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To all my fellow fathers/dads…
Who have seen the miracles God has given them, in watching the birth of their children.
Who have looked at their babies with fascination and amazement.
Who have, not only worked for their children, but have also been ‘there’ to look after, feed them and change their nappies.

Who have been available to lovingly set boundaries, give discipline and guidance.
Who have dealt with the difficulties and challenges faced as their children grow older, listening to their children whilst sharing the benefit of their experiences.
Who support their wives and mothers of their children, constantly reassuring them that they are not alone in the job of parenting.
Who, at times, carry out their duties without recognition, but continue to do so out of loving duty.
Who hear the constant negative attacks on the men who are not good fathers and dads, as if they (the good dads) don’t exist.
Who are busy living the example and building a legacy (more important than money) to leave for their children and grand-children.

To you, my fellow men…dads, step dads, foster dads, uncles who take on the dad’s role…
Obviously, the blessing of being a father would not be possible without women, the way God intended it to be.
It’s nice to have a day that recognises dads but even better to regularly receive the love and appreciation from the ones closest to you.
I sincerely hope you do… ”Happy Father’s day!”

Phil Gayle
G Man
Daddy G


  1. Happy Fathers day Phil” And happy father’s day to all the men reading your blog .
    Blessings and more wisdom to all the fathers connected to for Singlesandcouples .
    Unique message to Fathers there Phil keep up the good work Son’
    A beautiful picture of a father and child blessed.

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