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I apologise for the slight technical oversight concerning positioning, I promise to be more ‘centred’ in the next one.
This is a ‘FSAC Short’, so it’s a nice quickie.

Due to funds being tight (at present) we have had to make some changes to the FSAC site, in order to free up disk space.
We would like to be able to upgrade our hosting package for more resources, but it’s currently not feasible.

We are facing the possibility that YouTube has no real intention of being ‘inclusive’, representing true ‘diversity’, especially concerning the content on FSAC.
If that is the case, BitChute may be our only dedicated video service for hosting.
This will be the last time I mention this…
Hopefully all our posts (on FSAC) with video content, will have a max of 3 copies, with the smallest (lowest quality) for space-saving purposes, being held on our own sites servers.
That will be the same for TSH (The Survivor’s Handbook), however, due to the nature of ‘some’ of the posts, we may face the same issues we have with FSAC.
TRS (The Reviews Site) will have 2 copies (YouTube & our own server).
As we don’t know when shifts in other external business policies will occur, in the event of being ‘cancelled’ on any other platforms, our own server copies, will serve as a backup.
Many are already ‘Zucked’, I’m surprised that many in the Green and Blue circles can’t see how borderline they are, in being part of the Metaverse (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.)…what’s the owners first name again?….Just asking/saying.
However, as I said in my previous post, those who are the chosen, will wake up soon and come out from among them.


So what about all these 3-letter acronym government agencies and initiatives?
Ever wonder why they are so fixated on having or shortening everything to 3 letters?
Well, those are other questions for another post.

I hope and pray, those in denial of the persecution of believers in Jesus Christ in other countries/regions, will check out sites like Barnabus Aid and Open Doors to see that others, (who may not be living in the ‘West’) are already undergoing serious persecution(tribulation) from Religious Anti-Christian governments, monarchies, local councils, village delegates, education systems and big business, in their regions.
The pain, trials, attacks, exclusions etc. are real, even if those in the West, are not ‘yet’ experiencing anything of that magnitude.
More information…

Please understand, western anti-Christian subtlety is changing into blatant highlighting, negative labelling, restrictions, exclusions, and attacks on those who are true believers and disciples of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
They will come for all who refuse to comply to new world-wide laws and legislations, concerning finance and banking, the experimental jabs, social affairs, employment, sex and gender, the planet and especially those who profess the truth of the Bible.
The truth that Jesus is God and the only way to receive salvation and get to heaven, is by Him.
This will include those who refuse to move from cash to card, card to e-currency and phone apps and from phone apps to bio-chips/tattoos.
I have to burst the religious Christian’s bubble, concerning a ‘Pre-Trib Rapture’…
It doesn’t exist.
However, you may have your own personal ‘Mid-trib rapture’, and that will only occur if Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) calls time on your time, here on earth…aka death.

I will be expanding my ‘Consider this’ category of posts, posting what the pending plans will mean to our relationships, and also posting workable and expedient solutions on both the FSAC and TSH websites.

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Look after yourself and your loved ones.
Phil Gayle
G Man

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