Everyone has a story.
Mankind likes to complicate matters and create additional problems in the process.
When it comes to the biology and science, before the implementation of the microscope, microscope slides, Petri dish, syringe and pipette.
Naturally, the sexual union of man and woman was and is still needed for procreation to occur, life to be formed, babies to grow and be born, all under the allowance (or not) of Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach, for whatever His ‘bigger picture’ reasons are.
Those familiar to this Blog (and my past Twitter account) will know that I was born to unmarried teenage parents and grew up mostly under my mums guide, care and love.
My dad was off the scene by the time I was around 3 and my sister was just over 1 and yet my mum kept in touch with his family.
My step-dad was on the scene just before I was 5 and was also off the scene, by the time I was 10, leaving my mum singularly looking after the 7 of us, she also kept in touch with his family.

Being the eldest of 7, seeing, hearing & experiencing the things I have, you would understand my reluctance to become a parent.
Also, as with most who come from broken homes, broken relationships not seeing commitment, love and real marriages.
Sadly, we look for love in the wrong places, with the wrong people and for the wrong reasons.

FSAC_Phil Gayle

People who know me offline, know I have 3 sons and 3 daughters, however, on the website, my online profiles and a recent Tweet, I mention that I have 8 children.
In not wanting to discount any of my children I summarise it like this…
Two are in heavenly places, with Yeshua.
5 are here with me in the motherland.
1 (for now) has chosen broadway and remains in Britain.
My eldest child was from my previous relationship (when I was a 19 going on 20 kid) and was not given the opportunity to be born, an area of my life, I will cover in my books.
My other child (who would have been Lois and my 3rd child) was called home to heaven before being born, when Lois miscarried.
I truly believe they have each other and an extended family, up in heaven and that belief fills me with peace and love, which covers the loss.

As I said earlier, mankind can complicate matters, as a loving father, I would obviously love and want all my children to have the heavenly realm as their eternal home.
However, as young adults and maturing adults, the choice is entirely up to them.
I can love them but not like some (or most) of their actions, just as they can with me.
No matter what, I’m now a proud father of 8 and more than happy to say so.

I also have nephews and a niece in-law and 4 God-children, my only God-daughter being the only one I currently interact with.
The excellent news today, is that one of my nephews has decided to obey John Chapter 3 and the book of Acts chapter 2 and begin his born-again experience, being baptised.
I would have loved to have been present for that special event.
My family hopes and prays (just like my sister) that this is a no going back decision and that he grows in his relationship with Yeshua.
He may not be my son but I’m proud to hear that he finally stopped procrastinating and made the best decision for his life.
I want the same for all, whether they are related to me or not.

Love and Blessings.

Phil Gayle
Daddy G
G Man
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua

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