Natural beauty and other aesthetics

Being unique individuals automatically equates to us being diverse in our tastes and opinions.
The sometimes emotive but always subjective, topic of “beauty” ranks high on the list of personal taste and opinion.
Our character, nature, how we view life and treat others are the real measure of the beauty we contain as human beings.
However, external aesthetics cannot be ignored, it’s, rightly or wrongly, how we initially see others and view ourselves.
The subjectivity of external beauty can be a cause of debate, it can cause us to overlook required missing character/personality traits or even unfairly dismiss someone, due to a negative generalisation, which may not be true for that particular individual.

It’s understandable, if, the moment a man mentions natural beauty, that some women undertake the eye-roll with the accompanied yawn.
On the other hand, I would never be so presumptuous in believing that I could predict how every women would react, as I know there are many who are interested in what the male of the species, really thinks, that again, is down to personal choice.

I do think women have always been the topic of scrutiny, ridicule and attack from men, however, women also do it to other women, and can give men as good as they get.
For example concerning body aesthetics, in the fashion industry, for the longest time, whether it’s due to the men involved having deep-routed hate of women or maybe even deep-routed envy, for not having the shape, breasts, curves and movement of women.
The men involved in that industry have insisted and determined that the models should be as skinny as possible, with the least amount of natural feminine shape, sometimes looking like pre-pubescent boys.
Most have rightly argued that, that particular look, does not depict the average woman.
Sadly, those men were aided and abetted by women in the industry, who imposed that unrealistic and unnatural standard on other women and girls.
Standards, which caused many emotional, mental and physical health conditions for girls and young women in society in general (not just the fashion industry).
Thankfully, common sense and the rights of the natural women are prevailing and (no disrespect to the naturally slim or petite women) we are starting to see the more regular/average shaped female model ‘representing’, which can only be a good thing.

FSAC_Male height guide

Before I go deeper into the subject of natural beauty, I would like to make another point on aesthetics concerning women’s viewpoint of men.
I’m constantly amused how some women can freely comment on the appearance of men, especially their height and not think it could be somehow seen as offensive (to some, not me).
There is an argument to say that men have been doing that to women for ages, so women should be able to do the same to men and it’s a fair point.

However, on the subject of male height, it’s been alleged that the average height for men is 1.75m (5’9”) however there are a high proportion of women who state a preference for 6’ (1.83m) or over.
Unrealistic? Well, again, that’s subjective and personal preference I suppose.
At 1.78m I consider myself to be average height and as I don’t have any height issues, comfortable in my own skin and confident in myself, to me, a woman’s height is not an issue, however short or tall she may be.
Preferences and choices…we’re all allowed to have them.

FSAC_Looking after our skin and hair

I’m aware that there are some serious health and medical reasons why some may need to apply and wear make-up, wigs etc. or need cosmetic surgery and I’m not referring to those reasons.
Cosmetics and make-up in general, was known to age a woman’s face, especially if applied for long periods, over a number of years…The more a woman applied, the more she would need to keep ‘covering up’.
Some cosmetic companies have made leaps and strides to counteract that, with breathable, organic, mineral based alternatives which are better for the skin and health in general.

Yes, it’s my personal preference, I love the minimal ‘real and natural’ look.
I’m not intimidated by women who choose to show their inner confidence outwardly, who are comfortable in their own skin to show their true individuality and I’m sure I’m not alone.
I know most women are not walking around looking for validation from men and nor should they be.
I know, it’s a woman’s right to adorn herself however she sees fit.
However, in an attempt to look ‘different’ with the countless, hair colours, wigs, weaves, hair extensions, implants and cosmetics available, women are starting to look like different versions of whoever is ‘trending’ losing the beauty of their uniqueness along the way.

FSAC_Natural beauty

There’s nothing wrong with natural hair, no matter how short it is or long it grows.
There’s nothing wrong with having your own eye-lashes or nails.
There’s nothing wrong with applying natural organic hair products.
There’s nothing wrong with applying natural organic/mineral based moisturisers and sun-blocks.
There’s nothing wrong with applying clear organic lip balm, lip gloss or clear nail varnish or nail hardener.
There’s nothing wrong with healthy eating and exercise, your fit healthy body is yours, no need for implants of any kind.

Now more than ever, its easy to see when a woman is comfortable and confident in her own skin.
Congratulations to all women who are confident enough to ‘keep things natural’, the women who do not seek validation from the cosmetic companies or the surgeons knife or needle.
You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you, however, I will tell you anyway.
You are natural, you are beautiful and you are attractive…encourage others to do the same and demonstrate their own ‘unique’ natural beauty.

Phil G
G Man

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