FSAC_Time goes by and the world keeps turning.

I hope you have been looking after yourself and keeping safe.
It’s that time of the year again, yes, elections.
Like most, I’ve grown weary of trying to participate by voting, in the hope of making a change.
I love the guys and girls on Twitter but I’ve been taking some time out to focus and that involves refraining from the scroll and tweet, as well as the biting of my lip, when I see things which need more than a thread tweet, to correctly respond.
Thankfully, those in my network are more rounded and balanced, having the ability to discuss and muse over the creative and light, as well as the other more deeper (non-political) issues of life.
The religion of politics aside, concerning the Blog and Tweet networks, I have made many observations, too obvious to list.
While keeping an eye open on what’s happening in the world, I try my best to avoid the MM, as the scaremonger propaganda preached, is both embarrassing and disgustingly biased.
The contradictory news concerning the Plandemic continues to circulate and I have a hard time listening to people claim they don’t believe the lies in the news, whilst fearfully following the dictates being preached.


I’m trying to remain focused at the moment, as major changes are ahead and I’m not talking about the news of a 2nd wave, threats of additional unnecessary lock-downs, Covid vaccines or the emergence of the NWO/OWG trying to implement “the great reset” and “new way of living”.
Amidst the chaos, and political preaching (of the allowed powers that be) it’s always important to remember and hold onto the the fact that there are lot of wonderful things still happening in this world and will continue to happen, right up until the end.
I’m hoping those ‘who know’, are implementing their “purpose plans” and winning.
Changes are inevitable and we have been busy researching and planning, whilst undergoing those changes, in preparation for future major changes.

I was once told that the book you 1st think about writing is usually the 2nd or 3rd book you should write.
For a while, I rejected that notion internally, however (for me) it turns out to be a correct one.
“Finding the balance” has always been the challenge, words so easily spoken, yet (at times) so hard to achieve.
I have a new approach to my online shares (aka Blog posts) as well as my WIPs in that I have dropped a number of notions, which I believe will liberate me, allowing me to flow freely in my gifts and passions, in order to fulfil my purpose.
While I still very much hold onto the sentiments shared in my posts ‘I couldn’t’, ‘Love and colour’ and ‘Too much’ In my recent research, I have come to the acceptance that (whilst not contradicting what FSAC is about or my introduction) I have to be more specific.
The focus has me both accepting and sharing (without prejudice) life and life issues, specifically concerning me and my experiences; always ‘pro’ never ‘anti’.
All will become evident in the process of time but I will add that the changes will also be accompanied by a slight change in the FSAC (For Singles And Couples) logo.

Some Blog posts (extracts from all WIP) are to follow, while working on and completing 2 of my WIPs before the continuation and completion of the main For Singles And Couples book.
Thanks for reading.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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