Real friends and family – honesty and love

Some incorrectly believe that honesty equals being nasty or confrontational.
Some believe they can only be honest (usually ugly and malicious) behind the security of their phones or electronic devices.
Some are intimidated by those who are honest, incorrectly believing them to be rude, unnecessary or too in-your-face.

FSAC_Real talk with friends and family

While truth and honesty appears to be bad words to some, there are many of us who still believe both are necessary, in order to be a genuine family member and friend.
There is always room for the ‘time and place’ argument (discussion) and yet those who usually make that argument, are ‘arguably’ those who avoid making themselves available.
Therefore, there never seems to be the right time and place, to have those needed, good and open ‘honest-to-God’ conversations.
If a cohesive and real family unit matters to you, make some time to make it happen, communication is key.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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  1. I agree with on the part about people excusing rudeness for honesty. As if there aren’t more polite fashions to be honest.
    Honesty should also not be forced upon people. If they’re not ready for it, their wishes should be respected

    • Hi BB.
      True, honesty is in no way an excuse for people to be unnecessarily rude to others.
      There are some who view any type of honesty as being rude, sad but true.
      Also, you’re right, some people are just not ready for honesty.
      Thanks for your comment.

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