Leaps of faith and the thing about money

My good friend and best man Lucas Langdon (who died in 2016) would always say, “There’s money out there Phil” and would go on to comment on how some waste it, others spend it wisely, while many hold onto their excess, as if their life depended on it, unwilling to share and help others.
Lucas was a pioneer in the contemporary Gospel & Christian music scene.
He took a massive leap of faith, which saw him, as a capable and gifted singer himself, choosing to work behind the scenes.
He set up ‘Awake’ at the ending of the 1980’s, in an attempt to bring the best of US/International (and UK based) contemporary Gospel & Christian music in general, to the mainstream British audience, mainly via Radio but also via TV and music magazines.
His vision included managing, advertising, marketing and promoting UK Gospel artistes, to the rest of the world.
I first met him in the early 1990s and by then, he had been around the block a few times and gave me insight into what it was like to have a massive vision, while not having the initial support or finances, to be able to push the vision forward, as he would like.
Did he make mistakes? Of course he did but as I mentioned, he was a pioneer.
When you start to do something (that no one in your local vicinity) thought or attempted to do, you will make mistakes, it’s part of the course.

I assisted where I could, even when it became apparent (to me) that my path, as much as I shared the vision and love music, was in a different direction.
I laughed with him, cried with him, prayed with him, fasted with him, we had our occasional disagreements but I spent hours into the night discussing and working with him, as he worked, until he died, to push his vision forward.
He was a good example of many things but the main thing he showed me, was how to consistently push on with working on your purpose and your God-given vision, with true faith.
Due to the chain of events, which often involved having to include other (sometimes unreliable) people in the process.
Having to make forecasts and projections, which at times would fall short and having personal situations encroach on his work and time, he would often (being the head and person in charge) bear the brunt of (mostly unwarranted) negative criticisms.
Criticisms, which usually came from those, who would have loved to both thought of and initiated the ideas he did, themselves.

IARNR_Yeshua and Peter walking on water
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Critics who were not visionaries, or full of ‘true faith’ (like he was) in order to get out of the boat themselves, believe, walk on the water and work with Yeshua, to make it happen.
The modern term usually used for those critics would be ‘haters’, when Luc’s business was going great they were quiet or gave half-hearted compliments but when it wasn’t, they had a lot to say about his management, work and whether or not it was actually a God-given vision.

When my good friend stepped out the boat, he was a single man still living at home.
Marriage and co-parenting came along his journey later.
Sadly, Lucas died only completing around 60% of what he wanted to achieve.
However, seeing all that he had gone through, didn’t put me off of taking my own leaps of faith and getting out of the boat myself.
The cost to me was greater, as I had a wife and a few children back then.
In November 1998 my true faith-walk began, when I started to truly let go and trust Yeshua.
My history of leaving a national newspaper, working with Lucas, being involved in religious ministry and running two businesses with Lois, has been documented in various sections of this website.
If you’ve read the ‘Exodus…’ and ‘Geographical locations…’ posts as well as watched my recent Vlogs, you would begin to gain an understanding into how seriously I take the truthful reminder, in Paul’s 2nd letter to the Church in Corinth and Paul’s Letter to the Hebrew Church.
Also, how firm my belief is, concerning what Yeshua said (to those who are listening) concerning the possibilities with Him.

FSAC_Quote from the rich list

I’ve seen the countless amounts of Tweets concerning riches and it never ceases to amaze me how one-dimensional, peoples views are.
However, I understand, as the temporary allowed powers that be, have been allowed to pull the proverbial wool over many of human-kinds eyes, ever since they inspired the making of coinage and especially since paper money was introduced.
I wrote ‘The Rich list’ in an attempt to broaden the horizons of the reader and encourage them to look at life and riches deeper, hopefully seeing money as a tool, not a god to be worshipped.

I totally agree with what Paul said in his first letter to Timothy.
I do believe that good honest work, should receive payment and whether, you’re providing a legitimate service, selling products or books, the worker should be paid.

Those who know me, know that these particular verses, apply to me, it’s been the story of my life since 1993, especially since starting our first business in 1998.
I can emphatically say that financial stability has nothing to do with giving to charities or not, paying tithes or offerings, or not.
I have found myself (as others have) in abundance, whether I have given to others or not and in need of more, whether I have given to others or not.
In truth, there are times and seasons for everything but I believe, Yeshua examines us to see the state of our emotional and spiritual conditions, whether we have a lot (financially or materially) or a little.
I can also emphatically say, if my belief was based on knowing I always had the finance in the bag, whether weekly or monthly.
If I only believed in Yeshua because I acquired finances exactly when I wanted it, every time I wanted it, I would have fallen away (sadly like many) from the faith, a long time ago.
My life in that area, has been a constant test of faith, I have proved, through the fire, that I believe and serve Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, for who He is and what He did for me (Salvation) and not what He allows me to have financially or materially.
My life experiences and watching others (especially concerning Western Christianity) has shown me, It’s very easy for an individual to call themselves a Christian and say they have faith, when they have the regular weekly or monthly wage/payment coming into their accounts.
Or when their health and fitness is good and strong with no signs of sickness or prolonged illness.
What Lucas and I (and many others) have experienced is the true kind of faith that Paul mentions to the Hebrew Church.
The type of faith which causes true believers to trust Yeshua and stand firm, even when the finance is not coming in as required or individuals suffer prolonged bouts of illness or serious health conditions; To name just a couple of tests of true faith.

Speaking of true faith, our exodus was no different, it was a massive leap of faith, one in which, the natural mind (remember my Awake post) could not understand, as the figures didn’t add up.
One person actually asked us, how are we paying our bills.
First and foremost, I don’t go around asking people (whether they have moved country or not) how they pay their bills.
If it was Joe average asking the question, I would not have been surprised, as they don’t understand, however, this was a question coming from someone who is supposed to be a believer.
They received an answer based on the Word of Yeshua, maybe not what they wanted to hear but we believe it’s what they needed to hear.

I’m a great believer in hard work, skill and determination, I also believe we should do all we can, while leaving Yeshua to handle the big things that we can’t do.
I mentioned coming from under the ‘concrete’ ceiling, where we were before and we feel we are finally in a place, where, if given the opportunities, we will thrive materially as well as already thriving physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Please don’t misunderstand, it has been hard going, exercising true faith is not easy.
For example, before moving, we couldn’t sell all that we wanted to due to being in a lockdown but Yeshua still made a way.
To the date of this post, our faith walk is still very much in operation, trusting Yeshua for the necessaries.
Keeping in mind what I said in my recent ‘Thankful post‘.
This may sound contradictory but while I firmly agree with King David, I’ve also had to learn (when in need of help) to be humble enough to receive financial support, when it’s offered.

We had a situation recently where someone was led to bless one of our children with some finances.
We were obviously grateful but more importantly, our child is learning important lessons concerning faith, prayer, blessings and giving.
We will always pray for those who are generous (as well as the selfish) and we pray that Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, continues to bless that individual immensely with holistic blessings.
We pray that the situation they have been asking for clarity on, will be answered soon. In Yeshua’s name. Amen!

Even when I’m in serious financial need, I will not beg, as I said, I agree with King David.
I simply believe, when I’m in need and the finances are not moving as quickly as needed.
After putting the case to Daddy Yeshua in prayer, He will always let loving and generous souls know (whether they call themselves believers or not) and they will be moved (as I have been led to help others in the past) with the right motives, to help me and my family out.

Why the need for assistance from others?
Firstly, it helps to keep believers remaining humble, realising that they need God in every aspect of their life but also to work with, to give and receive help from others.
Secondly, when the vision is God-given, it is massive and larger than the individual who has been given the vision.
Lastly, it’s important to realise that visions/business/ministries/projects/services which help others spiritually as well as physically, have huge obstacles and opposition to overcome.
Negative spiritual and human forces do not want ministries/businesses like that to thrive, due to the abilities of that ministry/business to positively affect and promote holistic emancipation for others…it’s never going to be easy.

If you have a dream or vision to do something, especially something that will benefit others.
Don’t be afraid, to write that vision down, put it in prayer to Yeshua, exercise some faith, step out of the boat, keep your focus and consistently work hard.
Admittedly, you will not be able to speak to everyone about it, look for people who exercise true and real faith, who are also there to help others do the same.
Share your vision with those individuals and always remember what Yeshua said.

So we soldier on, there is a big vision I/we have to complete, while we still can.
By the Grace and Mercy of Yeshua and in honour of our departed friend, we will endeavour to do as much as we can, to complete as much of the vision as possible, to glorify Yeshua and to help and encourage others.

Thank you for reading.

Amani! 🙏🏿
Phil G
Watiwa Moto wa Yeshua
G Man

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