For some, it’s due to my gender, being comfortable with my masculinity and loving being the man which Yeshua created me to be.

For some, it’s due to the colour of my skin, being proud to be a straight Black man and a ‘certain kind of Black’ at that.

For some, it’s due to me ‘knowing’ who God is (Yeshua EL Shaddai), having a ‘relationship’ with Him and mentioning Him as frequently as I do.

For some, it’s due to my general respectful love of women while ‘loving the one woman’ who matters the most to me, ‘my wife’.

For some, it’s due to my willingness to be vulnerable, open and honest, without fear.

For some, it’s my boldness.

For some, it’s my ability to express sexuality while maintaining true and correct ‘spirituality’.

For some, it’s because I’m able to balance the natural and spiritual, in order to relate to others, without being overrun and conformed to the natural religions of this world.

IARNR_Religion to Relationship

For some, it’s because I have ‘truly’ left religion behind (being in the centre) and don’t submit to their religion.

For some, it’s because I highlight the truth, that they are ‘religious’ somewhere within the Red, or outer Blue and Green circles.

For some, it’s because I know and declare that there is only one God, who’s name is Yeshua, the EL Shaddai.

For some, it is because I refuse to accept the religious lies of man (and the enemies), concerning the false doctrine of a trinity.

For some, it’s because I know that the true believer, in relationship with Yeshua, having by His grace and assistance.
Removed the sins(splinters) from our lives(eyes) and can see clearly to highlight and make ‘righteous judgements’, not condemnation…to help others do the same.

For some, it’s because I refuse to shift from the foundation and salvation truth, that all must be born again ‘correctly’ in the name of Yeshua(Jesus). Not in His roles/titles or offices and not as a baby.
Stating, if they are not baptised (as a youth/young adult with understanding) or adult, in name of Yeshua, they should be baptised again, in Yeshua’s name, as those who were baptised incorrectly, did in the Book of Acts.

For some, it’s because I refuse to deny the existence and contemporary importance, of the in-filling of Yeshua’s Holy Spirit, which includes speaking in tongues, both in natural languages and the language of the Holy Angels.

For some, it’s because, while I do not think more highly of myself than I ought to, I know who I am, know my worth and how to differentiate between what should be free and what I should earn from, looking to assist and feed my family righteously.

For some, it’s because I refuse to let my biggest hurdle/barrier (financial limitation) prevent me from doing what Yeshua created and chose me to do, in order to fulfil my purpose.
Preferring to walk by faith, continually looking at the bigness of Yeshua, as opposed to the bigness of the financial hurdles and obstacles I/we have to overcome.

For some, it’s because I adhere to Yeshua’s word, including that which was shared by the Disciples/Apostles in the letters(epistles) to the Church (us) by the leading of Yeshua’s Holy spirit.

For some, it’s because I refuse to exclude others based on the colour of their skin.

For some, it’s because I only positively promote Yeshua’s ‘perfect will’ template for sexual relationships, that of a man and woman in marriage.

For some, it’s because I’m comfortable being a man’s man, while equally being here for women.

For some, it’s because I don’t differentiate between sex(gender) or status(financial/material) treating everyone with the same love and truth, whether they are known (celebrities) or not.

For some, it’s because they know me offline and can’t understand, how, the wisdom and knowledge which Yeshua is responsible for giving me, has been given to me.
A case of familiarity breeding contempt and the prophet being without honour in his own country.

For some, it’s because of who the messenger is, they can’t see pass the vessel and therefore lose out on the messages.

For some, it’s because I acknowledge and embrace my Yeshua-given gifts of Prophecy, Leadership, Teaching, Exhortation/Counselling(pastoral care), Discernment and being a Scribe.
While allowing Yeshua to flow and use me, for His service and the assistance of others, without religious allegiance to men or organisations.

For some, it’s because of my anointing and because I hear from Yeshua.

For some, it’s because I state the truth, that being owned (chosen) by Yeshua, is more important than being used by Him.
Knowing I will not be rejected with those He ‘never knew’/never had a relationship with Him, come judgement time.

For some, it’s because they know parts of my past, my errors and mistakes and can’t understand why or how, I have been forgiven.

For some, it’s because I highlight the difference between simply being called, as opposed to being chosen.

For some, it’s because I highlight the truth of the pre-destined all powerful will of Yeshua and that we only exist in two states of being.
1) Following Yeshua’s perfect will (in obedience to His word).
2) Or walking in His permissible will (incorrectly thinking we do what we want).
It is only Yeshua who sanctions righteousness or permits unrighteousness, placing it in our hearts to do one or the other; in order for His greater will and bigger-picture plans to be fulfilled.

For some, it’s because, I’m not afraid to say that I don’t always know the reasons why and don’t have the answers for everything.
I’m prepared to be patient and wait until we see Yeshua, for the fulfilment of our enlightenment.

For some, it’s because they know I’m a man after Yeshua’s heart.

For some, it’s because I refuse to be apologetic for the Blessings which Yeshua has granted me.

For some, it’s because I make moves, they didn’t think I was capable of.

For some, it’s because I’m willing to put my hands up and say I was wrong, when new truths are presented to me, after previously thinking something contrary.
I repent, I learn, I make adjustments and thank Yeshua that I’m able to be humble enough to see truths when presented and act accordingly, keeping my relationship in-tact with Him.

For some, it’s because I have been writing since 2004 (longer than most) which includes sharing (with counselling) online, within the Window Live Spaces network, then the WordPress network and have been on and off Twitter (with suspensions) since it launched.

For some, it’s simply jealousy.

For some, it’s just hate.

For some, it’s because I refuse to comply with and conform to, the processes and situations which are leading to the pending mark of the beast, the masks, experimental vaccines, digital-IDs and other things.

For some, it’s because I refuse to shut-up and go away and will continue until Yeshua says it’s time to stop.

FSAC_For such a time as this

Whatever their reasons, I decided to follow what was put in my heart and continue, for some:-
For those who are humble.
For those who can rightly discern.
For those who are visionaries, who can see the big picture.
For those who read, support, comment and share/re-tweet my pearls.
For those who realise there’s more to life than what the world system promotes.
For those who are not only called, they are chosen.
For those who truly love, as I do.
They are not the ‘some’ listed above, they are the some of this section.
The people I’m here for, no matter what some say or feel and I’m not sorry at all, about that.

I care too much, I couldn’t and refuse to stop.

Yeshua’s Blessings to you.
Much Love.

Phil Gayle
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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  1. I will be commenting soon. Yeshua has given me the opportunity and it’s my choice what I shall do with it. I am chosen!

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