I hope you are doing well.
We are living in, what I have been calling, interesting times.
At the start of 2020 we heard about a virus which was sweeping through parts of Asia but didn’t think it would become as aggressive and as feared by a large percentage, as it has.
Bible believing readers know the times we are living in and however much we read and believed, many (who didn’t receive prophetic insight) didn’t actually see the predicted events, specifically rolling out the way they have been, lock-downs and all, as rapidly as they have.

If you’ve read my Times and Seasons post, you would be aware of the sad event which we have recently experienced.
Today would have been my father-in-laws 87th birthday and as the observed (by my in-laws) lock-down was recently lifted, we would have probably made the short journey to go and visit him.
Death is sad, tragic and even devastating, however, people of faith, true believers, have extra help and coping mechanisms to assist them in the grieving process.
Those with an understanding of spiritual matters, especially concerning discernment, word of knowledge and prophetic insight, will know and understand when I say that things are made ‘slightly’ easier to deal with, when you have been “shown” certain things in advance, which Lois was…I’ll leave that there.

FSAC_Mr and Mrs Gayle

Please permit me to be a little indulgent, as we try our best to keep our spirits high, through all which is going on.
The 28th of last month marked our 29th year together, however, tomorrow marks our 26th Wedding Anniversary and we are extremely proud of that achievement.
Are you older than 23? If so, what were you doing at 23 years young?
We were preparing for our wedding at that age, as well as securing the deposit to obtain a mortgage for our first home together.

We are extremely grateful and happy that we have maintained the love and passion for each other and have learned to talk about nearly everything, which, initially, was not easy but is extremely rewarding.
We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other; being married for as long as we have, has highlighted both the lovers and the haters which surround us.
We all get by with help from our loving friends but can equally learn a lot from the jealous haters. You would be surprised who and where those haters are situated in your life.
People are people, misery does love company but as long as you always sincerely want the best for others, you will be blessed and protected by Love.

True fact, although we have done the short stay-cations, we haven’t been away ‘abroad’ together for nearly 16 years.
I got my passport renewed, just before the lock-down and Lois was due to renew hers, with the hope that we would be getting on a plane some time this week, for some much needed ‘us alone’ time.
Due to the current situation, that’s obviously not possible and with a funeral coming up next week, its definitely not feasible.
However, ever the optimists, we can’t complain, weather permitting tomorrow, we will try to get some tennis in and later have a picnic in a large park, ending with film night at home.

So July 2nd is one of our special days, no matter what, with all we’ve gone through over our 26 years of marriage, we believe its not only important to celebrate it for ourselves, it’s also important to show our children, how important marital love is.
Whether others remember your wedding anniversary or not, it’s important that you and your spouse remember and celebrate it, whichever way you can.
Keep loving and have a good evening.

Phil Gayle.
G Man


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