I would really like to be able to speak any language I need to, in any country I find myself living in.
I know, it’s a big dream and not easy but some find it easier than others.
A Sicilian friend speaks 3 languages and teaches Spanish (not Italian), an English school friend I teaches French and I now a number of bi-lingual and multilingual people.
As I don’t have those skills (at present) I have adopted the use of the GTranslate WordPress plugin.
I’ve had it installed on this site for a while now but I have never really looked into how effective it is until today.
Just over a few hours ago I asked some people to visit the site and use it, when they have the free time.
I would really like to know how effective it is at translating English into their native tongue.

Shhh, don’t tell everyone…after going viral and being banned, I am now back on Twitter.
I’m trying to keep a low profile and trying not to get drawn into ‘certain debates’ but it’s hard not to.
I’m also going to be Tweeting a request, to see if there are any multi-lingual ‘readers’ out there, who wouldn’t mind testing the plug-in.
I have to admit, I’m usually disappointed with many of my fellow Twitter users, as many of them seem so reluctant to leave the Twitter bubble and comment on an open and free-speech platform.
It seems to be a big problem with the majority who use SMPs (Social Media Platforms) whether they’ve been Zucked (Metered) or otherwise.
However, as I’m ever the optimist, I will request the assistance anyway and live in hope that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

How about you? if you’re visiting this site from a search engine query or a link on another site.
Do you speak any additional languages?
If you do, please feel free to test the plug-in and use the comment field below, to share your findings.

I’m developing another website at the moment and based on my off-line and online (if any) results, I will be able to give the GTranslate people, an honest review, both on WordPress and also on the new website.
Thanks in advance, for your assistance.

Have a fantastic week.

Phil G.
Watiwa Mototo wa Yeshua
G Man

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