bible and it’s teachings on creation.
      Only Yeshua knows why He allowed the (mostly European translators) to emit key verses and chapters from the “authorised versions”, as I mentioned in Part 3 of Relationship vs Religion.
      However, nothing which is needed for understanding and the foundation of our faith/belief can remain hidden for ever.
      Can we all agree that before the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eves bodies, while being human had a supernatural structure/nature, not needing food or drink to survive while having an effervescent glow/brightness about them.
      They originally had the new bodies which all redeemed believers of Yeshua will receive for our new existence, going back to the original intention of Yeshua.
      However, once they were expelled from the Garden, there were obviously both spiritual and genetic changes, which included the need for food and the start of ageing and decay.
      They obviously still had superior genetic differences as they were able to live over 800 years of age.
      Which God put a stop to after the flood, limiting the human age (in general) to 120 years max, Gen 6:3.
      So they needed to fulfil the brief given to them by Yeshua to go forth and multiply, they were the starting point, still having differing genes, with no such thing as incest (at that time) being evident.
      In Relationship vs Religion part 3, I mention a couple of Apocrypha books I use and I’ve included some images concerning the 1st marriage on planet earth, the marriage of Man & Woman, Adam & Eve.
      Gen 5:1-3 Before turning 130 (when they had Seth) Adam and eve had two sets of twins, Cain and Luluwa and Abel and Aklemia(Aklia).

      I repeat, only Yeshua will be able to tell (those who deserve to know) why He allowed mankind to omit and attempt to hide these truths.

      It is written that Cain (obviously being encouraged by Satan) was hard hearted, arrogant, rebellious and Jealous of Abel.
      Not only for his relationship with Adam and Yeshua, he was jealous of how Yeshua was pleased with the motives, humility and sacrifices of Abel as well as being jealous of Abel’s wife to be Aklia.
      That jealousy led to the first murder, Cain killing Abel and later having to leave with his wife Luluwa to go and live at the bottom of the mountain, never to return to the top or enter the cave of treasures again.
      Cain and Luluwa began to have children after the expulsion and later Adam and Eve had their last child ‘Seth’ (at the age of 130) who was then wed to his elder sister Aklia.
      It’s important to note that they set the trends which many (including modern monarchies) use, which is to use the same or similar names for their children. I don’t know why.
      What I do know is, it is written that Cain had an Enoch named in his family line, so did Seth, but it’s Seth’s Enoch who wrote the books and was called up to heaven.

      It’s important to note that the Apocrypha books do not contradict the authorised versions, they are actually complimentary, working in parallel and filling in missing gaps (created by the European translators).
      As I’ve said, there are other books out there (mostly stemming from the Talmud) with missions to both confuse or turn people away from the Truth of who Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach is.
      I encourage all believers to selectively read additional books in addition to the Authorised Version of the Bible only after they are filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit.
      Prayer is also needed, asking Adonai to not only bring understanding but also to increase our discernment to know what is true and of Him and what are the man-made lies which should be rejected.
      Over time, as a truth seeker, you will learn what to study and what to reject when it comes to ‘other teachings’ whether in books or online.
      May Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach continue to increase both your wisdom and discernment.

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