We all have one, lived at a variety of speeds, remembered clearly or selectively, with singular or repeated patterns and actions.
Our past is a distinctive representation of what we have experienced (outside of our control) as well as what we did (by our own choices) with both positive and negative outcomes.
Some want to forget it and keep moving, some are stuck and attempt to re-live it, whilst others have the ability (usually with assistance) to keep it in perspective, encouraged by the successes, exercise forgiveness (where necessary), learn from it (the positives and negatives) and move on.
There are people who believe it doesn’t matter, while others understand the importance of remembering it, in order to learn and not repeat poor choices and to reduce the risk of making costly mistakes.
There’s an argument which suggests the more balanced and contented individuals, are those who have “made peace” with their past.
That argument could extend to suggest that those who have positively found a way to deal with their past, are individuals who make the best long-term partners and are usually found in good long-term relationships/marriages.

FSAC_Our past
“Do not let the mistakes of your past prevent you from enjoying your present.
Learn from them and use those experiences to help you make your current circumstances or relationship the best it can be.”

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