I don’t take the peace I have for granted, even before taking my belief and faith seriously, I never really had any serious or major hang-ups about certain groups of people.
I was never against people based on their nationality, colour of their skin, gender or age, if I did have any issues, it would be due to having an issue with a person as an individual, not as a representative of a whole group of people.
Some people carry around some serious scars and pains from their past and it deeply affects them.
Those pains are usually accompanied with a great deal of pride and prejudice, which have serious side-affects.
Many prolong the learning of their life lesson(s), due to wanting to have the lessons or message delivered by a specific person or type of person.
Exercising humility and being willing to differentiate between a message and the messenger, are essential qualities which are needed, in order to avoid missing ‘It’.
If we can do that, we will learn those valuable life lessons quickly and grow in experience and knowledge.

Phil Gayle
G Man

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