Taking a ‘selah’ moment to meditate on and share these truths.

You created humankind from the fertile soil of the earth & a rib bone, with intelligent design.
You gave us instructions, which we repeatedly ignore.
You’ve repeatedly exercised the fruit of your Spirit, concerning us.
You told the elders & prophets that you would do the miraculous to save us.
You stepped off your Throne of Power.
Your Spirit is life, fertilising the eggs of a virgin woman.
You put on flesh and was birthed into this world from that virgin woman.
You challenged the lost to (be better) to accept love and salvation.
You confronted and rebuked the religious Hebrew leaders, for them to humble themselves and repent.
You showed the oppressive Roman conquerors, what real love, forgiveness and power is.
You showed that you were the Father, walking as the son among us (in the flesh) and gave the revelation to those who truly wanted, to know the truth.
You showed us (by example) how to walk, talk and treat others concerning you.
You (without fault or sin) became the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all humankind.
You paid the enemies of humankind a surprise visit, taking back the keys of death and hell.
You released and baptised the old faithful patriarchs & matriarchs, for them to ascend into your Heavenly realm.
You did the miraculous by resurrecting from the dead and completing our salvation.
You instructed the early Church (the people, the disciples and followers) of what is needed, reminding them to share your truths and make converts of all, baptising in your ‘name’, not your roles/titles or offices.
You shared with us, the power contained in your name and today, sadly, so many of the enemies people, blaspheme your precious name.
You ascended back to your Heavenly realms and Kingdom.
You dispatched your Holy Spirit (a sacred piece of you) to fill as many of us, who would receive you.
You gave us the very same ability to resist and overcome and richness to be complete, via your Holy Spirit.
You are everywhere and involved in everything, heavenly and earthly.
You are still, to date, calling everyone to come as they are but not stay as they are.
Absolutely nothing happens in your Heavenly realm or here on Earth that you have not sanctioned and done or allowed to be done.
You are the Alpha & Omega, as you told John the Apostle.
You are He who will return in power, might and glory.
You are the OWG (Only Wise God) our Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ), father of ‘all’ spirits.
You have showed (the chosen) that taking our knees and worship, should only belong to you.
You and only you, my love, are power, grace, truth and love personified.
Your people (the chosen) are so glad we know you and have you as our God.
Almighty, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).

It’s only You my Love.

Hallelujah to the most High Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.

IARNR_Yeshua The One And Only God

To all who have read this, Black, Brown, Cream or White, male or female, young, old and in-between.
You didn’t read this by accident, you were meant to see this as a reminder of who God really is, His name, what He should mean to you and what you mean to Him.

You may or may not feel like it right now, you may or may not be walking in relationship with Him, but today is a good a day as any to have a change of heart (repent), come up higher, or begin your journey in relationship with Him.
Remember #iarnr, It’s about relationship not religion.
Oh Blessed and chosen of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.
Have a fantastic week.

Much love.
Your brother in Yeshua.

Phil G
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man.

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