Occasionally you read an article or quote, or hear someone on TV say that they don’t see colour.
I think it’s one of the most ridiculous things that anyone can say, in an attempt to seem inclusive and ‘non offensive’.
It’s a fact of life, human beings, whether male or female, come in various shapes and colours.
We are living in serious times, you would have to be both
blind and deaf not to notice the current social and political climate.
In saying that, to allude to a recent Tweet I posted, generally, the one thing we always seem to make the time for, are romantic/love relationships and more importantly, marriage.

If you’ve read past posts and Tweets, you would be aware that I use the more appropriate term ‘ethnicity’ for skin colour reference, also, you will never hear me refer to an individual as being purple or green, as that’s ridiculous.
The logical side of my brain, habitually lists the colour aspect of all individuals alphabetically, there are always variations in tone but I see people and refer to them as Black, Brown, Cream or White.

This topic is an important aspect of the “For Singles and Couples” book but it’s most definitely not the most important, or the only topic.
It’s just appropriate (at this particular time) to spend a moment to touch on a few things which will be in that book and a couple of others I’m working on.

Love and colour…Some believe only theirs should be celebrated, some are threatened by the types which don’t look like theirs, some feel theirs should be celebrated more because of the ‘difference’ while others feel theirs should be the norm.
However, you feel and whatever you think, it’s still all…Love.

I’ve been sharing the following on Twitter…do you believe in or have one of the following?

FSAC_Same colour love

I’m aware that there are some, who see people, who ‘only’ date their people (of their own colour) as being Xenophobic but that’s not necessarily true.
Many also overlook an ‘arguably’ greater problem and that is same-colour prejudice, which can affect people from any ethnic group.
You may already know what same-colour prejudice is, it’s something which (like Xenophobia) is also incorrectly called ‘racism’.
Same-colour prejudice involves people not liking or not finding those acceptable, who have a differing class/social status, don’t come from the same part of the country as they do, come from a different country or speak another language.
This also includes people who are main-landers who are anti islanders & vice-versa and can also include a dislike of the variation of skin tone (darker vs lighter).
I make no secret, I see both Xenophobia and Prejudice as ‘curable’ mental conditions.
In saying that, in fairness, the choice can be based without being Xenophobic or Prejudice, based solely on personal preference, shared values, beliefs etc. and nothing else.

FSAC_Preference or Prejudice
FSAC_Mixed ethnic love

The depiction of mixed love seems to constantly cause a stir, no matter what ethnic group.
From the media’s point of view, It’s contradictory, as you have a large number of advertisers using this form of love to promote their services but a large number of those adverts contain Black Men & White Women.
However, you have a number of TV shows like ABCs ‘The Bachelor USA’, who refuse to have a Black Bachelor.
As I said above, I will cover this topic in greater depths but I feel it’s important to say that everyone can proclaim to have a valid argument in this area and I have read many differing views on the subject.

FSAC_Bachelor USA
FSAC_Emotional and mental balance in love.

It could be argued (just as with those who are Xenophobic or Prejudice) that those who ‘only’ search out relationships with a person of a different ethnicity, also have a ‘curable’ mental condition, and could be referred to as having deep routed self-hate issues.
All scenarios are complex, and need to be covered more in-depth.

FSAC_Questionable other colour loving

There is another question/point to be made about some within a mixed-love relationship.

The above is one topic of conversation you hardly hear around people in mixed love, it raises all sorts of interesting  thoughts for debate.
I’m fortunate enough to know of individuals who have friends of the same gender with ethnicities which match their partner.
However, on the other side, I also know people who don’t…

How do you feel about the topic of love and colour?
What love do you have?
Whatever your opinion, where human beings are concerned, it’s important to remember the following…

FSAC_One race

Phil Gayle
G Man

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