Greetings (Salamu).
I hope you are well and looking after yourself holistically.
Regular visitors know, I share because I care, I’m an expressive communicator, who believes that we can do one of two things, with our universal experiences.
Selfishly attempt to keep them to ourselves or share them, in the hope of helping others going through similar situations; I obviously choose to do the latter.

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While I’m passionate and firm in my beliefs, knowing that the principles and guidelines ‘work’.
I’m mature enough to understand that I cannot force anyone into doing things that are just not in them to do, nor do I want to.

This is a post of encouragement to all those in ‘the fight’, to those who know that we are wrestling with more than what we can physically see.
An encouragement to my brethren of all colours (Black, Brown, Cream & White), males and females of all ages.
This is for those who ‘know’ they are here for a purpose, have a vision and have to deal with both natural and supernatural opposition to that vision, in order to fulfil your purpose.
To those who have and are overcoming the labels, with the internal and external struggles.
You’re not an imposter, you are the real deal, when you get up from prayer, hold your head up, keep the faith, trust through the process, push on, remember where you came from and remember to encourage others on your safari.


It’s important to know the enemy, those which dwell among us and in some.
For Yeshua’s greater plan and His ‘bigger picture’, they have been allowed to plague the human race, ever since father Adam and mother Eve disobeyed Yeshua.
Since the expulsion from Eden, after marriage and having children, they have been allowed to interfere with and assist mankind with blatant disobedience to Yeshua.
Creating havoc, hate, envy, jealousy, murder, all forms of abuse, sexual deviance, tribal/nation prejudice, xenophobia, blasphemies, idolatry, pagan worship, witchcraft, slavery, misogyny, grand theft, country invasions, wars and more.

They have been allowed to offer the alternative of ‘religion’ to mankind, in opposition to ‘relationship’ with Yeshua and sadly, many have accepted it, preferring it to a relationship with Yeshua EL Shaddai, the Father of all spirits, including them.

The enemies of the human race, have envied and hated us humans in equal measure, they know (for those of us in relationship with Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach) our final destination, is far greater and cannot be compared, to what the top 1% financial acquirers, have been allowed to create here on earth, usually under the deception and control of their leader.
That hate also comes with knowing, their time of interference will soon come to an end, with their destination being the lake of fire.

They’ve also hated us because, Yeshua made woman for man, to love, marry, procreate and bring up families to the glory of His name.
They have been jealous of the union and love between man and woman from the dawn of time.
The representation (in marriage) knowing that it also represents how Yeshua loves His bride (His obedient disciples in relationship with Him, His Church) and they attempt to do everything in their power to ruin the unions, alter and therefore assist the human race in mocking the foundation, principles and truth of marriage and sadly, many fall for and accept their evil alternatives.

They have been allowed to deceive many, while they know there is only one God and they know our Fathers name, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, they have mingled with councils and inspired the traditions of men, to create idolatry, the belief in a trinity and the existence of other gods for other religions.

They have been allowed to change and appropriate knowledge of the physical creations (the science) which Yeshua originally shared with Enoch, into the science and religion of men, causing many to believe in it as an alternative, to the knowledge of and relationship with Yeshua.

They have caused many to create false words and terms which lead to confusion and unbelief, like atheism and secularism, neither of which exist, as they know the Spirit of Yeshua EL Shaddai, is everywhere.

They have observed us for millennia, they see the signs and know when Yeshua has called and chosen individuals.
They come after us with a vengeance, in order for us to be so demoralised, for us to abort our vision, as they know, only we have the power to kill the vision.
They motivate and use relatives, family, friends, frenemies and associates to negatively impact us, both actively with negative words and actions or passively, with withdrawn silence.

We all have a story to share of how we overcame our own stupid actions, poor choices and mistakes, usually instigated and assisted by them.
I’m grateful for the mercies and forgiveness of Father, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I took full responsibility for those errors, which, in my young adult stage, nearly caused me to destroy my marriage.

Overall, throughout my life, I know what I have done and take accountability for both the good and bad and know that the plans they made for my downfall, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, turned around for His glory.
To humble my previous arrogance and condemnatory spirit and to enable me to have more understanding, patience and compassion for others.

They may assist and cause others in their insecurities, jealousy and envy, to negatively speak about me and mine, to hate us and want our failure.
While, they (the human puppets) don’t know, the enemies know, you cannot curse who Abba Yeshua blesses.
They also know, the negativity of the haters only harms themselves and are happy to sit among the many and within the few (who allow them in) to speak and plot all manner of things against Yeshua’s people of vision and purpose.

While the enemies want us to be apologetic of true blessings and to fake unhappiness, to please those who are not in relationship with Yeshua, I refuse to be apologetic for the blessings of a good and honest marriage, especially after all the things we have been through.
I will not be apologetic for the other blessings I have and will encourage others to declare the works of Adonai, in their lives to encourage others to believe and trust in Yeshua.

While they stir up enmity, jealousy and insecurities in the hearts of others, by the grace and mercy of Yeshua EL Shaddai, I have grown enough to learn how to deal with the negativity of others.
Using my Spiritual gifts, I have learned how to identify what’s behind the passive aggressive silence, or the all out verbal attack, learning how to respond positively.

While they have deceived others into believing they should keep quiet, to be inoffensive to other people.
Abba Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, has spiritually touched my lips and my tongue, fortified my mind and heart and told me to speak and share what He has given me, to assist those who will hear.
I refuse to make excuses or live in fear, I will speak as I’m instructed and inspired to.

While they continue to deceive the religious, those who say they believe in God, encouraging them to embrace sin as love and deceiving them into believing that their lukewarm compromise, is an act of love and compassion for people.
I will continue to truly love, first by working with Yeshua to correct me, then by showing others where they are wrong, according to Yeshua’s word, not my opinion.
Exhibiting true and real love for the individual, not the sin they commit, which is wrong and contrary to the word of Yeshua.

I refuse to be intimidated by the religiously deceived, I believe, if they are also chosen, their eyes will eventually be opened to see the Truth and know Him as I do.

While I have been given ambition, as a fuel to propel me in service to Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, I refuse to let that ambition and drive, blind me to false humility or vain glory.
I know the gifts I’ve been given are from Abba Yeshua and they are to be used to help my fellow human beings, thereby glorifying Adonai Yeshua in the process.
None of the enemies and no religious/non-believing human being, can deter me from those objectives.

In speaking of ambition, while I previously verbally declared, a desire to be in a position, financially, to help the many, not just the few.
I was visited by their leader, in a dream back in 2019, manifesting as a tall slime White guy, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, immaculately dressed and groomed, in his White designer suit.
He declared that I will never achieve my financial ambitions, unless I submit to him, like the rich and famous individuals, which he showed me on the elevated multiple giant digital screens, in a blacked out room.

I believe, I will achieve exactly what I’m meant to achieve, according to the will, plan and purpose in which Yeshua EL Shaddai made me.

I understand that (at times) my disappointment in the lost religious/non-believing individuals, not ‘seeing it’, really saddens me.
However, I refuse to allow my compassion for the souls and resulting sadness, to put me into a perpetual WTP (what’s the point) mentality, knowing that it would cause me to jeopardise my vision.
Just as it would believing the lies of no one cares, no one will help you, no one is listening or, you’re on your own.

I understand and know that the enemies of the human race, are all masters of the strategic game, especially their leader.
However, I believe the word of Yeshua, that His Holy Spirit which lives in me and drives me to love and forgive, is greater than their spirits collectively and the human spirits they deceive into coming against Yeshua’s people.

I know my God, I know His voice and I will not follow any other.
I know He is the one supreme and almighty entity, who walked and talked with Adam after creating him and promised the historical patriarchs that He himself would save His people and He did.
He taught us to love and forgive, while showing us how to move away from and live free from sin.
He took our sin, died for us and being God, rose again for us.
He dispersed His Holy Spirit, first to His disciple in the upper room, teaching his people through the disciples/apostles, via His Holy Spirit.
To this day, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach continues to disperse His Spirit, filling all true believers.

I also know, in emulating my Adonai, I can say with assurance, that the enemies can do nothing to me and they cannot bring any human against me, unless, He, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, allows it, as He is sovereign.

Above all, I know that all things work together for my good, because I love Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, because I am called and chosen according to His purpose.

I will continue to encourage my fellow brethren to remember the words above.
I will not be intimidated or discouraged by family, relatives, friends, frenemies or associates, who do not know Yeshua and hate what I’m working to achieve.
Modern day disciples are here to stay until Yeshua calls us home and/or He returns.
We will not fall away from the faith, due to the populace doctrines of the NWO religion, where sin becomes loving allowance (in their eyes) and speaking the truth in love (in their eyes) is seen as arrogant, condemnatory hate. What a deception of the enemies.

Real and final judgment is coming and it’s my hope to help as many as possible, to be on the right side of that judgement and I make no apologies for that.

Stay strong and true in relationship with Abba Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, my fellow faith-walkers.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and have a blessed start to a fantastic week of achievement.

Much Love.

Yeshua’s Blessings.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man.

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