I hope and pray you are well.
This is the final part of my ‘Religious expose’ series “Relationship vs Religion”.
It’s another post which requires the reader to make some time for.
If you haven’t already done so, please read Part 1 and Part 2 first, to bring this post into context.
This post does contain re-caps with more in-depth explanations and comparisons, for clarity.

Please note:-
I read and study from the KJ version of the Bible but I have explained the reasons why I also use the NKJ version of the Bible, in my “I’m sorry if…” post.

Throughout history, Yeshua has obviously inspired and allowed mankind to translate text/manuscripts/scriptures from the original Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic & Greek.
Enoch’s books form a large part of the Apocrypha books and were valuable items which were carried onto the ARK, however, over the years after the flood, many of those books were dispersed world wide.
They have ended up in parts of North & North-East Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Western Asian regions and have been taken to other parts of the world.
Remember, Yeshua set a divine principle concerning hidden things becoming known (what’s in darkness being revealed and brought to light) which includes those books.
In the past, the ruling minority, in a bid to prevent the enlightenment of the masses, held back certain books, especially those who translated the Bible to Latin and from Latin to other European languages.
However, we should all thank God that He made a way for the truths to be known, in spite of the leaders and translators interference.


I refer to the Apocrypha a number of times throughout most of my #iarnr posts, a collection of historical and spiritual work by other heroes of faith, as well as Enoch; which have been made public knowledge (if you know where to look) and translated to other languages.
Many of those writings can be found on the internet by doing some specific searches.
Some of the books I reference, can also be found in print, the two I use in particular are “The lost books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden” and “The Complete Apocrypha: with Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees”.

It’s also important to note, the same attitude/spirit the ancient controlling leaders and translators had are evident in many religious leaders today.
Many contemporary religious Christian leaders attack the Apocrypha books, in an attempt to dissuade members of their congregations and organisations to stay in ignorance and prevent them from reading them.
My question to them is…What are you afraid of?
The books compliment and supplement the authorised versions of the Bible providing key and important information.

Over the last few years, both the Christian religious leaders and many of their congregations have believed the world harm organisation, Billy, Anthony, the world governments, big pharma and mainstream media’s lies and propaganda.
Especially concerning Covid, wearing masks, lockdowns and a need to take experimental vaccines.
How can they easily accept those lies and yet have a problem with the truths in the Apocrypha books?
Especially when those truths can only help to give more understanding to the enquiring mind and build faith.
If nothing else, they cause a believer, to dig deeper in prayer and read their Bibles more, in order to draw close to Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach and learn from Him.
How is that harmful?

Before religion
As I’ve previously stated in parts 1 and 2, life existed before the adoption of religion by the human race.
In reading the Bible and the associated Books of the Apocrypha (Especially the Book of Adam & Eve & The 1st Book of Enoch) those of us with a monotheistic belief (not religion) in the One True God and Father of all spirits.
Believe God was the starting point of everything and was the creator of the ‘big bang’.
Before creating humankind, God separated light from darkness, created the heavens and the earth and (from heavenly matter) created the heavenly hosts, which includes the Holy Archangels, Angels and other winged creatures, all having their rank, order and tasks to perform along with the giving of praise and worship to God or being the ‘negative unholy opposite’, to provide universal and spiritual balance. Please read, Isaiah 45:5-7

IARNR_Beautiful Garden

Remember, relationship was first
In part 1, I highlighted the truth of what God wanted with us human beings…relationship.
He had a perfect one with Adam and Eve, until their disobedience.
Go through the Word of God carefully and you will see that with all of the heroes of faith listed in Hebrews chapter 11, from Adam & Eve, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Melchizedek, Abraham, Job, Moses, David, the Prophets, John the baptist, the disciples, Martha, Lazarus, Mary of Magdalene to Paul.
God NEVER wanted religion or religious rules, to dictate how we see or interact with Him or how we treated each other.
He wanted a, genuine, honest, trusting and loving one to one relationship with us and for us to love our neighbours as we ‘should’ love ourselves.

The first religion
Over the years, I have spoken to many self-read (and college/university attendee) “spiritual scholars” who have claimed to have no beliefs, partial beliefs, their own-made beliefs and beliefs in other religions.
A common thread (which would run through those conversations) would be the argument concerning the original or first religion.
This post is obviously not going to cover every single religious belief, that would take a book or series of books.
My focus is on lineage of Seth (the 3rd son of Adam) and his wife Aklia (RE: The Book of Adam & Eve).
Which brought about Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem & later Abraham.
If we are to look deeply into religion, we gain an understanding that it was (and still is) a man-made concept assisted by the enemies of the human race, which started way before Abraham and his covenant (agreement) with God.

After the expulsion from Eden, after Cain murdered Abel, he and his wife Luluwa, left Adam, Eve and Aklia and moved down to the end of the mountain.
Seth was born after Cain and Luluwa had left.
As Cain and Luluwa’s tribes population increased, it is written that the women of their tribe were extremely attractive, causing Satan to entice 200 angelic ‘watchers’ to break ranks (their order of watching only) to go and interfere with the tribe of Cain and have forbidden sex and marriages with the women of Cain’s tribe.
After the death of Adam and Eve, Seth and Aklia’s tribe initially stayed up on the mountain and didn’t interact with Cain’s tribe.

The 200 didn’t only defile themselves and the women of Cain’s tribe, they also performed vile and disgusting acts of Bestiality.
The sexual actions of the 200 brought about a different race of giant hybrid human/angel offspring (Nephilim) as well as the angel/animal hybrids.
The 200 also taught mankind how to create/make: – weapons of war, musical instruments, seductive clothing for women, cosmetics (make-up) for use in the art of seduction as well as how to use herbs, plants etc. to get create various forms of drugs and to use in craft/magic.

In the books of Enoch it sates that the additional giant ’hybrid’ race of beings, dominated, had insatiable appetites and when food was scarce, even ate parts of the human race.
They were feared and worshipped by the humans of Cain’s tribe and the break-away parts of Seth’s tribe, who left from the top of the mountain, to join the party down below.
They created idols and statues, made in the hybrids images and alters to worship the hybrid race.
That’s where religion was created, the first religion was Paganism which led to Idolatry and was initially practised by Cain and his descendants as well as the rebellious parts of Seth’s tribe.

It’s important to note that all accounts of the Holy Angels of God (in both the Bible and the Apocrypha) have always been male.
Ancient depictions of winged females were more than likely of the female hybrid/giant bird offspring of the watchers.
Also, something else to consider, the enemies of the human race led by Satan, have the ability to shape shift.
There are accounts within certain books of the Apocrypha of them appearing as “female angels” especially when they were up to their plans to deceive members of the human race.
Sadly, the religious will often ignorantly purchase (to hang on walls) or use images (because they like the art) of female angels or scantily/inappropriately clothed male or female angels, to share on social media.
It is an incorrect artists representation of Holy Angels, as they would never appear inappropriately clothed or as females.
It’s obvious that the religious purchaser or sharer of those images are not discerning or lack understanding and whether the artists of those images are aware or not, their inspiration for them are not coming from God.

Paganism, Polytheism & Idolatry the foundations of religion
So yes, the contemporary monotheistic dominant religions, were not the first religions.
In reading Genesis chapter 2 and the Apocrypha (The Book of Adam and Eve) we can clearly see that religion had nothing to do with what God originally wanted with and for mankind.
Remember, It is written that Adam walked and talked with God, he had a ‘relationship’.
It is written that God knew that man had a need for constant companionship and He made Eve for them both to have a ‘relationship’.
God gave Adam the first Job (Botanical based) in tending the garden.
Also, before there sin, Adam was given a Zoologist type of job, naming and categorising the animals.
After the dismissal from the garden of Eden, farming became the first job for both men and women and as the population began to grow, midwifery was the first women only profession.

The ultimate desire God had for Mankind was for us to have good relationships with our environment, each other and most importantly, with Him.
He placed something inside of us humans which craves to know Him, be with Him, love and revere Him.
Sadly, today, that need is often polluted and filled with religion in all of it’s various forms, both old and new.

IARNR_False gods

The Flood and the human race reboot
The means and methods may be different but all of the sins performed today by the human race, were performed in Noah’s days.
Life will continue in it’s ‘new’ and ‘reset’ way right up until Yeshua’s return.
As Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun”.
The sins of humankind, and the illegitimate abominable hybrids, caused God to be grieved and as He promised Jared, Enoch and later Noah; God (using the great world-wide flood) wiped out all the rebellious human religious pagans, human/angel hybrids and animal/angel hybrids.
Saving only Seth’s descendants, Noah, his wife, their 3 sons, 3 daughter-in-laws and the selected animals, which were brought into the Arc.

As I mentioned in a previous post on Race.
The 200 were placed in a spiritual prison, however, obviously, throughout the course of history, Satan (aka Beelzebub) and his troop of shape-shifting human haters and manipulators, were and are still interfering in the affairs of mankind.
When the earth was re-populated the nations grew and spread and the pagan religions and idolatry were once again revived and practised, which included hybrid worship.
The hybrids may have not been physically present, but stories were told by the rebellious descendants of Noah, statues/idols were once again created, temples were built, cave & wall paintings and drawings were made.
Obviously taken from the memories of some of Noah’s children, with stories passed down to their descendants.
They were also witnesses to the spiritual realm being naturally manifested by Satan and certain of his troops, who gave the human race other religious philosophies and practices to follow.

An aside…
As mentioned, the Books of Enoch (he wrote 365 of them) were handed down to his descendent Noah and Noah’s family.
Amazingly, when reading some of the Books of Enoch, especially the astronomical explanation of the activities of the Sun, Moon etc.
A reader gains an understanding of the (for want of a better word) plagiarism, which obviously took place from ancient philosophers and scientists.
They obviously read some of Enoch’s God-instructed works, keeping the source away from their contemporary masses and packaging the knowledge and wisdom gained, as their own.
Using the information to create their new alternative ways of thinking (philosophy), Astrology, Astronomy and new ways of seeing creation and existence (science).
Also (obviously inspired by the haters of humankind) other religions were created.
It’s also an interesting realisation, to see that many modern writers and film directors of sci-fi and horror movies & TV shows have been influenced by the Apocrypha books, but that’s another subject and post in itself.

God’s calling of Abraham, the start of a better way for humans to live with God
In Genesis chapter 12 we read that God had called Abram(Abraham) out of his fathers pagan/idolatry house and from his fathers land, to start a new way of life.
Reading right up to Genesis chapter 26, after the impatience and lack of faith of both him and Sarah, you see that Abraham fulfilled God’s promise and (with the Birth of Isaac) we have the start of the Hebrew nation, the promise of God.
Other historical records also show that the son of Abraham and Hagar, Ishmael, was the starting point for the Islamic religion, after they departed from the camp of Abraham.

IARNR_The Ten Commandments

Moses and the laws of God
Later God calling Moses and God having a ‘relationship’ with Moses, gave us the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible).
Those books of the Bible, especially Exodus and Leviticus, were guidelines given to the Hebrew nation (and anyone wanting to become a Judaic believer ‘adopted Hebrew’) on how to live according to God’s ten commandments.
It would appear that human beings, without a consistent presence of God in their lives, have a tendency to easily switch from the intended mode of relationship with God, turning to religion.
Once delivered out of Egypt, with only those remaining who didn’t have a longing to return.
The remanent of the Hebrew nation, had a chance to re-establish relationship with God but due to their fear and an awareness of their sinful state, they opted for a ‘middle man’ priest/prophet to speak to God on their behalf, Moses being their elected candidate.
The rules and commandments in Exodus and Leviticus were stringent and had to be, due to the continual evils being performed by the surrounding tribes and nations.
Unfortunately, over the years, the rules and guidelines which God gave to Moses, to keep His people safe and protected, were turned into a religion themselves.
People became presumptuous with sin, expecting the priests to perform a quick fix ‘sacrifice’ to correct their intentional ‘sinful situations’, until they did it the next time.
Then there was the manipulation of the words given by God, by corrupt leaders.
The materially wealthy were able to pay off corrupt priests/religious leaders, who would then ignore their wrong doings.
The poor was abused and mistreated.
Women were subjugated and abused.
God’s words were not taken seriously by the majority under “religious Judaism” with only a small faithful percentage remaining obedient to the commandments and laws.

An even better covenant promised
The Bible depicts the truest account of History and the nature of the human race.
Many confuse it’s honest account and reports of both the good bad parts of our nature, as validation for us to carry out sinful acts, it is not.
They are recorded as a means of prevention, warning the reader that our actions have repercussions and the devastating consequences of those sinful actions.
As well as showing the benefits of obedience to God and the blessings which result from righteous actions.
The cycle of God’s love extended, God giving mankind another chance, mankind messing up, God punishing mankind, mankind being sorry, God forgiving mankind, mankind forgetting their sins and repeating them…continues.
However, Adam, Enoch, Moses and the prophet Isaiah (to name a few) were all blessed to have been told of a new covenant (agreement/arrangement) which God Himself would make with us, read Isaiah chapter 59 verses 15 – 21 and Isaiah Chapter 9 verses 6 and 7.
That was the promise of the Almighty God, putting on flesh, being born of a Virgin, to grow and live amongst mankind as son (in the flesh as man) John 1 vs 1 and John 1 vs 14, while still being God.
For full and proper redemption of our sins, to set the captives free, God Himself, set an example of how we should live, love, forgive and speak, to each other and about Him.
Most importantly, to give as many who heard, believed and received, His ‘salvation’.

What about the others?
The answer…What about them?
This post is looking at what the one true God wants from His people.
His people, original Hebrew or not, male and female, young, old and in-between, from whatever nation on earth, Black, Brown, Cream & White.
This is about God, including people based on obedience, love, Him wanting a relationship with us and us wanting a relationship with Him.
It’s all inclusive, as long as it’s His way.

IARNR_Yeshua The One And Only God

The New covenant and Abba Yeshua, a return to relationship begins
As Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach grew, He spent time in the temple and synagogues, as a boy, learning, reading from the Torah and other books, which make up the Old Testament and conversing with the religious leaders of the time.
Obviously, being who He was and is, His wisdom and knowledge outstripped theirs.
As Abba Yeshua began His ministry (service unto humankind i.e. Godly leadership), he began to be a big problem for the religious leadership of the day.
Many of them didn’t identify with Him and didn’t know who He was, due to their obvious previous lack of spiritual relationship with Him.
The religious leaders (Pharisees and Sadducees) envy of Him and how the regular people loved Him, grew to a hatred of Him by them.

IARNR_Touching the hem of Yeshua's garment

Differences between Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach & the religious, were easy to spot
They disliked how he spoke, reasoned and taught with authority.
They disliked His humility, which directly highlighted their pride and their arrogance; they wanted reverence from the people.
They disliked how people could call Him by His name, without titles, pomp or ceremony, which they loved.
They disliked how He was able to sit down with anyone, young, old, male, female, rich or poor, diseased or physically healthy.
Hebrew and non-Hebrew were able to converse with Him and He did with them, on a level they could understand.
They disliked how he didn’t separate Himself from the regular people to follow them and their religious groups.
They disliked how He didn’t attempt to chase after a position in their synagogues (or the temple) and didn’t have ambitions to rise up in their ranks.
They disliked how He was able to heal without permission and how He would perform miracles even on the Sabbath (a Saturday).
They disliked how He was able to challenge the people to be better, by highlighting their sin, encouraging people to repent and to change from within, from the heart.
They disliked how He told the repentant that their sins were forgiven, rightly claiming that only God can forgive sins, not realising He was/is God.
They disliked How the people hailed Him as if He was God…that’s because He was/is.
They disliked how the people hungered after not only the natural food He provided, they desired His miracles and healing but also His spiritual food, every word that came out of His mouth.
They hated that they could never catch Him out with regards to the laws, which (unbeknown to them) He gave to Moses.
They disliked Him telling the truth about who He was/is, while some knew and refused to publicly acknowledge, the rest refused to believe Him.
They refused to accept that He was the embodiment and fulfilment of the law.
Simply put, the religious leaders of the day hated the ‘relationship’ Yeshua had with the people and the people had with Him.

Comparisons between the Hebrew Pharisees & Sadducees and many Christian Religious leaders/people today
The irony and truth is, there are many religious leaders, assistant leaders and general religious people in every so-called denomination, who are guilty of reading, teaching and preaching about the behaviour of ‘most’ of the religious (Pharisees & Sadducees) towards Yeshua and the people.
While behaving exactly the same way towards people within their congregations, organisation, other organisations or people on the outside.
It’s something which rang alarm bells with me, from the moment I began to attend regular services, calling one particular assembly my “home assembly”.
The reality is, a person in relationship tries to live with others and be an example exactly as Yeshua did, when He walked the earth as the son.
While the religious Christian, has more in common with the behaviour of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

IARNR_Your purpose

God’s word and an early vision of mine
Directly after my born again experience, the truth of God’s word, first given to the prophet Joel.
Then spoken by Peter in the first New Covenant Church meeting, in the Book of Acts, became a reality for me, when I received a vision within a month of being filled with Yeshua’s Holy Spirit and Baptised in His name.
God used my previous martial arts training to give me a vision, in which I saw hands holding up tiles and I was just walking along punching through them, one after another.
After I woke up, I prayed and asked God what the vision meant.
He told me that my breaking of the tiles, represented how He would use me to smash up the control of religion over His people.
Back then, I thought I fully understood, however, over the following years, despite making some serious errors in my walk.
Yeshua held me to that vision and it was only since 2005, that I was able to fully understand exactly what that would look like and learn the (sometimes) painful truth, that religion would remain and will continue to be used to control the masses.

If you’ve read the ‘About page’, ‘Relationship vs Religion part 2’ and the ‘Identifying cults’ posts, you should ‘hopefully’ have a clear understanding of my background and understand why I’m able to write on this matter.
Coming in from a confused, lacking of real love and rebellious cruel world; we should not be met by religious people imposing unnecessary rules, religious extortion, controlling systems and using manipulative methods to get the people (in their congregations) to behave or do what they want, in the name of serving God.
Especially when God’s aim (from the start) was to have people living free from all forms of bondage in the liberty which He intended, to set us free in order to enjoy our relationship with Him.

FSAC_For such a time as this

As I’ve previously mentioned, we had regular fellowship at 4 assemblies, a home group and visited a number of other assemblies in various, so-called denominations.
I didn’t realise at the time but I learned that there are two forms of Religious Christianity.
Both of which are very different from having a true relationship with Yeshua(Jesus) and living a way of life as a child/disciple of Yeshua(Jesus).

The specifics categories

The Hebrew/Judaic-Christian belief and way of life, is based on faith in the existence of one God, Monotheism.
The disciples were the original Church members of the New covenant and they all knew that truth.
The Bible & Apocrypha record and share this truth but there has been interference (with some scriptures) concerning the singularity of God by the members of the Nicaean council.
Despite the persecution of the early Church, by Rome, when Rome couldn’t stop the spread of the Word and growth of the Church of Yeshua(Jesus) they set up a council of men, who said they were converts to Christianity.
Their task was to bring a monotheistic belief in line with the polytheism beliefs of Rome/Greece (remember those pagan religions) and incorporate them into Christian teachings and future translations of the original scripts/scrolls written by the disciples.
While there were Romans who happily received the truth about Yeshua and became born again believers (read the book of Acts).
It was they who were responsible for creating the idea of a trinity, making Christianity more acceptable to majority of their people.
There were obviously arguments and fractions created, with that and other polytheism related additions, which were refused by the original believers.
After continual debates (the creation of 1 or 2 more councils) eventually, the more hard-line Roman Catholic Church cult was birthed.
For more details on this and to lay the foundation for your own research, please listen to Lee Stone Kings teaching on ‘3 Kinds of Christianity’.

Don’t be fooled, we were all religious, many still are…
In the ‘Identifying cults’ post, I made a point of emphasising that everyone, even those who believe they are the most independent of thinkers, have a belief system which can be categorised as being religious.
Anything in which an individual feels passionately about, if they think a certain way or have repetitive actions(behaviour) in those areas of interest, if it doesn’t involve a relationship with Yeshua, it’s a replacement ‘religion’ and directly or indirectly an idol.
Our thoughts (then subsequent actions) originate from the desires of our hearts and they are directly or indirectly influenced by the Creator of the heart, who, also allows the enemies of the human race to influence us, for His greater plan and purpose.
When you have more time, you can look into a further study on the origin of thoughts, choices and the myth of free will, which can be found on the Bible truth website.

Two types of Religious Christians
Like politics, religious believers can be split into two camps, Liberal and Conservative.
For example, it’s always interesting to look at the SMAs (Social Media Accounts) of those who profess Christianity.
An early indication as to whether they lean more to religion as opposed to relationship, is seeing the use of the terms ‘Liberal Christian’ or ‘Conservative Christian’ in the individuals Bio.
The truth of the matter is, God has never been interested in the religion of politics.
Yeshua would never call or identify Himself using religious political terms, He was and still is, only interested in the spiritual heart and soul conditions of human kind.
It’s also important to keep in mind, whether a person is a religious liberal or religious conservative, both pathways ‘can’ lead to relationship, once the chosen individuals follow the leading of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit.

The acknowledgers
If you read through the Gospels, Yeshua is very clear about how he categorises us.
Whether we have great faith, or little to no faith at all.
Whether we are His, or we belong to Satan.
Whether we accept, or reject His word.
Acknowledgers are strange creatures, I should know, until I humbled myself and accepted the call to salvation, I was one of them.
With Yeshua (as far as our beliefs are concerned) there is not really much room to stay warm.
Obviously, only He can truly see whether someone is hot for Him (true believer), warm (wanting to be in more than one camp) or cold (rejecting Him and salvation).
Also, those who read the Word, know how He feels about the lukewarm.
It will not end well for those who are lukewarm or the cold.
It all equates to us only ever really being in 1 of 2 final states, which ultimately, only He can judge.
Destination Heavenly places with Him for eternity, or a partaker of the second death, being thrown into the lake of fire (along with the enemies of humankind) and eventually snuffed out. Read:-

Revelation 21:8

Matthew 22:13

Matthew 25:30

Acknowledgers have a habit of saying a lot about ‘believing’ but their actions never quite match the words which come out of their mouth.
Some of them claim to believe in Yeshua, they follow some religious Christian routines, usually but not always, choosing the Liberal religious route.
When they are challenged to drop certain contrary actions, they choose to do them anyway, in the presumptuous hope/belief that they will be OK because Yeshua will forgive them.
It’s easy to identify an acknowledger, they tend to talk a good talk, never seemingly wanting to admit to being in sin.
They choose to do a pick-n-mix version of Liberal Religious Christianity, only following what they want while rejecting what they need to follow, according the Word (aka Bible).
They drag their feet concerning the obeying of Acts Chapter 2 verses 37 – 39, feel awkward about allowing the Spirit of Yeshua to reside in them and even more awkward about the thought of praying/speaking in tongues and following the Holy Spirit’s teachings, via the Book of Acts and the subsequent Epistles (letters).
Surprisingly, some of them are highly offended when you quote from James’s epistle concerning true faith requiring ‘action’ and try to hide behind their incorrect understanding and interpretation of the Word, concerning ‘condemnation’ i.e. not judging or the forgiveness and grace of Yeshua.
As I said, I know all about acknowledgers, I was one but our family’s grandmother (the senior matriarch) was very much a Religious Conservative Christian.
When I converted from being an acknowledger (leaning on the liberal side) due to her influence. My walk started off being very much under conservative religious Christianity.
However, in saying that, there is a very thin line between being a liberal religious Christian and an acknowledger, with many liberal religious Christians being acknowledgers in denial.

IARNR_Soul Insurance

Special note:-
The format of this post is obviously different, to the ‘Resting in Peace’ post.
Back in my early Christian walk, we had various Bible study ‘tracts’, which we would go through with people looking to answer the call to salvation.
That post asks questions but is is also an online Bible study, please use it (obviously along with your Bible) and go through it, with the seekers you know.
Helping acknowledgers to begin their journey to being centred in relationship with Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach. Assisting them to sort out their soul insurance.

A graphical representation
On the 29th March 2022, I was inspired to create the graphic below, ‘People – moving from the outside inwards. From all called to the chosen’.
It’s a graphical representation of everyone (in religion) in relation to what Yeshua is calling for, relationship.
It’s important to understand that we are born into, adopt or inherit a variety of religious beliefs.
All of which are (as I’ve said previously) a substitute for the longing our Souls really desire, an intimate connection to Yeshua.
That’s the calling, we all have it, but the desire to want to know the King of kings, the true Master of the universe, the Alpha & Omega, comes from having that additional God-spark within, it comes from being the chosen.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship

We have to be honest with ourselves, if we have a true desire to move to the centre of this image.

Many of those within the outer red circle, who are happy to remain there, will probably see the title of this post, may read the initial preview paragraph and move on.
Some may even read down to the ‘flood’ section and then move on.
The religious Christians (liberal or conservative), who are happy to stay that way, may get down to the ‘What about the others?’ section and move on.
However, the chosen, those with that God-spark, my brethren who are either already in relationship or wanting to move out of ‘the religion’ will still be here at this point and I appreciate that.
I’m also aware and understand that there are those, who simply love a good argument, those who have no intention of moving towards being in relationship, are happy with where they are in their religion but are just reading to rubbish or negatively refer to this post, maybe in the comments section below but more likely on their own SMP of choice or among their ‘safe’ group of people.
That’s OK, you will have no excuse at judgment, you will be asked why you ignored this posts and other sources of warnings and encouragements, to move into relationship with the ultimate judge, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.

Precious treasure
If you read part 2 of this topic, you may remember that I said, many of us end up in Religious Christianity due to laziness (or ignorance) on the part of our parents or guardians.
In every group or family, someone needs to be humble enough to sit up and listen to Yeshua calling them, to come up higher.
Some do, then like myself, having a treasure of great value and being a loving soul, do our best to share the treasures (pearls) of truth, with others.

IARNR_Your pearls

Your calling
You may be at work, at a social event, travelling on public transport or online, via SM or a website such as this.
When God is working on getting our attention, if you cannot hear Him directly, or refuse to listen to what you do hear (or dream), He has a tendency to send someone to speak to us.
If you are blessed to be (for want of better words) ‘fast-tracked’, you will meet someone who is already in relationship and they will share the beauty of His love, His truths and the need for repentance and salvation in Yeshua.
Baptise you themselves or bring your to someone to be baptised.
They will also be prepared to assist you in your walk (discipleship) until you are able to stand and do the same for someone else.
However, if, like me, your family is steeped in Religious Christianity or you are approached by a Religious Christian, you may already be travelling that ‘longer’ route to relationship via religion.
In truth, that’s the route most of us (now in relationship) have taken.
That’s OK if you are, now is a time to open your Bible, pray to Abba Yeshua for understanding and revelation, maybe also do some fasting, then read your Bible in reference to the following and see what happens.

Please keep in man my definition of religion.
Mankind as I’ve repeatedly said, has a habit of complicating life, seemingly to create our own distinctions, rather than leaving things as Yeshua intended.
If you haven’t already done so, It’s time to hold the baby firm (your faith and relationship with Yeshua) while getting rid of the dirty bath water (religion).

If you threw the baby out with the dirty bathwater, to go back to general religion (outer red circle stuff), it’s time to return to your first love, pick that baby back up again and nurture it.
This is the true and correct meaning of being “spiritual”, there are many spirits out there, providing many religious activities for the human race.
Make sure you connect with the ‘correct Spirit’, the Father of all spirits, who can grow you correctly spiritually and help you develop your relationship with Him, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).
Failing to do so, will usually result in you accepting one or more of the many religious spiritual delusions, found in the Red circle of the image above, which will ultimately lead to following and worshipping the wrong god.
Or being so close and yet so far, by remaining in the religious liberal or conservative circles, which would sadly result in individuals hearing these chilling words.

Always connected to the Bible

When it comes to the reading of the Word (Bible) we can be grouped in the following categories.

The Old Testament
Creation, History of the world, the Law and promise of Yeshua (salvation to come).
To be read by everyone.

The Gospels: – Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
More history but are the revelation of the fulfilment of the law and promise of salvation in Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).
They are ‘transitional books’ to be read by everyone, transitioning from other religious beliefs to a belief and relationship with Yeshua, aka discipleship or true Christianity.

The book of Acts and the subsequent letters (epistles)
History again but specifically Church history.
They are the instructions to the New Testament Church of Yeshua, aka Born Again Believers.
To be read by the Church.

The Book of Revelation
From history, to present day to near future events.
It’s the promise of blessings and punishments and the current and prophetic near future events for the entire world.
Encouragements, instructions and warnings to be read by everyone but will mostly be understood by born again believers, in relationship with Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.

More to come
If a task is worth doing, it should be done correctly.
I will be adding an additional post of Relationship vs Religion comparisons, giving the reader a clear look at the differences.
It’s easy for anyone to say that they are “spiritual” and in reality, we all are, as we are not just physical beings.
However, Yeshua’s desire is for us to be spiritually correct, in our relationship with Him, not with religious organisations or leaders or any of the other religions/religious activities within the Red circle.
Please leave your comments below and remember to come back, read and leave your comments in my next post “Relationship vs Religion – The comparisons“.

Thank you for reading.

Yeshua’s Blessings to you.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man.

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