A champion athlete, trains to go further than the other athletes.
Their training regime consists of pushing themselves to their limits and then a little further, each session.
To be a champion they quickly learn that murmuring and complaining doesn’t help their cause.
They learn that the mental aspects of their sport, are as important as the physical and accept that there is no substitution for mental toughness, consistency and hard work.

Where Tennis is concerned, in the grand slams men’s game, no player wanting to be a champion, would only train to last for the minimum of three sets.
Those who want to win the big tournaments realise it’s not only about their natural skills and talents.
They need to train and build both their physical stamina and mental concentration to last for five sets.
In football, the most successful cup teams train for more than the minimum of 90 minutes.
The well prepared and well drilled teams train for extra time and penalties, if necessary.

The above analogy’s are a mirror of the true believers faith-walk to salvation.
Either being called home saved, or being ready for the eminent coming of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.

No matter what movies are made or what religious preachers have preached.
It’s important for the true believer, to live and prepare themselves mentally and spiritually, to go through, right the way to five sets or penalties if necessary.
We would be in for a devastating shock, if we think we’ll be taken out, as opposed to having to go through, with the exception of being called home by Adonai.

Take some time to pray and ask Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach to open your spiritual eyes to His (not religious) truths.
Then read Matthew Chapter 24 verses 3 to 31 and 2 Thessalonians 2 carefully.
If you are ‘awake’ you will see what that God gives the true believer a ‘heads up’ to prepare ourselves to go through, for the long game; endurance and enduring to the end.
That preparation starts with hearing the Word of God and exercising some faith, repentance, followed by obedience to God’s Word, Baptism, praying, fasting, reading God’s word regularly, growing our faith and relationship with Him, living in love with others, exercising forgiveness and letting our light shine.

What about the removal(rapture)?
That notion will have to be covered in another post.
However, even when you read Revelation Chapter 12, it’s clear that true believers will face conflict.

It’s clear to me, in order to make it, I can’t adopt a religious pre-trib (only train for 3 sets or 90 minutes) mindset.
To win, to hear those words (well done) from Adonai Yeshua’s mouth, we have to prepare to go the full 5 sets, right the way through to penalties…through to the end.

The reward will be for those who do not compromise on their faith, make up their own Word or fall-away from the faith completely; those who prepared to go through, right to the end.

Phil G.
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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