It’s a religion for many, who see those who share them as profits and counsellors, who can predict their activities for a day, week or month as well as inform them concerning their best partners.
Many see them as a joke; some think there may be something in them, while others allow their lives to be completely dictated by them.
There are some who believe that their personality and character types are determined by the time, day and month they were born.
Some also hold to the belief that the course of events for their life, over a day or week can be determined according to where they were born within a month and religiously look for forecasts in newspapers, magazines or online for guidance and insight.
I’m talking about Astrological Star(Sun) signs.

In reality, the activities of our days determined by God, our personality and character traits are determined by the following factors.

Some of our personality traits come from our biological parents, as well as maternal and paternal grandparents.

Environment & Experiences
Our local environment (the people we spend time with) and our response to life-situations, help to develop our personal experiences and shape our personality and character.
We can also mirror some of the habits and attitudes of those we spend the most time with.

What we learn through our schools, colleges, universities and personal studying/research help to shape the way we think and behave.

Whether we look for spiritual depth and meaning or scientific explanations, our beliefs have a strong influence on how we think and behave.

In conclusion
How we “choose” to respond and interact with others and how we show our personality and character, is down to a combination of all of the above factors, not our time, day or month of birth.
It’s foolish not to attempt to do something important, based on a negative daily forecast.
Or to choose which jobs to apply for based on them ‘supposedly’ not being right for your star sign.
It would be ridiculous to choose friends based on their supposed star sign and more importantly, extremely ‘relationship limiting’ to choose or reject a possible life partner, due to their ‘star/sun sign’.
If you are one who religiously seeks out your horror-scope, or base relationships (friend or romantic) on star signs.
Have a serious think about it and you’ll see…It’s not in the stars.

Phil G
G Man

First published : 17th November 2019
Updated: 23rd September 2022

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