Since my ‘News update post‘ we’ve had the completion of a few important elections world-wide.
The election which ‘seemingly’ most of the world has been interested in, has been the US one.
I stand by my tweet concerning that election and agree with most of what another Phil has to say on the matter.

Making moves

Elections aside, as promised there have been some changes around here.
I’ve taken a moment away from social media and reduced my online usage to watching some constructive content on YouTube, as we’ve been planning and making moves off and online.
Those online moves include a move to our new domain and hosting.
The offline moves are still in the planning phase and keeping us very busy, hopefully, once done, we will have a victory report to share.

Domain history

In July 2012 we registered &, due to wanting to reach an international audience, we hosted on the .com domain.
We re-registered the for the last time in 2018 but decided (as our vision began to broaden) that we would no longer be needing it.
The abbreviation of the name is regularly used by us but it’s also semi-popular with other organisations.
I was determined to use it in the move to the new site location, so I had to look for an appropriate domain suffix.

New domain and more…
After doing some research and finding out how, ‘fragile’ it can be to have a .com domain (under certain circumstances) we decided to look for alternatives and settled on the .site domain.
This time around, the only problems encountered (in moving the site) were ensuring that the short-links from two different plug-ins, were synchronised to the new domain.
A plug-in did most of the work but I still had to manually go through the whole site and update the links the plug-in missed…this time, the database was safe and all the content within it.

Freedom of speech

We value freedom of speech, we understand it has been abused by those (with obvious mental and emotional issues) however, the rest of us should not be penalised for their bad choices.
Our previous web host (HostPresto) was great and we currently still use them, however, after reading their very ‘vague’ terms of use concerning the protection of freedom of speech and asking a couple of question, it would appear they are not as ‘strong’ about defending the rights of their customers, as I would like them to be.
That led me to look for a viable alternative, which was hard, considering the good service HostPresto provide.
An off-shore, defender of the right to speak freely (within obvious reason) was needed, it came down to a short-list of two and our new providers Orangewebsite won.
As always, I look at both sides of an argument, choose what I believe to be right and move on.
Orangewebsite had a few negative reviews, however, the positives far outweighed the negative, I personally have found them nothing but helpful in making our transition as smooth as possible.
It’s early days yet but I hope the service continues over the next few years, right up until the “reset” and the implementations of ‘the mark’, when I obviously will have to bow out of being online.
I could be online and using their services even longer, if they find a way to ‘miraculously’ reject the NWO reset and new way of doing things…if only.

Being more myself

Visitors only need to read the pages and posts on this site and they will intelligently surmise that I don’t advocate physical or verbal violence against anyone and I support the protection of women, children and animals.
However, I do have strong views, which, although I know to be right, others may & will (at times) exercise their God-given power of choice, to disagree with me.
I just aim to be more of my authentic self, keeping it 100% real.
Some of the more honest accounts and truthful facts, will be in the publications I’m working on and will be available to download on this site and elsewhere.

Loving my enemies

Being a modern day 21st century disciples of Yeshua Adonai, it’s more than being a “Christian” or “spiritual”, as hard as it is (at times) I have and want to adhere to God’s words.
It’s one of the many things which separates those who ‘acknowledge’, from those who truly ‘believe’, what will enable every individual to decide which of the 3 categories they choose to belong to.
Having said all of what I’ve said in the ‘Village series’ of posts, while I would think that the majority would want a good and fair society (the right way) it becomes a very emotive and subjective topic, creating many agreements as it does disagreements.
It would be ridiculous of me to think that I don’t have any enemies, as I know I do.
My enemies are varied, to group them into one category, they are simply those who hate Yeshua Adonai, His teachings and those who follow Him.
They break down into abusers of animals and children, compulsive liars, worshippers of the rebellious angels and the creations, rejectors of the truth that sexual love belongs between 1 man and 1 woman in marriage, haters of those who have different skin colours to themselves, those who reject the truth that marriage was given to man & woman and (in my specific scenario) those who fear, hate or are jealous of the love between a Black man & Black woman…and more.
Both I (and other believers) have to follow the God-given instruction in these verses but it doesn’t mean we should stop promoting and supporting His truths.
A definition of love, isn’t to allow the blind or those with muck in their eyes, to continue to walk off the edge of a cliff, through compromise or sitting quietly.
Love provokes a true believer to ‘try’ to get that blind persons attention, for them to stop long enough, to think about life and ‘hopefully’ wash the muck out of their eyes, in order for them to avoid going off the cliff.

IARNR_Serenity Prayer

Personal note to the true believers (aka Disciples)
Saturday gone, I just came off of a 6 and a half day/night consecutive fast, no food, no TV shows, no sports, no films(movies) and obviously no love making.
It wasn’t like my 40-day fast back near the end of 2018, it was more hard going, as I have been working hard through it and didn’t take as much Selah time as I did in the ‘Yeshua’ fast.
You obviously need to be ‘led/inspired’ by the Lord to fast as you should.
In the times that we currently live in, if you haven’t done so for a while, please go and seek Him for the time to do so.
Remember, fasting isn’t for us to make God (or anyone else for that matter) do anything, it isn’t to get material ‘things’.
There are both physical (boost your immune system, body repair, weight loss) and spiritual benefits to fasting.
Long fasting should be done, with a serious amount of prayer, meditation and Bible reading.
Fasting enables us to develop that precious & vital fruit of the spirit ‘Temperance (self-control)’ and make the serenity prayer a ‘reality’ in our lives, not just words we say.
Bringing us deeper in ‘relationship’ with Him, so that we may know Him and better understand His perfect will and purpose for us.
It also helps ‘us’ to change, to accept both the positive blessings and what we initially perceive as the ‘disappointments’, if our plans don’t turn out the way we thought they would or wanted them to.
I say ‘initial’ because if we truly believe what Paul (being led by Yeshua’s Spirit) said, we will understand.
So be encouraged, take some time to have your personal Selah moment in prayer, reading, meditation & fasting and gain some clarity and perspective on what Yeshua wants you to achieve, in the run up to His imminent return.

The new logo


As promised, the logo has been changed, returning to a more linear design.
It was changed to give a ‘clearer’ definition (using male and female silhouettes) of what the project/books are about, as some were confused by the male & female symbols.
It’s my hope that one of the Graphic/Book designers (in my Twitter or Blog Network) will take this logo and elevate it, incorporating it into quality covers, for my future series of books.

FSAC_More about the logo

Something for everyone

FSAC_Blog Categories

The people at Jetpack have added an additional step to both the ‘likes’ and subscription process, which I’m not pleased about, as those who don’t want to spare the time, will not complete the process, thankfully, comments can be left using other social media accounts.
It’s my opinion (I know it’s subjective and based on individual preference) however, I believe my posts have something for everyone.

Those who are looking to for a quick read can find those under the ‘Short category

For those who like more of an in-depth read, can find their mental stimulation under the ‘GoodRead category’.

There is a fairly good balance (to date) there are 32 ‘Short’ and 39 ‘GoodRead’ posts but the figures will obviously change as more posts are published.

The journey continues
Taking all of the above into consideration, as positive as the move is, there are a few drawbacks.
The negatives are the length of time the new name will take to crawl through the search engines.
It’s amazing how ‘they’ can collate so much information about you as and individual and make money from that information, however, it takes them an age to list and promote project and SME sites; that’s another topic for another post.
You can help, if you choose to, simply by commenting, clicking the like button or by sharing the posts of interest, which can go a long way towards pushing us back up the rankings.
I know we are being found as the stats say as much, I also know that because the attempts to take down the site by ‘the enemies’ have increased.
I hope that the Orangewebsite claim of protecting their customers sites are as good as they claim they are…we shall see.

Have a great week.

Phil Gayle.
G Man
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua

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