One year on and it still feels fresh, special and peaceful.
Living without the ‘false comfort’ of certain worldly securities, while knowing with a firm certainty, that Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach has got me and mine…and is my ultimate security.

One year on and what I said to my family has happened.
It was never going to be 100% smooth sailing, where people are concerned, there will always be obstacles and yet, the lack of emotional and spiritual stamina has become evident in some.
They have to come to terms with the fact that every Safari has it’s bumps in the road.

FSAC_Phil Gayle_G Man_Daddy G

One year on and 7 has gone done to 5, we’re told it’s a temporary measure, let’s see how long a few months really lasts and what will become of the results of the separation.
Contrary to ‘incorrect’ beliefs in some quarters, we are strong and consistent parents but we are not dictators or cult leaders, our adult children have to learn how to discern and make the right decisions for their life and are free to do so.

One year on and the world keeps going.
The seasons are still the same, the time to sow and reap are still the same and Abba Yeshua still allows for the harvest to be collected.
We know it will be like that for most and are aware that the chosen few are and will be a target, with serious times just around the corner.

One year on and the process most definitely is defining us all.
Maturity is seen in some as they realise what it takes to grow and find peace in the centre of Yeshua’s perfect will, even if they initially found it difficult to accept what that meant personally for them.

One year on and we have witnessed how far the tentacles of the old Euro imperial colonial empire’s reach is.
Countries which should have broken away from their old rule and laws are still firmly attached.
Those in the Euro colonial mother countries need to do some deep research to learn why so many from Africa and Asia are attempting to head to their shores.
The masses are being played off against each other and only those with a grasp on the spiritual and historical events of this world, understands why.

One year on and I realise, while some restrictions need to be in place, to stop certain criminal elements from entering their shores.
There is a lack of intelligence and common sense applied for those (who are not criminals) who want to move legitimately and freely to another country, especially when there are legitimate connections to that country.

One year on and its evident that the crab in a bucket mentality is alive and kicking, no matter where you are in the world.
However, for all the negative individuals met (which have not been many) there is at least two positive people to address the balance.
Everyone is just “trying to make it” although some are a little misguided as to how to do that righteously.

One year on and it would seem most relatives still can’t let go and move on.
It takes a major event (or two) to really show you the real thoughts and opinions of individuals.
It would seem, at times, actions really do speak louder than words, grudge bearers are grudge bearers and will ‘sadly’ take those grudges to the grave with them.

One year on and although I understand and realise that the prince and principalities of the air have a real stranglehold on certain zones on this planet.
Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, is still Father of all spirits and when he says ‘let go’ they have to release and allow His people to live and do His perfect will.

One year on and I’m still a believer in being a ‘spiritual globalist’.
Meaning, I believe that the countries do not belong to humankind.
The earth is Adonai’s and the fullness within and as I belong to Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, where He says I should go, I should be able to go.
Where He says I should live, I should be able to live, work, assist others, give employment and pay good wages while giving to Caeser (taxes) that which is Caeser’s and be left alone to get on with life for as long as we can.

One year on and I can see why some in the diaspora, who have made an Exodus to the Motherland, like we have, dislike some countries.
They don’t dislike the country because of the people, weather, housing or state of the land.
They dislike a country due to the unwelcoming (Euro-centric, Euro-legacy) laws and red tape.
Laws which prevents them from settling easier, due to ‘Master’ wanting to keep the F & OH BP back on the plantations.
Many give up and return, others stick it out or move to another section of the motherland.

One year on and I can genuinely say, apart from missing, not physically seeing a few loved ones.
I really only miss my always on unlimited 100GB fibre optic broadband internet connection, which I knew would be the case.
Also there are some health foods which are harder to come by.

One year on and we have developed a flexibility towards our approach to the motherland.
We are more than happy to remain, rent or purchase some land, build, farm and do business where we are.
However, if our current zone/borough/state/county refuses to recognise our worth and doesn’t allow us to stay, we will be happy to move to another part.
As long as we don’t have to be forced to wear masks or take experimental Covid vaccines and there is enough rainfall to maintain grass and grow fruit and vegetables.

One year on and we have not seen all the sights, visited all the lovely beaches, been to see the great migration or climbed the highest mountain (yet) but we hope to do all and more as soon as we can.

One year on and my grasp of the language is not as advanced as I would like.
However, I’m working on ensuring that the language will be learnt in the next coming year.

One year on and I’m ready to complete my first 3 books, praying that I will connect with all the right people I need to connect with and the books will a blessing to others and much needed income for my family and I.

One year on and I’m loving my spiritual and many respects, physical, emancipation.
I’m home before home, as I (like other believers) realise that my real home is in the presence of the Most High Almighty God, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach.

Thanks for reading.
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Phil G.
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua.
G Man.

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  1. One year on, praise God and you are loved and appreciated. May Father continue to lead you and to strengthen you in the challenges, granting you His wisdom as you go.

    Thanks for your diligence and consistency my brother. Stand fast xxx

    • Hi J,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      I hope you and yours are well.
      Thanks so much for your encouragement, I appreciate it and you.
      As someone who knows me offline, I’m just keeping it transparently 100. 🙂
      I will continue to lean on Abba Yeshua for direction, guidance, provision and all.
      Have a fantastic week sis.
      Much love. xx

    • Hi BB,
      As always, thanks for reading and the compliment.
      I sometimes refer to other people and what they do, to show new readers and visitors, that I do consider others and I realise that people are unique.
      That being said, I try to keep things as real as possible.
      If we met, you would instantly recognise that I’m the same person I show online.

      You, more than most, will know how people are, when you make a big move.
      Many wonder if it’s just a phase, some know that you’re serious, while others just don’t care.
      Did it get to a point for you, when the people who initially spoke to you after you moved, stopped contacting you?
      That’s what I’m finding out, it’s almost as if you have to chase some people for communication.
      I’m not very good at chasing people, it’s not a good look.
      However, I’m glad I still have my sister, who keeps in touch.

      It’s just over 15 months in now (to the date of this comment) and yeah, apart from my sister and a few others, the only thing I miss is the technology I used, to get my work done quicker.
      I sold the Power PC I made, on Ebay to raise funds, I miss that PC and my dual monitor setup.
      Laptops are cool but not the best for me to multitask with.

      Life is life, still got the negative situations to navigate but I thank God that there are so many more positives.
      We made the best decision for us.

      I’ll catch up with you on Twitter or your Blog.

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