My response to a Tweet concerning Ethnicity, Xenophobia and Prejudice

The featured image on this short post, is a screenshot from a Tweet from a friend on Twitter.
I’m not sure if that friend has actually read and fully understood my question in my previous post, concerning Whoopi Goldberg, however, this particular friend is a rare gem, as they are one of the few people in my network, who takes the time to ‘show some love’ and leave a comment, here on The For Singles and Couples Blog.

I have decided to respond here and link back, for two reasons.
The limitation of the Tweet fields and also the lack of additional editing for special characters etc.

My response to their Tweet…
You’re right, we may have experienced it for longer but us Africans are not the only race ‘ethnic group’ to suffer xenophobia and prejudice.
Every ethnic group (Black, Brown, Cream & White) has suffered xenophobia & prejudice from other ethnic groups.
Also, all ethnic groups have been guilty of being self-deprecating (no matter what language they speak or what they believe) by in-fighting and inflicting same-colour ‘negative actions of prejudice’ not racism, on each other. As in the Holocaust situation Whoopi referred to.

The word ‘ethnic’ also has suspect origins but it’s not as bad as using the word(s) ‘race’ or ‘other races’.
The latter is nonsensical, as we are all a part of ‘one race’ and that is the ‘human race’.
Why I dislike the word ‘race’ (to specify differences) is because it’s origins stems from the old elitist imperial, thieving, raping, fake-Christian, xenophobic European colonisers.
Who used the word as a means of segregation, to set up class distinctions (of so-called species) in order to distance themselves and justify the wicked and vile enslavement & genocide of fellow human beings, who did not look like them.
It saddens me when POC use that word, as it smacks of a lack of knowledge/ignorance.
That word cannot be ‘taken back/appropriated’ and used against C&WP as a form of retaliation.
It just shows ignorance (or laziness) to use the brain to choose appropriate words, also, two wrongs don’t make it right.

The human race is in this mess due to ‘missing the mark’ God set down for us, on how to treat each other, no matter what colour we are.
No true relationship, with Yeshua = no real understanding of how love covers a multitude of sins.
Also, no real relationship with Yeshua = no peace.

FSAC_Correct reference to Ethnicity

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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