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It’s been a minute.
I hope you and yours are well.
It has been a while, since my last post, the Blog may have been quiet but my life has most definitely not been.
To date, my account is still live on Twitter but YouTube have decided to remove my recent comments on other YouTubers channels.
I’ve made the decision to remove my YouTube channel and focus on building this site (including videos), alongside writing my books, while throwing in the odd Tweet here and there.
Why the YouTube censorship?
The short story, some of my past comments (while being acceptable to the YouTubers I’ve interacted with) were not acceptable to YouTube.
The censorship hasn’t completely deterred me, I will still visit my favourite YouTubers, watch their content and click the the thumbs up,  where applicable.

The initial revelation
I have mentioned this before, I received an initial revelation back in 1999/2000 when I attended a seminar, hosted by a neighbouring church assembly, with the main speaker, being the now departed, Myles Munroe.
He mentioned this truth, that many of us have endured disappointments, delays and unnecessary obstacles to our businesses and ministries, due to thinking that we have to work and do them, in our country of birth.
Those words stuck with me and over the years, although we have been blessed with our family expanding, we experienced many of the situations which Myles mentioned, concerning our businesses.

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Our minds made up
In 2016, after the stroke of my mother-in-law, the death of my best man and my paternal grandmother, Lois and I cemented our decision to do what we had prayed about and spoken about for years.
We decided that we would be moving to pastures new as soon as we could but we initially had a different destination (on the other side of the Atlantic ocean) in mind.
Over the course of that and the following year, it became apparent that the initial destination wasn’t for us.
We also realised (with hindsight) that there were a number of situations which needed to occur, for us to really “see” the people around us.
Those documented situations also helped us to realise which members of our family would be making the move with us.
Within the next couple of years, we had made the decision that we would be departing to go to the ‘Motherland’.

In 2018 & 2019, our daughter visited Angola and our son visited Ghana respectively, they both enjoyed their experiences and stated they would be happy to live in the motherland.
It was upon the return of our daughter that I confirmed that the motherland would be our destination and I initially had 3 countries in mind.
However, after praying & seeking guidance and doing some research, it was apparent (although I may visit them) that those 3 countries were not to be our home base.

At the ending of 2019 we heard about Covid and although we accepted it was a real virus, probably man-made, we, like most of the rest of the world, thought it was serious but not to the extent that the Govs and MM would portray it as being.

FSAC_Plant 2

I will not go on too much about it now, however, when 2020 came around and we started to see certain patterns emerging, we identified the current situation as a “Plandemic” which we (and the rest of the world) were sucked into.
The constant lock-downs, decimated our plans to turn around our business.
I asked the family to all pray about going to the motherland and more importantly, Lois and I prayed for the direction in which, we should be going.
We had 3 new countries in mind and one stood out from the other 2.
We began to do our research and asked the rest of the family, to keep the situation in prayer but also to do their own research.
After a few family meetings we all decided that one country stood above the rest for all of us.
The only one with some initial reservations was our youngest, as she just changed school and was starting to develop new friendships.
Her reservations soon changed when the Gov continued their plandemic exercises with repetitive lock-downs and the fear-mongering.
She hardly attended school, she did the online schooling, then she began to see what the rest of her siblings saw which resulted in a 100% unified agreement to move to our preferred destination.

FSAC_Plant 3

We wanted to move on together, that was the initial arrangement but financially things were not ready for some of us to make that move.
It was a move which I hoped would have occurred by my 50th.
In the 3rd week of December, our 3 eldest went before us, with the aim for the rest of us to follow soon after.
They had seen some Air BnB properties and had a short-list, but the one they were set on going to was the one which Lois and I had reservations about and told them on separate occasions unbeknown to each other, then we told them together that we didn’t think that was the one.
However, due to us not wanting to be controlling, allowing them to make their own adult decisions, we stepped back, in the hope that they knew what they were doing.
Sometimes, when we are warned (by the people who really love us) about making certain decisions, we go ahead and bypass the warning.
We then have to deal with the repercussions of not listening to the warnings.
The decisions made tend to bring about life changing experiences, help us to grow in our faith and build character and that’s just what it did for the 3 of them.

We did give our eldest the opportunity to return and join us before we moved, without going into details about our plans to move, for many obvious and previously documented reasons.
Obviously, we knew he had made a decision to follow his girlfriend and make a home for himself near her place of study.
He declined our invitation and I respected that but felt it only right to offer the opportunity, to see if he would come back to be with his family.
We accepted the fact that he is grown, when he decided to leave in 2017 and by his age now, we were married for a couple of years and had him with his sister on the way, so we fully understood.

Social media again
Our eldest 3 had plans to do a YouTube channel, charting the move (from their perspective) and their new lives in the motherland.
Although, as a well known YouTuber states, our initial objective (for many reasons) was to “move in silence”, as a family.
The idea of a channel wasn’t completely rejected by us, I just wanted them to post their vids “after” we had all made the move.
They went ahead and posted before we had arrived, a decision which would later turn out to assist in the “all hell breaking loose” situation I Tweeted about recently.


A serious case of food poisoning and something more sinister
Lois and I had been working hard to ensure we did all we could to join them, without going into too much details, we became seasoned eBay sellers.
However, at the end of Jan we both came down with a serious bout of food poisoning.
We identified where it came from and initially, as I had a couple of incidents in my past, I thought I would get over this bout within a week.
I sadly, was wrong, this case of food poisoning had hit me worse due to having a colonic flush previous to eating the offending food.
I had fasted for a day, flushed then ate the offending food.
As the day went on I was hit hard, as I said, I thought I would ride it out for a number of days and be back to working away to make the move.
Not so, I fell extremely ill, I knew I didn’t have any Covid related symptoms whatsoever, I also didn’t want to go into hospital for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, as sick as I was after the first week, I wanted to keep an NHS bed free for someone who really needed it.
Secondly, this will seem foolish to those who don’t have faith and don’t believe in Yeshua or His word.
Lois and my family began to dig deeper into our faith & prayer in the belief that I would be pulled through.
I also didn’t go into hospital, as I had serious concerns as to what would happen to me in there.
With all that’s going on with this Plandemic and Covid, as foolish or dramatic as this may sound, I didn’t want to go in with one thing and end up being possibly pronounced dead later, with so-called “Covid related” symptoms or be given any injections etc. I did not consent to, while I was sleeping.

I tried to eat but everything, smelled and tasted so extreme, my senses were extremely heightened which then caused me to be unable to eat more than a few spoonfuls of food at a time.
I was growing weak and at one point I did believe I was going to actually meet our creator.
It dawned on those we know (with serious faith and discernment) that this was something more than food poisoning and I began to receive prayers from friends and loved ones.
There was also a couple of, lets just say, spiritual situations, I encountered in which Adonai encouraged me to fight, not only to get well but also to make the intended move, so that’s what I did.

In the midst of this as the scenario was at it’s most severe, I made a few (just in-case) short recordings to give to certain loved ones, in the event of not making it.
This created ‘surprising’ panic in one particular individual, with that individual getting people involved in my situation, who I haven’t heard from in years.
An ambulance was even called, to go to my house in the early hours of the morning (by one of those said, usually non-commutative individuals) which lead to the official obligatory standard police visit the following day.
A friend of one of the main culprit, misunderstood a text Lois had sent them and actually pronounced me dead, I kid you not, to the main culprit.
This assisted in the creation of the drama and the request to send the ambulance out of “concern” for me.

Believe it or not, all the drama came from the matriarch, the matriarchs friend, the usually non-interested son and my missing usually non-interested siblings.
The situation gave me the extra energy needed to fight to get back to eating and gaining my strength.
When the police visited, I was tired and still overcoming the dizzy spells I was having but I had to go downstairs for them to see, I was not dead.
I spoke to them and told them I wanted to report, whoever they received an ambulance call from, for wasting ambulance time.
I was serious, I didn’t care which one of my (usually missing) siblings called, I wanted them to be shown they wasted ambulance and police time.
The only apology we received was from the one who mistakenly pronounced me dead.
We didn’t receive any apologies from those who panicked or those who called the ambulance to our house, which woke Lois and myself up in the early hours of the morning.
I had to overcome and forgive a lot at that point, which included how all the aforementioned viewed Lois.
They treated her as if she was not capable, or wouldn’t make the right choice and call, if she needed to, the whole situation was very disappointing, dramatic and embarrassing.

It wasn’t only us who were aware, the spiritually discerned (who we are connected to) obviously knew that this was more than food poisoning.
However, although the food poisoning, negative back-biting humans and other entities were at work, Yeshua EL Shaddai showed up and began the  necessary healing process.
Loved ones assisted (especially our eldest children, their friends & my loving sister and family) in order to get the rest of us, heading for a much needed family re-union.
I did see a doctor, a friend of one of our children, who gave me a basic check over and some things to assist me in my recovery.


The motherland (home before home)
I wasn’t one hundred percent but we were able to make it into mini-cabs, which waited around an hour for us to get our stuff together.
We made it through all the time-consuming events of booking and had nice and helpful staff working with us to get us on the plane.
We embarked on our journey despite hearing the “essential journeys only” chants, which had began from the government.
To us, it was obviously an essential journey, our family needed to be reunited and I just came through a serious situation.
However, thank God, we were not bothered by police, (who saw us at the airport) or any other officials, barring one official who didn’t believe the route and airline we took, didn’t require a Covid test and had to make a call to confirm that.
That has probably changed now, the governments and systems of this world are working together to bring about a new order; more on that later.

Admittedly, I did have to ‘make like a surgeon’ and wear a mask as soon as we arrived at the airport, we all wore them, for our entire journey.
Before that point I had hardly ever worn a mask, twice for my two trips into my opticians, due to them operating a no mask no entry policy and I needed a new prescription.
I wore one once (on the same day) to see my sick mother-in-law (who can’t speak) as well as Lois’ ill God-father, who since then has passed away.
I also wore a mask twice on two essential shopping trips, after the food poisoning, as I knew my immune system was not as strong as it was previous to the poisoning.
Then, as I said, on the planes, making a total of 6 times I’ve worn masks, since the Govs plandemic activities started back in early 2020.

It’s been a few weeks, but I can testify that miracles still occur, Adonai is most definitely real and we are in the east of the motherland, with the rest of our family.
We have learned many lessons in getting to this point and will no doubt learn many more.
I am grateful to be alive and kicking and hopeful (even in knowing what’s around the corner) that we can do some good things here, before and during the turn of more world events.

Some who have made their Exodus to the motherland have stated they are home.
I like to call the motherland, home before home, as all true believers, in relationship (not religion) with Adonai, know that our real and permanent home, is with Him.
Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach is in control and will return soon, we all need to prepare ourselves and our souls (not for vaccinations) but to follow His word and be ready for His return.

Yours in love, patience and compassion.

Phil Gayle.
Watiwa Mtoto wa Yeshua
G Man

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