I decided to first, remember the poor choices and mistakes I’ve made myself, in order to look at others and love them as God loves them.

I decided to make a positive decision to forgive those who misjudge me and/or have wronged me and move on.
Un-forgiveness stinks and is like a spiritual and emotional cancer, which eats away at you from the inside.

I decided to learn from those around me but go deeper on paths of learning and truth seeking, myself.

I decided to take responsibility for my own actions and to not play the ‘blame game’ even when others have a hand to play, in attempting to hinder my progress.

I decided to look at the selfish and greedy financially rich and learn ‘how not to’ conduct myself when my financial riches match my other riches.

I decided to follow the positive examples of the financially rich, those with a benevolent nature who do their charitable works away from the general public eye…when my financial riches permit me to.

I decided, never to be envious or jealous of what others have… always remembering that God allows blessings for everyone.

I decided to look at money as a tool, to be used for good, not something to be loved or worshipped.

I decided not to greedily store money up, whilst others (who are in genuine need) suffer.
I realise I can’t help everyone but I can try to help as much as possible.

I decided not to chase money or suck up to those who have money, those who do, usually end up losing themselves.

When my financial riches increase, I decided to remember where I have come from, not to , on the subject of .regard it more than I should or use it to put others (who do not have as much) down.

I decided not to look down on those who claim benefits (welfare) because every individual has a story and many have genuine reasons for needing the help they receive.

I decided to accept that the universal law of giving and receiving exists and never to gloat when I’m the giver, remembering that I don’t know what situation I may find myself in, in the future.

I decided to be humble enough to accept help when I need it and not think of myself above anyone else, or being too good to receive help.

I decided not to make those who are ‘playing the system’ and claiming benefits unfairly, to be my concern or cause for my condemnatory judgement.

I decided to forgive those who ignorantly judge those of us who choose to have more than two children.
Remembering that children are a blessing and are riches, remembering that many struggle to conceive and/or have children and many children are without loving parents.

I decided to teach my children the importance of forgiveness and encourage them to find their passion and work in it…knowing that their taxes will help to pay for the healthcare/other services of the miserable ignorant complainers/child haters (as well as others).

When other men are moaning and complaining about women and emphasising negatives about marriage…
I decided to look daily at my wife, see her as a blessing which makes me immensely rich and to help others (male or female) to find the same in a marital partner.

I decided not to be a person who is miserable because they are stuck in a job they were not created to do, which leads to complaining about the rich, the government, immigrants and benefit cheats.

I decided to seek out my purpose, linked to what I feel most strongly about and work in that area, believing that financial benefits will eventually flow from it, if I endure and overcome all andthe obstacles along the way.

I decided to seek and understand the definitions of love, passion, happiness and joy and have realised that they are found when one works towards fulfilling ones purpose, by doing what we were created to do.

I realised that individuals who are working in their passion areas don’t see their work as a ‘job’, neither do they see it as tedious, or look forward to their weekends whilst wishing their working week away.

I realised that individuals who are working in their passion areas, have a sense of peace, joy, contentment and happiness about them and they don’t have time to be moaning or ranting about others (rich or on benefits)…they just get on with what they are doing.

I decided to be in that category, the category of the individual who works hard in their passion area whilst not seeing it as work.

I decided to be patient with others, who have not realised this valuable key to joy and happiness, it didn’t take me a day to realise these things, therefore I will not condemn others who have not received their personal revelations yet.

However, I have decided to live the things I say, live transparently and by example, in the hope (among other things) that I can encourage/inspire others to do the same.

Much Love.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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