If you were to believe certain sections of the media, you would believe there was some sort of ‘new liberated consciousness’ on the rise.
I’m a firm believer that we are undergoing a major re-cycle of ancient historical human behaviour and attitudes.
That being said, there are many who incorrectly judge those of us who profess our belief in Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) as being gay-haters.
There are also those who also incorrectly look for us to have a wishy-washy, all embracing so-called ‘modern religious’ viewpoint on the acceptance of homosexuality (and bi-sexuality) as some sort of natural progression of the 21st century believer.

Understanding, disagreeing, fears & phobias.
Understanding something, doesn’t necessarily mean you are in agreement, it means you understand the what’s, whys, where’s and hows.
Just as, disagreeing with something, doesn’t automatically mean that you hate, or have a fear of, those who participate in, or oppose your viewpoint.
Speaking of fear and phobias, after continual stringent self-examination I can honestly say that I have none.
Admittedly, the only fear that I did have, was a fear of being outside of the perfect will and salvation of the Alpha & Omega (Jesus Christ) which would result in me going to the lake, Revelation chapters 19-21 .
However, I will openly admit, I still have a deep concern for those who are standing on the outside of the salvation of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (Lord Jesus Christ).

Not in the, ‘boom bye-bye’ camp.
Although I’m straight, I’m not in the group of those who believe that homosexuals (and bi-sexuals) should be shot or left on a remote deserted island.

I don’t believe anyone should be physically or mentally abused or attacked, including bi-sexuals and homosexuals.
Homosexuals have a right to live, study and work, just like anyone else, without being in fear of their lives or safety.
That being said, I’m obviously aware and concerned that the right to have a belief, sticking by that belief and ‘peaceably’ sharing your belief or disapproval of certain acts, is increasingly under threat, by those who disagree with the beliefs.

Origins of homosexuality and bi-sexuality.
Many have an idea or opinion as to why people are gay, whether they choose to share their opinion or not.

Those ideas/opinions include:-

  • Spiritual influence, by the enemies of humankind (demons).
  • Generational (historical) spiritual transference.
  • A result of dabbling in the occult.
  • Generational abnormal gene inheritance and gene abnormality.
  • A result of sexual abuse.
  • Mental illness.
  • A by-product of parental recreational drug abuse.
  • A by-product of certain pharmaceutical drugs used by parents.
  • A by-product of vaccines or combination of vaccines.
  • Gender bending chemicals within plastics and packaging materials.
  • Gender bending chemicals released in the food chain & water systems.
  • Chemicals included in various toiletries and cosmetics.
  • Imbalances in brain chemistry.
  • A result of being easily led or influenced by others :- education system, media, movies, friends or family members.
  • By simple choice, sexual experimentation and confusion of the individual.
  • Or a combination of one or more of the aforementioned.

Whatever you believe concerning its origins/causes; it’s important to remember that homosexuality (and bi-sexuality) is not a modern choice or lifestyle, or a modern way of thinking and behaving.
The earliest recordings of homosexuality (and other sexual deviations) were Biblically historically noted, concerning the generations (off-spring) of Cain & Luluwa, in the days of Noah, just before the great flood.
Also, later mentioned concerning those who lived in the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah, after Lot left the region, just before both cities were destroyed by meteors.

Our origins natural & spiritual.
Whether you believe (as I do) that you’re a descendant of Adam & Eve or believe you’re related to a Koba or Kerchack, under your belief in evolution.

Our very existence, has been dependant on Male & Female pro-creation.
Whether you believe that God caused the big bang by speaking a word or the bang happened by accident.
With regards to us humans, the earth has been populated by men & women getting together and having sex, women giving birth and the couples raising children/families.
My view (just as many others) is based on what is natural in nature, but they are also based on my spiritually held beliefs concerning God’s plan for the continuance of humankind.

The initial arguments, natural & spiritual.
There are both Old and New Testament references to God’s ideal for us and his displeasure at the many alternative ways we live.
It’s obvious that those who are anti-Christ are not going to believe in His existence or Word, so the spiritual significance of being straight and the displeasure to God (in humankind living our sexual lives in an alternative way) will not make any sense to them whatsoever.

There are those who don’t believe in the spiritual truths of the Bible, but they disagree with homosexuality based on the nature argument.

There are also the religious, who create God in their own image, who believe either:-
A) That he didn’t mean what he said or
B) He must have a change of mind by now, especially since we are now in the 21st century.
They rightly focus on the fact that God is Love, but refuse to accept and acknowledge that he is also a righteous ‘judge’ and has certain requirements (principles and laws) on how we should live.

Those misguided religious types either fail to remember or omit a few truths from what they partially read in the Bible.
A) Jesus is God (one in the same).
B) Jesus did not and does not lie.
C) Jesus doesn’t change his mind, what He told Moses concerning relationships and Later Paul, still stands.
However, above all, yes, Jesus does love everyone, but He most certainly does not love everything we do…He hates the sin but loves the sinner.

My standpoint.
I take my standpoint from examining what’s needed for us to survive (and please Jesus) as natural human beings but also spiritual human beings.
Therefore, I can say that I have learnt to separate the actions a person undertakes, from that individual.
Although I believe that homosexuality (and bi-sexuality) are wrong, just as I believe paedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality, orgies, polyamory, sex outside of marriage (something I used to do) and other sexual deviations are wrong.
I DO NOT HATE those individuals who do those things or condemn them to the lake, it’s not my job and also counter-productive.
We all have starting points, some worse than others, we all miss the mark set by God for us (aka sin), we all need to have a change of heart and mind (repent) and we all need the help of Jesus if we want to change our actions and please Him.
We all need the Salvation of Jesus, if we want those sins forgiven, in order to avoid the lake.

Don’t believe…
Ultimately, if we don’t believe the Bible truths, we live our lives under the permissible will of Jesus and see how things turn out for us in the next phase…when He returns.

Our actions…an example.
Our actions are still based on the choices we make from the desires of our heart, that’s why I get annoyed when some link homosexuality to being Black…. It most certainly isn’t…because of choice and actions.

For example, if a job was offered by a White employer, who was xenophobic/prejudice and anti-gay.
Given two prospective candidates (a gay White guy & straight Black guy) if both individuals have a similar skill-set and experience, a White homosexual guy would get further in the interview process, than a Black straight guy.
The Black guy has no choice in the matter, he is Black by birth (not the actions he carries out) and that Blackness is seen straight-away, he can’t hide it, in-spite of the fact that some Blacks try to change their colour or distance themselves from being Black.
In this example, the White guy, has a choice, as to whether or not he performs homosexual acts, or behaves in certain effeminate ways, he may think about those acts but doesn’t have to do them.
If he omits the fact that he is gay, it will obviously not be held against him and improve his chances of employment.

That is just one of a few examples that I could use to show that there is a difference, there are obviously other counter arguments, for example, what about a Black gay guy? Equal opportunity policies, etc. etc.
However, as most of us know, that doesn’t stop those who want to marginalise, decline or limit people who can be clearly seen to be what they are (Black, Brown, Cream or White)…watch this video I found on Facebook, also found on YouTube.

No need for hypocrisy…but then again…it’s your choice.
Some of us are so quick to point a finger at the hypocrisy of others but I try my best to step back and look at an argument from many different angles.

The anti-Christ…Jesus phobes
As I said earlier, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ‘peaceably’ share an opinion which states that you disagree with a lifestyle choice/behaviour, especially homosexuality & bi-sexuality.
Other religions also have a certain amount of ‘establishment protection’ but it’s very clear, in the media, on the streets, social media etc. that ‘True’ Bible believing disciples of Yeshua(Jesus) tend to take a battering.
The name of God is blasphemed regularly on TV and in movies and if there are complaints, those who voice their objections are usually advised to switch off, turn over or don’t go and watch.
In the interest of equity and balance, true believers in Jesus should be offered the same protection, however, those of us in the know, know that things will get worse for the true believer.
Religion (and all it’s man made evils which come with it) hasn’t helped the cause of true Christianity, with many people choosing not to take the time to learn the difference.

The ‘keeping it real’ homosexuals and the hypocritical homosexuals
I have a respect for all people, and a certain amount of additional respect,  for those who, ‘keep it real’, even if they don’t believe what I believe.

If you choose a life of homosexuality, you automatically choose to have relationships, not marriage, you also ‘usually’ choose a relationship which doesn’t involve children, unless one or both partners were previously involved in straight relationships, already having children.
I may not agree with the lifestyle choice but I respect those homosexuals who do not want to try to have children and are not looking to get ‘married’.
They know the lifestyle they choose to live and accept the outcome of what their choices bring.

The homosexuals who have been chasing the institution of marriage need to understand that it was an institution given to Man and Woman by God, anything outside of that, is not marriage, even if the beast has reared its ugly head and has endorsed, so-called gay marriages.
Those desiring children need to understand that their gay relationship doesn’t produce children and seeking to have children in a gay relationship is a form of hypocrisy.
This includes the gay women, who search for a sperm donor (which obviously comes from a man) or the gay men, who search for the eggs and womb, which obviously come from a woman.

I would also include lesbians who use strap-ons in their sexual activity…
It could it be argued that if those situations apply, in a relationship, maybe there is a closet straight person in the relationship.
Maybe those who want the best of the straight world and the gay world, are already aware of this and are happy to stick the proverbial finger up to God, dictating how they believe the rules should go.
Or maybe they don’t believe in God, in which case, they will have no problem in doing whatever pleases their desires and fulfils their lusts.

The hypocritical straight people and the closet homosexuals
Straight people are not exempt from hypocrisy, including some in religious environments.

We can’t be cursing, cussing or condemning gay people to the lake, when some straight people are refusing to marry, bringing children into unstable environments, committing adultery or are perpetually single.
Some of those who are continually single, may not be waiting for the ‘right one’, some are single because they are in the closet and don’t want anyone to know what they secretly desire.
Equally fake are those straight people who claim they are ‘players’ (especially the men) who have multiple relationships with women, hiding the fact that they ‘may’ be secretly desiring an alternative lifestyle.
Their actions are questionable and it could be said that they don’t really love women…if they did, why would they lie, cheat and abuse women, the way they do?

Then there are those who have marriages, brought children up and are in turmoil because they secretly desire a same-gender sexual partner.
It’s very sad, when you find out that in most of these cases, these are outwardly, the most vehemently vocal against homosexuality, without admitting how they really feel and the desires they hide.

Being objectionable and showing some love.
I can work and interact with others who don’t agree with me, whether they like me or even hate me and what I believe in.

As I said, I can separate the actions of a person from the person and practice what I preach by loving people, while disliking and disagreeing with their sin, gay or straight.

Everyone is entitled to their views, be they right or wrong, humankind being the way we are, will always vary, believing whatever we want and (in most cases) thinking we are doing whatever we want.
Some feel very strongly about certain subjects, especially when they are challenged, while others try to avoid the challenges by remaining quiet.
If a person is not physically harming someone, it’s not right to harm or imprison them, for believing what they believe.
Those who share my views have become the targets, once again, for those who do not regard the existence of Yeshua (Jesus).
True believers are called to love others, irrespective of their gender, colour, ethnicity, sexuality, beliefs or lack of beliefs and I try my best to do just that.
We know the beast is rising, affecting the laws, education system, the workplace and media with an agenda to make an example out of those of us who stand by our beliefs, in how God(Yeshua) says we should live our lives.

Many incorrectly think that true believers need to move with the times, they fail to realise that all the ills affecting society are actually ancient ones.
King Solomon once said that “There is nothing new under the sun”…and he was right.
The same problems mankind had millennia ago, are the same ones today, we just use different tools and methods to carry out the sins.
Jesus rightly said…”As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end”.
He also said that those who live Godly, will suffer persecution from those who do not.

True believers know what’s at stake, we understand that we have to be prepared to be like Stephen (The Book of Acts Chapter 7 verses 48-60) for our beliefs.
We understand that lawlessness, unbelief, sexual immorality, a hatred for God and the things of God, a lack of love for our fellow human being and the love of money, is running rampant throughout society today, all over the world.
We have the hardest tasks, as we have to hold on to our beliefs and love and pray for those who hate us and want us out of the way, by imprisonment or death.
We also understand that God is as real as His word and He will stick to His promises to save, keep, deliver and seat us with Him.
I refuse to deny what I believe, I also refuse to hate or be afraid to speak out.
I want the best for everyone but I’m not prepared to compromise my beliefs, in order to try to fit in with everyone.
My intention is not to set out to attack anyone in particular; however, I will continue to celebrate the positives of male and female relationships and where I can, will assist others to do the same.
That has and will always be the foundation of For Singles And Couples, to celebrate, promote and encourage the positives of male and female relationships and not to attack any alternatives.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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