I’m sorry if

* I don’t go along with what Big pharma & the World Harm Organisation are peddling.
They all have poor track records supporting dangerously experimental ‘weird science’.
I prefer to do my own research, in search of both good and natural science, from doctors and health practitioners who really seek to heal and do no harm.

* You feel uncomfortable because I don’t ‘belong’ to a religious organisation.
I’m a Kingdom of Yeshua man ( His disciple and member of His true Church) and I ‘belong to Him’.
He paid ‘the price’, it wasn’t paid by an organisation, religion, man or woman.

* You feel annoyed that I mention the name of God frequently, rather than use generic references, which make you feel more comfortable.
Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach’s name has power and many do not realise the truth concerning His name, in the Book of Acts Chapter 4: verse 12.

* You dislike me using the Hebrew rather than the Greek.
As I’ve grown more in my relationship with Him, it feels more natural to use the Hebrew.
Yahweh saves/Yahweh our Salvation = Yeshua Hamashiach (Hebrew) or Jesus Christ (Greek).

* You feel I should only be using the KJ version of the Bible.
I don’t have a problem with the KJV, I studied old English literature, many have not.
If you haven’t noticed, people today do not speak in thee’s, thy’s and thou’s.
I use the NKJ (in addition to the KJV) as it retains the meaning (unlike the ‘other’ versions) using modern English, which people can ‘understand’.
Admittedly the Hebrew Translations to English versions (which I also use) are even better, but not many have them.

* You feel I should want to get into lengthy religious debates to prove ‘you’ are correct.
While I’m happy to talk on all things relating to Yeshua, I’m weary of entertaining spirits (human or otherwise) who have alternative agenda’s, other than understanding and agreeing on Truths.
I’m always reminded of what Paul told Timothy.
I know who I’m here for and that does not involve going back and forth in argument, proving myself to you.
If you’re an argumentative, must get the last word type, online, I’ll just put you on mute.
Offline, I’ll just say, God bless…and walk away.

* You are annoyed with me that I disagree that all Baptisms are the same.
They are not, true Baptism = full immersion, as the first and original believers (disciples) did it, in Yeshua’s name, to mature children and adults (not babies) as written in the Book of Acts.

* You are annoyed that I say there is only one God.
Maybe you have not had your own personal revelation as yet, I would advise studying further and listening to Teachings such as 3 kinds of Christianity, which explains why certain parts of the ‘versions’ in publication, are written the way they are.
There are translations which actually adhere to the original Monotheistic ‘truth’, seek and you will find them.

* You get confused, mistaking my love for people and finding a level to communicate with them…with loving worldly things.
You obviously have to brush up on your relational skills, understand your religious mind is making you think and behave just like the Pharisees and Sadducees did with Yeshua, due to His ability to communicate and understand the average man and woman.
Learn the meaning of (what Yeshua said) concerning how to make your light become more effective.

* I go on about God (Yeshua) too much, for your liking.
He is the reason for everything, not just one particular season.
It is He who causes us to exist, causes me to love (even those who hate me) and motivates me to help others.

* You think, because I know that you’re not a believer and I have a sense of humour, that I’m OK with your crass jokes or foul language.
I’m not, I’m answerable to Yeshua, who would not be pleased if I resurrected, the dead and buried, old me, by laughing along with you or using similar language.
Be respectful to me and my beliefs as I am non-condemnatory, of you and your lack of beliefs.

* You think that men and women can’t be friends without something physical and sexual going on.
I think they can, but honesty must be the foundation of that friendship with feelings being made plain and clear.
I will not allow myself to be pressured into not having great supporting friends, just because they are female.

* You are a supporter or have been leaned on, by the alphabet mafia and expect me to be the same.
While I’m annoyed (at times) with people who want others to accept what they do (in their own personal sex life) as a norm, especially when it is not.
Mine is not a position of fear, hate or to attack, as much as it’s not to sit back and accept what’s wrong, under the guise of not wanting to look unloving or judgemental.
True believers are called to love the sinner (person) but hate sin and sinful acts, we also have a duty of care to inform participants why certain activities are wrong.

* You feel that you are better than members of the alphabet mafia, simply because your serial sexual relationships are with members of the opposite sex.
You’re wrong, while God does identify certain practices as disgusting, in His eyes, sin is sin.
If you haven’t made a mature, loving and spiritual commitment in marriage and you are having sex, it’s wrong.

* You know me offline and feel awkward about my writing, believing I share TMI (too much information).
I’m an open book and I believe in keeping things real.
My belief is that we are uniquely made individuals, sharing similar life experiences.
Which means, sharing scenarios and real life events, in the belief that it will help others to make sense of what they are going through.
That’s why I encourage people to share their comments on the posts.
If we put ourselves and insecurities aside, we can unselfishly help others, who read the comments.
It’s how I see life and I will continue to remain open and real, to also help others see and understand that I have real life experiences, not just theory.

* You are upset with my views on patriotism and nationalism.
I understand that people are proud.
However, patriotism/nationalism is a religious replacement & distortion of the passion, pride & love the heart (and spiritual part of us) should be feeling for Yeshua.
It’s about a relationship with & worship of the ‘Creator’ not his creations, or the creations of the creations (countries, political parties, presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, flags or guns).
Putting it bluntly, it’s idolatry and a sin.

* You are wandering why I don’t solely focus on my ‘Black experience’.
While I am obviously a Black man and pro-self.
I cannot discount the commonalities we all share, crossing all nationalities, ethnicities and colours.
Living as long as I have, in a White run country and now in the motherland, I have a unique perspective and I will continue to write in the best way possible, to share my multi-faceted experiences.
Also, as a true believer, I have to see people as Yeshua does, loving all, Black, Brown, Cream and White, whether they love me back or not.
Loving the individual, not loving the many sins the individuals are guilty of committing.

* You are upset that I don’t promote the nonsensical belief that ‘people should stick to their own colour’.
If you’ve read my other posts and tweets, you will know that, while I’m happily in a Black love relationship, I have also had past experience of being in a mixed love relationship.
I also have friends and relatives in mixed love and some are children of mixed love relationships.
Colour, country, region, language and tribal prejudices exist among people of the same colour, making the ‘stick to your own’ statement ridiculous.
Our own, are our fellow human beings who share our beliefs, ideals, way of life and morality, irrespective of colour.
If I, God-forbid, became a widower and was remotely interested in marrying again, that would be the main criteria for my (spiritually legal) second wife.

* You get annoyed at my regular referral to natural beauty.
I repeatedly refer to ‘natural beauty‘ for a number of reasons.
I believe there is something really beautiful about a woman who doesn’t let cosmetic, advertising and media companies or another nations ideology (usually European) define what beauty and confidence should look like.
While I’m well aware of the ‘my body my rules’ belief and not imposing my alpha patriarchal masculinity on anyone, not even my wife.
I make no apologise for saying that seeing a woman, Black, Brown, Cream or White, confidently go without makeup, fakery, false bits, extensions, weaves, wigs, implants, dangerous chemicals or dying to cover grey hair etc. as a sign of confidence and real beauty from within.
In using all of the above “additions” females trying to look different have sadly become homogenised, all looking the same.
Going natural, is also a sign of a woman having knowledge of what’s healthy and best for her.
A general rule being, if you can’t eat or drink something, without it having a detrimental affect on your health, it shouldn’t go on your skin or hair.
Controversial, I know, but my opinion does have a foundation for good and positive mental and physical health.

* It makes you feel awkward that I look at money as a tool and resource to be used wisely.
I see the desire for it, how many are now prepared to prostitute themselves for more and how it is worshipped, especially by the young.
I was inspired to write ‘The Rich List’ to address the problem, giving a different perspective but people being people, some have it in them to use it, while the majority are controlled by it.

* Me being a non-drinker of alcohol makes you feel uncomfortable.
I have never been a heavy drinker, I didn’t/don’t have a drink problem, I have only been drunk once in my life (in my early 20s) and I stopped drinking alcohol completely in the year 2000.
I don’t miss it but I also don’t think a person drinking the occasional glass of red or white, is a problem.
The problem is the continuous repetitive weekly, even daily consumption, which can lead to the destroying of the temple (your body and or organs) that in itself is a sin.
I can socialise and be open and outgoing (my natural self) without the use of stimulants.

* My viewing of relationship TV shows, shocks or offends you.
I’m a God-given natural student and teacher of anthropology.
I do not watch those shows to be entertained by scandalous behaviour.
I compare the counselling advice I would give, to the advice of the so-called on show, relationship experts.
I also look for current trends, seeking to understand the behaviour, values and go-to patterns of those involved, especially younger adults.
I know I am one, who has been given solutions to assist others.
I believe those who want the much needed help they desire with relationships, will find this site, my twitter account and God willing, my eventual books and other material/projects, useful.

* My straightforward approach irritates you.
Over the years I have met many sensitive and hyper-sensitive individuals, especially in religious circles and amongst in-laws etc. where I have learned (sometimes the hard way) how to exercise diplomacy in my truth-telling.
That has come at a frustrating cost to me at times, which has also caused me to unnecessarily albeit occasionally, question things.
Thankfully, after coming out of religion, I have found a good and healthy balance.
I’m not the cutting person of my teens/early twenties but I do tell people how things are, with a lot less diplomatic sugar coating.
I’m not a tell it as it is hypocrite, dishing out truths, without being able to take it, if it’s true it’s true, no matter how the individual packages it for me…I can take it.
However, It is amusing how, at times, the hypersensitive, who want you to tell them things ‘just so’ adopt two approaches, either being economical with truths or scathing, not caring how it comes across.
Honesty is not an excuse to be rude or vicious.
At the start, middle and end of the day, I will always subscribe to my quote.
“The truth remains the truth, whether it’s believed or not”.

* You don’t believe that your personal information will remain private.
This one isn’t difficult to answer, although those who believe I share TMI, may disagree.
Although I’m a very open person about myself, if I’m told something in confidence, I keep it that way, being able to be trusted, means a lot to me.
Whether my wife Lois (or anyone else) wanted to know, I wouldn’t divulge the conversation and helps I gave to an individual.
In saying that, I will continue to use past scenarios, anonymously, if I feel those “experiences” and solutions to those experiences, can be of help to others.
Theory only takes you so far, the best education and helps come from real-life experiences, our own and that of others.

* You think that all of what I do should be done for free.
I have explained the differing dimensions of what I’m doing, some of which is free.
However, I also have a family and bills to pay, I make no apology in wanting to package my skills, experiences and solutions to make an honest wage.

* Our move away from the UK to the Motherland, upset you, due to us moving in silence.
We moved the way we did for our benefit, not to annoy people or make people feel awkward or embarrassed.
We know that what’s meant for us, is meant for us but found that by not saying anything to anyone, our plans moved smoother, with less hindrances.

* You feel that my coverage of sex is too explicit or not thorough enough.
I am not here to purposely shock or embarrass and I’m most definitely not here to titillate.
Sexual immorality is a real problem in the world, on par with physical violence and drug usage.
The fallen ones have trapped the young, old and in-between, males & females in sexual sin.
It’s a real and present threat to younger generations, who are not understanding the ramifications and implications of the activities they like to watch or take part in.
They don’t understand the damage it is having on their emotional and spiritual well-being.
Those in religious circles ‘generally’ do not know how to approach the subject with enough balance to keep it real and relevant, without feeling they are going to hell, for being too carnal.
It’s an area I feel passionately about and I have been careful to approach it gradually.
However, tweets like this and relating Blog posts, will become more common.
I’ve laid the foundations for the other components of relationships, I will not be overlooking the importance of sex, especially in my book.

To conclude…
I’m sorry if you have been hurt, embarrassed or enraged, by how Yeshua has grown and shaped me, into being the counsellor and writer I am today.
I’m sorry if you have felt, or are feeling a negative emotional response to me and my work.
However, I’m not sorry for being who I am and sharing what I share.
I pray you heal from any negative emotional responses and gain the ability to exercise forgiveness.

I will not quit my mission, vision and purpose, therefore, if you can’t forgive and move on, please spare yourself more pain, by unfollowing me on SM or not visiting my site.
As I said, I’m sorry for the negative emotional responses you have felt but not sorry for what needs to be said and done.

Yeshua’s Blessings to you and yours.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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